Jump City Sonata

A Teen Titans Fanfiction by Jacob McDonald

Opening notes: Part six. Final chapter. It's been a short, but fun ride. This is usually where I tell you how much fun it's been writing this story, but I wont do that, because this story isn't even close to being done yet. There's at least two sequals already in the works, and a posible fourth instalment if the ideas I have in my head take shape by then. Remember that this story has been planed from begining to end already... it's just getting it all typed up that takes me so long. Hopfully this chapter will leave you with some kind of closure, though I doubt it. It didn't for me, and I'm the author! :) Not to worry though, see the closing notes for more information on what's coming up next!

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Starfire watched helplessly as Robin shoveled clothes into a knapsack. He rushed to the other side of his room and grabbed a handful of papers sitting on his desk. Those too were stuffed into the bag. He glanced around, seeming like he was lost for a second, then rushed to his bathroom to gather his toothbrush and hair gel.

"Richard.... do you really need all of this?" Star asked as with a frown.

"Alfred would kill me if I came without a tooth brush. The man practically raised me..." Robin flashed her a stressed grin and went back to gathering his things.

"I meant do you need so much? Will you be away so long that it is all necessary?"

Robin stopped and walked over to her. Taking her hands in his, he looked her in the eye, "Star... Babs is really important to me. She's my best friend back in Gotham, and she's hurt very badly. I need to be there for her, and Batman will need my help while I'm there to track down the Joker..." he could see the sadness in her eyes, "Kori, it'll only be for a week or two... I'm sorry this happened now, right when we finally found each other, but.... I have to go. Please understand?"

Star held his gaze for a moment and tried to read his emotions without the aid of his eyes, which were hidden behind his mask. She wished, not for the first time, that she had Raven's ability to sense emotions. Finally, she looked away, "I understand."

"Thanks." Robin walked over to his pack and stuffed his Bat Communicator in it, "I'll be back before you know it, and then we'll go out. On a real date this time." he shouldered his bag and made for the door. She met him there, and he took her in his arms, "I promise Kori." and he kissed her.

After several seconds, they separated, and Star looked up into his eyes once again, "I will look forward to it."

Robin smiled at her and rushed out the door. Star watched him go, and retreated to her own room.

As Robin stalked down the halls towards the elevator that would take him to the garage, he called out, "Raven!"

In a swirl or darkness, Raven appeared out of a shadow next to him and began flying to keep up with his brisk pace, "Yes?"

"My flight leaves in an hour and a half. One of you guys can pick up my bike from the parking lot at the airport some time latter tonight." he stepped into the elevator and she followed, "I'll only be gone for two weeks tops, so I'm making an emergency appointment to the team. Jinx will be your fifth member until I get back, and then we'll decide, based on her performance, if we'll keep her on or not."

"Very well." Raven had her hood pulled up, so only two points of white light shown from within her cowl, "Are you going to travel as Dick Grayson?"

"Yeah. It wouldn't make much sense for Robin the Boy Wonder to take a 747 to Gothom to see his old buddy the Bat." Robin looked down at the street clothes he'd changed into just a few minutes before. Jeans and a simple black t-shirt. He had a sweater in his bag for when he got to Gothom. It would be colder there this time of year.

"You know," Raven said as her hand came up and rested on the side of his face, "You'd be helpless without your friends around to take care of you." and she peeled his mask off.

Robin looked shocked for a moment, then grinned, "What would I do without you Rea?" the elevator stopped and the doors hissed open. As they stepped out, Robin continued, "I'm leaving you in charge while I'm gone. Leading these guys isn't easy, but I think you can keep a level enough head to do it. Work with Cy, he's usually my second any way. If you have any trouble-"

"Robin, we'll live without you for two weeks." Raven levitated a helmet over and jammed it on his head, "Take the unmarked bike."

"Thanks." Robin smiled through the visor and walked over to the black, unmarked bike in the corner. He hardly ever used it since it was so much slower then the R-Cycle, but it had it's uses.

"Don't do anything stupid." was Raven's parting comment as she stepped back into a shadow and vanished from sight.

Robin pondered that for a moment, "I hope I don't have to." he said quietly to an empty garage. Kicking the engine over, he reved the bike once, then sped off.

Beast Boy reflected on the situation he was in with a fair amount of self loathing. Why he was having so much trouble saying no to girls lately was beyond him, but it was starting to get damned annoying.

