Well, after helping my friend Rain-chan (CrazyGirl47) with her Harry Potter story, The Prank War for awhile (go read it!!), I got an urge to pick up one of my old stories and maybe...I dunno, FINISH them. Not to mention I'm unspeakably annoyed that they won't show any more new Teen Titans until January! Why can't they just finish the third season?! Why?! ... Anyways, as I not-so-really promised, here's a second installment for Forgotten Time. One of these days, I WILL make the chapters longer. Another note, they're in NO WAY placed chronologically, it was just whichever one I decided to write at the time. It doesn't continue with Nightwing, but moves on instead to other Titans with each new installment. Enjoy!

"The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep" -E. Joseph Cossman

White filled every corner of vision. Past and present blended together sharply, all other colors faded out into one. Up became down, right became wrong, calm became panic.

Never coming back…

Silence ebbed, echoing off the titanium walls and dancing through the air. It was so quiet. Even since Rage had been exorcised, it was so quiet. That could be dealt with. But it was so quiet here. Surrounding walls seemed to make it worse, like someone was turning the volume up on the deadness around her.

It has to go away.

Why did they all have to leave? She could have handled the loss of on friend, but when two others disappeared, she followed the act. But Rage was swimming to the surface more and more, forcing her to retrace her steps back to where she was born, back…to gain help, to rid herself of the root that Rage was mired in.

Never coming back!

They all left. Her mother, her guide, her friends…they all left. And she had done the same. But she had frightened him with Rage, and saw it fit to lock herself away. What good was being around others if they just left?

Never coming back, go away!

Sunlight hurt her eyes. Sunlight, the very rays of the sun brought all kinds of pain. The night hurt her eyes, the shadows holding dregs of her past. She was no longer a part of the shadow. Couldn't be. Shadows were in the past, and the sun was too bright.

It has to go away…

White served its purpose, contrasting how mottled black everything in her head had become. Perhaps she was hoping it would create a gray area so she could continue to live. Why bother anyways, no one was there to care if she ever stepped foot outside this forsaken room.

Just like before.

Emotions were dangerous. Friends were dangerous. Anything that promoted any feelings were dangerous. Loneliness, there was a certain dark pride attached to it. Survive it, and you can tell people that you don't need anyone. But it has a certain way of eating at you, day by day. Wondering why people allow you to feel this way, why you allow yourself to feel this way. Truth was, most just don't care.

It has to go away…

It was possibly the only gray area left in her life. Everything else was so unnaturally black and white. People come and people go, seasons change, the sun eventually sets. She wasn't ready for any of it. A creature of the shadow, something even the strangest being feared…who could no longer live in the shadows because of that same fear. She was a freak…

Just like all the others…

A red light penetrated her vision, causing her to blink and focus. Disbelief clouding her mind as she lifted a hand to touch her cloak's clasp, beeping quietly and blinking in unison. Her fingers closed around the cool half sphere, and with sudden clarity, she realize it was real. Mind racing, she looked for something to connect it to.


She shook her head. She had no friends, not anymore. The red light continued to flash.


Again, she shook her head. She couldn't recall the meaning of the word. Still, the light flashed. Watching it for a few more moments, another thought snuck in.

Who else would call on you?

Raven's hand tightened on her clasp.

My…friends…need me…