Disclaimer: We do not own Labyrinth nor any of the characters of Labyrinth. They are the property of Jim Henson and any others involved with the movie. Here's the sum of the whole movie in like craptacular paragraphs. laughs Ye gods. I apologize in advance because I've noticed that my peotry skills are beyond help and rusty!! ;


Wishes are meant to be said

Wishes are meant to be heard,

From a leather bound book she read

were are few certain words.

- Her wish she had gotten

For exchange of her freedom,

Her brother erased, gone and forgotten

She refused, through the Labyrinth her feet would lead them.

- The hardships she went through

In search of her brother,

Not at the dangers the Goblin King threw

Did she stop her journey without a bother.

- Hours passed, the game has ended and she had won

The Goblin King vanished, defied and defeated,

She had learned a lesson and it wasn't all too much fun

Let's play Scrabble, a fox said that was seated.

A last glance from a tree and then he was gone

His velvety wings flapped as he took flight,

Feathers drifted down that came undone

An owl, no more than a shape in the night.


Again I apologize for this craptacular poem!! ;; Not in my best state of mind to write poetry. Not bad for a first try. I've read some of my older poems from back then, I laugh at myself. lol Anyways if this didn't make you suicidal in any way, please read the fanfictions.

I promise that the fanfiction stories are better!!

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