When Jinx's father had motioned them over to a small coffee house just down the block, the pink haired girl had grabbed his arm and started to drag him there. He had been less then enthusiastic.

"Why do I have to come?" he had asked.

Jinx's reply had been half stressed and half annoyed, "Because I haven't seen him in five years and I don't really want to go through this alone. Besides, this is what friends are for right?"

So Beast Boy found himself sitting across from Jinx's father, the young sorceress sitting next to him, sipping her iced mocha and looking down at the table. None of them had said anything since they had received their drinks several minutes before, and Beast Boy's leg had started to bounce. He suddenly considered switching to decaff.

"So," Jinx finally looked up at her father and smiled weakly, "You found me..."

"I've been looking for five years... when the PI we hired got a lead on a credit card in the name of Jennifer Wrangler we hoped it would be you... I came to the address as soon as I could..."

"Dude," Beast Boy looked sideways at Jinx, "you're not old enough to have a credit card."

"I turned eighteen last month. It was the first thing I did."

Beast Boy was about to say something else but her hand on his thigh distracted him. He thought she was feeling him up for a moment, then realized she was just stilling his bouncing knee. He looked away from her with a slight blush.

"So is this your boy friend?" Wrangler asked.

"What?!?" Jinx gaped at him, "Beast Boy? Why would I date a green midget with animal rights issues?"

"Hey!" Beast Boy was mildly affronted. She was the one with her hand still on his leg under the table.

Jinx's father didn't seem to notice the argument, "What have you been doing, Jenny? How'd you get along without us? You were only thirteen when you ran away..."

Jinx took a deep breath, let it out and composed herself, "First of all Daddy, I'm not Jenny anymore. My name is Jinx now. Call me that."

"O-okay..." he looked confused.

"After I ran away... I was on the street for a little while... then I hooked up with this guy named Matt. We called him Gizmo, because he was so smart. He found us a place to stay... to learn..." Jinx looked her father right in the eye, "The only problem was that it was the H.A.E.Y.P. academy."

Wrangler looked blankly at them and blinked his eyes.

Beast Boy rolled his own eyes, "Dude, the HIVE? The only school in the world for super villain children? It was all over the news when we took down Brother Blood."

"Sorry," Wrangler looked at Beast Boy sharply, "not all of us keep up on the goings on of the Teen Titans. You should learn to respect your elders son."

"I'm NOT your son." Beast Boy growled.

"Calm down BB." Jinx's voice was quite but commanding. Beast Boy looked away and fumed.

"Daddy.... they taught me everything I know. We had all the standard classes like math and English, but we also had classes like Grand Larceny and Doomsday Device Construction."

"You took Doomsday Device Construction?" Beast Boy asked without looking at her, "I didn't figure you for the shop class kind of girl."

"You don't know me very well." Jinx poked him in the ribs, a little harder then was necessary. He flinched.

"But..." Wrangler looked really confused now, "How did you get to be here then?"

"Well, the Teen Titans beat my classmates and I, and we got arrested and shipped off to Arkham. After I was paroled, I moved back to Jump City, got a job and an apartment, and I've been living as a free girl ever since. Prison life just wasn't for me."

Wrangler sat back and closed his eyes, swallowing a lump in his throat, "Your mother and I were hoping that you hadn't turned to crime to get by, but this... you really fought with the Titans?"

Jinx looked pained as he said this, and a small tear formed in the corner of her left eye. Swiping at it, she looked away from her father, "Daddy... this is why I ran away... I couldn't deal with you being like this."

"Honny, what are you talking about?"

"Dad, Mom is dead. She died seven years ago, before I even ran away." Jinx looked up and stared at him, directly in the eye.

Wrangler looked utterly devastated at these words, and his whole demeanor changed. His shoulders slumped, his eyes looked down, and his hands shook as he wrung them, "I know..." he mumbled, "but... sometimes, I feel like I can still hear her... talking to me, telling me about how we have to find you..."

"Dad...." Jinx closed her own eyes, fighting back tears, "Things are going to be different now. I'm going to start working for the good guys. The Titans have invited me to join, and I hear the benefits offered through the Justice League are pretty damn good. I can... get you help. We can find a place that will help you deal with this-"

Wrangler was suddenly enraged. He slammed a palm into the table and flew out of his chair, knocking it over behind him, "I'm not crazy, Jenny!" he shouted, "I'm perfectly fine, and so is your mother, and we want you home NOW!"

