The Horror of Popularity

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Chapter 1- Revenge

Trixie Tang came out of the cafeteria soaking wet. One of the students thought it funny to throw a water balloon at her and now she was soaked. She was the only popular person in the cafeteria at the time, and no one would tell her who did it because they found it amusing. She continued to walk away from the cafeteria filled with laughter and soon bucked into her friend Veronica.

"What happened!" Veronica cried.

"Some Jerk soaked me with a water balloon!" Trixie cried angrily, "they're gonna pay!"

"But how?" Veronica asked.

"Oh they'll pay for it," Trixie said and walked to the bathroom to dry off.

(Meanwhile back in the Cafeteria)

"Boil kid you're awesome!" A.J. shouted slapping Boil Kid on the back, "you'll be a school legend!"

"Even I have to admit that water balloon thing was excellent," Timmy Turner confessed.

"I could've done better," Chester McBadbat muttered.

"Don't be bitter," A.J. said.

"Lunch is nearly over," Timmy spoke up, "Let's hurry," he said, "we've got Crocker."

(Same day at 6:00pm)

"Why do I have to watch the news with you guys?" Timmy demanded as he sat between his parents.

"Because it's educational," Mrs. Turner responded.

"Because if I have to suffer so do you," Mr. Turner said and got a glare from his wife.

TV Anchor Man: And in the latest news a boy sent to the hospital with a severe bout of malaria. It's unknown how he got it but he suddenly fainted two hours ago at home and was rushed to the hospital where further symptoms have proven that he has the disease. Also the boy had earlier come home soaked claiming that he was walking home and suddenly became soaked. Parents said the boy was acting scared earlier and they were worried. No connection between this boy's 'soak claim' and his malaria sickness.

WAIT! We've got a picture of the boy now available even though his name is being with held. Here's the picture. A picture came up showing a ten year old boy.

"That's Boil Kid!" Timmy cried and pointed at the screen.

"Oh my," Mrs. Turner said as Mr. Turner snored quietly beside them unnoticed.

Anchor Woman: Red Alert in the Trailer Park area. It seems that after a blonde boy named Chester threw a pie in the faces of Tad and Chad; two wonderful kids of the community, that killer bees from Africa came after him. It is unknown how the bees came so fast but they're definitely from Africa as research has proven. This Chester Child ran home and locked himself inside his home trailer. Now the bees are swarming the community stinging anything in sight. Insecticides and other poisonings have been sprayed on the bees, but they don't seem to have any effect. Last thing I've got from that story is the Trailer Park considering on giving Chester to the bees as a sacrifice.

"That's crazy!" Timmy cried, "they can't do that!"

"Those poor people," Mrs. Turner said in pity, "maybe Chester should've left those boys alone," she said thoughtfully.

Wait a minute! Trixie gets wet because of Boil Kid and bad stuff happens to him and Chester does something bad to Brad and Chad and something bad happens to... well the entire trailer park is suffering. But there must be a connection. (Timmy's thoughts)

"I'm going to my room," Timmy said and hurried off before his mother could stop him.

"Cosmo!" Timmy cried and Cosmo came to him, "is Wanda still away?"

"Yeah," Cosmo responded.

"I have to tell you something," Timmy said and told Cosmo about what happened.

"I'm glad that I'm not a God Parent in that trailer park," Cosmo said frankly.

"That's it!" Timmy cried, "Cosmo, I wish the bees left the Trailer Park."

"Why?" Cosmo asked, "don't you think that the bees won't soon get tired and start making some honey?" he asked and Timmy gave him a dirty look, "I'm on it!"

With a flick of his wand Cosmo did his stuff and then Timmy ran downstairs to listen to the news.

Anchor Man: Breaking News. The Bees have now left the trailer park. Unfortunately now they're in the mall stinging everyone in sight. At least spraying them is working now but so many people have been stung, so many faces have been ruined, so many people are going to cry at picture day at work tomorrow.

Anchor Woman: I have to wonder what imbecilic act caused these bees to be moved to...

Wait... Viewers I have new. The bees have stopped stinging people and left the Mall. But they've all flown in the sky and spelt these words. Populars Rule. Bother them and problems will plague your whole day through. You'll shriek and cry, but nothing will end until twenty-four hours time. Remember that, Chester. Oh, My that sounds serious. Maybe someone's tampering with black Magic. Anyway further....

Timmy just sat there in silence. Black Magic? Twenty-Four Hours? Populars? What did it all mean?

Hope I can figure it out before it's too late. (Timmy's thoughts)


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