Jinx's eyes grew wide as he lunged across the table to grab her. She braced herself for the impact of his hand slamming into her shoulder, but it never came.

A large green gorilla was suddenly standing next to her, holding on to Wrangler's arm, not letting him move an inch, "Let go of me, you fucking freak! You and your 'powers!' You're all just a bunch of freaks! You're not like normal people!" he was ranting now, spittle and foam flying from his mouth, "You should all just be rounded up and put on an island somewhere where you can all just rot and die!" he yanked a small .22 from behind him and pointed it point blank at Beast Boy, "DIE!" he screamed, and pulled the trigger.

Beast Boy had dealt with guns before, so as soon as it came out, he knew enough to change into a spider and drop to the floor. The bullet blasted through the front window of the coffee house, spraying glass out into the street.

Wrangler whirled back around a reached for Jinx again, "Come on Jenny! We're getting out of here now!" As his hand came within reach of her, Jinx grabbed his wrist and pulled him across the table. She slammed the flat of her palm into his face, crushing his nose and sending him to the floor, unconscious.

Beast Boy changed back into himself and looked at her in awe. Amid the tinkling of broken glass falling from the window frame, and a gentle breeze blowing in from off the street, Jinx spoke quietly to the unmoving form at her feet, "My name is Jinx, not Jenny."

He couldn't see her face, but Beast Boy knew she was crying. He stepped forward quickly and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. As he did, she turned into him and began to shudder as sobs wracked her body.

Raven stood and stared at Starfire's door for several moments before raising a hand and knocking gently. When had she become so soft? She was willingly seeking out Star to comfort her when she knew the other girl would need it, rather then waiting for her to come looking for comfort like she normally would have. It made no sense.

"Come in!" came Star's voice from the other side. The doors opened and Raven entered into a sickening world of bright colors and bright lighting. Starfire's room made her want to run back to her own lair and sit in the dark chanting her mantra for hours.

"What is it I can do for you, friend Raven?" Star asked from where she was arranging flowers in a vase.

"I just came to see if you were alright." Raven floated over and stood next to her.

"I am perfectly fine! Your concern is appreciated, but not needed." Star gave her a brilliant smile.

Raven frowned and pulled back her hood. She looked Star right in the eye as she spoke, "Why is everyone forgetting that I'm an empath today?"

Star's face fell and she sat down in a chair next to the table she was working at, "I am sorry, Raven. I did not mean to offend you."

"I'm not offended, Starfire, just worried for you. Robin wont be gone long, and you have to trust me when I tell you he's head over heels for you." she placed a comforting hand on her friends shoulder, "You have nothing to worry about. He'll come home just as in love with you as he left."

"You are certain?" Star looked up at her with hopeful eyes.

Raven wasn't of course. Human emotions were fickle things, and it was possible that Robin could fall for some other girl while he was in Gotham, or even that this Barbara girl was an old girlfriend, and he was rushing there because he was still in love with her. Raven just put all those thoughts down as her inner pessimist thinking too much.

"Of course I'm sure. When have I ever let you down in the past?"

Star grinned, "Well, there was the time you said you were going to make me pasta for dinner if I did not speak for the rest of the day. I believe I made not one peep for almost fourteen hours."

Raven grinned wryly, "So you're trying to say that I owe you dinner then?"

"That is the idea." Star stood up and started pushing the psion towards the door, "You should start soon, so that Cyborg and Beast Boy and Jinx may partake of your pasta as well!"

"Oh, so now I'm cooking or the whole Tower! I see how this is turning out..."

Starfire giggled.

"So he's unstable then?" the police officer asked.

Beast Boy nodded and glanced over at Wrangler, who was strapped down to a stretcher, trying to pull himself off of it with all his might. He was screaming and jerking his head around, "Yeah, that's the nice way of putting it. I'd recommend a pysch evaluation, and immediate hospitalization. The guy is off his rocker."

"We'll take that under advisement. Thanks again, BB, we always appreciate everything you kids do for us." the cop saluted.

"Don't thank me..." Beast Boy looked over to where Jinx leaned up against the door frame, waiting for him to complete his report, "Jinx is the one who knocked him out."

"She punched out her own father?"

"Yeah, I'd hate to see what she does to her boyfriends..." Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head, "We're headed back to Titans Tower now. If you need me, give me a call there."

"Right. See you latter BB." and the cop turned back to the crime scene.

Beast Boy walked over to Jinx and smiled weakly, "I've recommended that he be put in a psychiatric hospital."

"Good. Maybe they'll be able to help him... he wasn't this bad before... if I'd know he was like this now-" Jinx was cut off as Beast Boy shook his head at her.

"You didn't know, and that's all that matters." he slapped her good shoulder, "Let's head home, eh?"

Jinx smiled at him and nodded her head, "Yeah. Home."

Robin showed his boarding pass to the flight attendant as he walked past her. The 747 that was taking him across the country to Gotham was a one way flight. He'd book another one home after he had things there sorted out.

Bruce had better be ready to go after the Joker if he wasn't already, because Robin the Boy Wonder was coming back to town.

He narrowed his eyes as he sat down, and fumed silently.

He was going home to declare a war.

Beast Boy and Jinx walked in to the rec-room in far better spirits then they had left the coffee house. After they had cleared out anything they could salvage from Jinx's old apartment, they had hit a record store and compared music tastes. Jinx liked trance and techno, and Beast Boy liked new wave punk and indie rock.

Needless to say they'd been arguing the positive and negative points of both of their preferences for the entire car ride home. When they strolled into the rec-room talking about music and hauling several boxes of Jinx's personal positions each, they looked like old friends.

Raven wasn't too surprised by the development. Beast Boy made friends quickly, and Jinx was looking for friends desperately. They seemed a natural match.

What Raven was surprised by was what she felt as she took the garlic bread out of the oven. She looked over her shoulder at the two as they walked across the room and frowned.

Beast Boy was emanating waves of concern and joy. Jinx was more subdued, but she too was feeling joy, mixed in with a tint of hopefulness.

Raven turned back to her cooking as the implications of where those feelings could lead started to sink in. They were falling for each other, and they were falling hard.

Maybe bringing Jinx here was a better move then she had thought it was.

Raven was interrupted from her musings by Starfire, who called from the couch where she was once again playing Tetris, "Friend Raven! Beast Boy and Jinx have returned! Are we ready to commence the stuffing of our faces?"

"Yes." Raven replied as several dishes floated to the table. She set everything up telekinetically, then turned to retrieve the pasta and sauce she had made. Her eyebrow went up as she took in the sight of Cyborg leaning over her sauce, tasting a large spoonful of it.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm!" he licked his lips as Beast Boy and Jinx walked over, having left their load by the elevator doors, to go up after dinner, "This is some good stuff Rea! Nice and meaty!" he leered at Beast Boy, who looked at Raven with disgust.

"Actually," Raven replied calmly, her eyes never leaving Beast Boy's, "I used tofu."

Cyborg gagged and gaped at her at the same time. It made him look like a large titanium fish, "You used WHAT?"

"Tofu. I rolled it to take on the texture of meat. The flavors all blend together so well, that you don't even notice the difference." Raven took dinner to the table and took her seat, "Foods on folks. Get it while it's hot."

"Alright!" Beast Boy dashed over to the table, "Thanks Rea! Hey, where's Robin?"

The whole room fell in to silence, and Beast Boy looked around at everyone nervously, "He didn't die or something did he? 'Cause if he did, and you guys are still stuffing your faces anyway, that's pretty cold..."

"He left about two hours ago for Gotham. Batman called him home." Cyborg replied, looking him in the eye, "Apparently, Batgirl got shot up really bad. They don't know if she's gonna make it. Robin went to help Batman track down the badies that did it."

"Who was it?" Jinx asked as she slid into a chair next to Beast Boy.

"The Joker." Star replied as she sat down on Raven's side.

"He'll be back in a few weeks." Raven looked serious, "In his absence, he's appointed me acting team leader, and Jinx as a full Titan for the time being." she gave her new friend a half grin, "Think of this as your free trial offer. Depending on how well you do, we consider you for permanent membership."

"Robin left YOU in charge?" Beast Boy looked flabbergasted.

"If you have a problem with that, you can stay here when we go out into battle." Raven took a sip of her tea and watched with amusement evident in her eyes as Cyborg picked at his pasta sauce, trying to get all the tofu out.

"It's tofu, Cyborg, not Nightshade." Jinx said as she took a healthy bite.

Beast Boy, seeing the topic was closed for discussion, dug into the spaghetti before Star could eat all of it.

Latter, after dinner was over, the Titans retreated to their individual activities. Cyborg went to play Starfire in a game of two player Tetris, and Beast Boy and Jinx took her stuff up to her new room. That left Raven to clean up the dishes and kitchen.

Frowning as she stood at the sink cleaning the dishes, Raven thought of how Robin might be doing. He would be landing in Gotham soon, and from there probably straight to the hospital to see this Babs girl.

Robin had never talked much about his time with Batman, or what he had done in the years he had lived in Gotham. Raven knew it had to be some pretty heavy stuff; the bad guys in Gotham were ten times worse then anything they had ever fought in Jump City. She assumed from what Robin had said when he was talking to Batman that Babs was Batgirl, but Robin seemed to know her on a slightly more personal level then someone he just worked with.

She would have to check up on him while he was there to make sure he wasn't fooling around on Star. He wasn't the type, but then, love made you do some crazy things.

As her grip tightened on the glass cup she was holding, Raven narrowed her eyes. He'd better not cheat on Star, or he'd be a very sorry little bird.

With a loud crack! the glass she was holding exploded in her hand. Startled by the sudden explosion, Raven stepped back from the sink and took a deep breath, gaining control over her emotions at once. Confused now, she inspected the lacerations in her hand.

Just thinking about Starfire and Robin shouldn't have caused her power to act up to such a degree... something was wrong with her. As she looked closer at the wounds in her palm, now oozing blood that was beginning to drip on the floor, she saw that the glass had been pushed in deep, and at strange angles.

She had crushed the cup with just the strength of her hand. She must have been squeezing it harder then she thought, meaning she was even more pissed off then she thought she was. It was a wonder her powers hadn't acted up at all.

Just then, the doors to the elevator opened up, and Jinx and Beast Boy walked out, laughing. Cyborg and Starfire looked up from their game to see their friends and both of them stood up immediately. Raven noticed them and spared the changeling and the sorceress a glance.

Beast Boy had changed back into his regular uniform, and Jinx had changed clothes as well. She now wore black pleather pants, a tight black top, and combat boots. Toping off the ensemble was the flowing cloak that surrounded her, also black.

"Stealth mode, eh?" Cyborg quirked his eyebrow.

"You like?" Jinx twirled in one spot and did a quick back hand spring, "It's still in the experimental stages, but we were thinking it makes a half way decent uniform. The cloak was a nice touch BB." she poked him in the arm with a half grin.

"I just borrowed some of the fashion tips from our resident cloak wearing beauty." with a grin of his own, Beast Boy pointed over at Raven. The others looked as well, to see her staring at her hand, completely ignoring the conversation.

"Friend Raven," Starfire asked with a quizzical voice, "Is there something the matter?"

Raven started and looked up to see everyone staring at her. She was confused for a moment, then shook her head, "No... nothings wrong..." she looked back down at her hand in time to see it drip a rather large drop of blood onto the kitchen floor, "I'd better get this wrapped up. I don't think it needs stitches."

"Oh man, Raven!" Beast Boy hurried over to take a closer look, followed by Starfire, "What the heck did you do?"

"I broke a glass... it's okay..." she batted his hands away as he tried to take the cut hand and look at it closer, "I'm fine." she stated firmly, "I'll just head to the medical room and patch myself up. No," she held up a hand to stop Starfire, who had her mouth open ready to protest, "I can get it myself. No need to come with me."

"Why don't you just heal yourself?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven leveled a glare at the changeling that made him shrink back, "Because," she replied in an emotionless voice, "I can only heal other people. The power doesn't work on someone with demonic blood."

The Titans stood in shock at her frank admission of her demon blood and her suddenly cold manner. Raven took the opportunity to disappear in a haze of black energy shaped like a bird of prey, swooping towards the ceiling.

"What's her deal?" Jinx asked after a few seconds.

"No clue." Beast Boy turned to Starfire and Cyborg, "You guys know anything?"

"She's been pretty quiet over here, washing the dishes." Cyborg shrugged, "Maybe she's just ticked off that we weren't helping."

"Let us not worry about it." Star said, though her eyes were still full of concern, "I will finish the washing of the dishes. We should all go to bead early tonight after such a late night last night, so let us all head that way soon."

"Solid plan." Cyborg looked at Jinx and Beast Boy, "Let's all get some sleep tonight."

"Dude!" Beast Boy suddenly had a thought, "Who was on patrol tonight?"

"Raven and Robin were supposed to go tonight." Cyborg slapped himself in the forehead. He raised his arm to his mouth and spoke into the communicator, "Hey, Raven!"

There was a several second pause, then Raven's voice crackled through, "Raven here."

"Who do you want on patrol tonight?"

"I'll be going as soon as I finish the dishes." Raven sounded just as emotionless as she had before she left.

"Don't worry about that, Star's finishing up. You want some back up while you're out?"

"No. Stay alert though. It's been too quiet lately for something to not happen soon."

"Alright. Cyborg out." and he lowered his arm, "I'll stay up tonight until she gets home since I got the most sleep last night. You three can sleep."

"I think I should-" Beast Boy started, but Cyborg interrupted him.

"Forget about it BB. I got it tonight. When she gets home, I'll try to pry out of her what's going on."

"Alright, sound good, over and out, bla, bla, bla...." Jinx rolled her eyes, "You want some help with the dishes Starfire?"

"That would be most kind of you." Star nodded as Jinx walked over and took up position as dryer.

"State of the art electronics all over this place and you guys don't even have a dishwasher. What's up with that?" Jinx asked as she took a plate from Star.

Cyborg and Beast Boy blinked at her sudden dismissal of the conversation. They looked at each other.

"Girls got a point." Beast Boy said with a straight face.

Raven stood in the medical room, staring at her newly bandaged hand. All last night her powers had been acting up. Granted she had been on an emotional roller coaster, and she had been drunk for part of the night, but she shouldn't have been losing control so easily.

The rec-room had been destroyed (she had no idea how Robin had replaced the computers and TV so quickly) a car from the super market parking lot was missing a window, every major appliance in Jinx's apartment had been fried before it got blow up, she needed a new vase for the dried roses in her room, and now she had displayed heightened strength by crushing a cup of quarter inch think glass in one hand.

She would have to consult her books to be sure, but it looked like her demonic heritage was finally catching up to her. Her fathers blood was gaining strength, and as a result she was losing control faster, and with more destructive results.

A day and a night of meditation was in order. She'd lock herself in her room latter.

After she returned from patrol.

Robin stepped out of the airport and on to the streets of Gotham City. His black turtle neck was pulled up around his throat tightly, and a red scarf blew out behind him in the breeze. He shivered as he started down the street.

It was always so damn cold in Gotham.

He had decided to walk to the hospital Babs was being kept at, rather then just hail a cab. It was fairly close to the airport, and he needed the walk to clear his mind anyway.

The whole flight he'd been obsessing over catching the Joker and pummeling the crap out of him. It wasn't until the pilot had announce they were just a half hour from Gotham International that he had remembered what he was leaving behind in Jump City.

Starfire was his girlfriend, and she deserved better then to have her new boyfriend leaving her just when they got together to go see another girl. Another girl that just happened to be the first girl that had ever really got his blood pumping.

Another girl who just happened to be not only his first date, but his first kiss as well.

He knew that he and Babs shared nothing more then a friendly relationship now, ever since they had decided that crime fighting and love didn't mix very well. He had only been fourteen at the time, and she had been only sixteen, but it had still felt like a very adult decision.

Looking back on it, Robin realized that he didn't really care any more. He was in love with Starfire, and even if it gave him nightmares thinking about what could happen to her fighting off super powered maniacs, he would still fight crime along side her until the day he died.

He had resolved to make his business in Gotham as short as possible, even if it meant leaving Babs while she was still in the hospital. He didn't like it, but he had a life in Jump City now, and he had to get back to it as soon as possible.

Now that he stood on the steps of the hospital however, his resolve was waning. What if Babs really needed him to be there for her? What if she was dying?

No, she wasn't going to die. It wasn't possible. The good guys didn't get killed by the bad guys. The good guys always won.


Confused, cold and suddenly feeling very conflicted, Robin walked up the steps and through the doors of Gotham General Hospital, not quite sure of what he was going to do.

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