He walked on the sand with his shoes on.

She walked in the water barefoot.

A closed-off soul walking side-by-side with a free spirit. This can be a dangerous pairing. But then again, love is a dangerous thing. So this may work out for the better... or for the worse.

"Get out of the water," he said a bit more harshly than he intended to. "You'll catch a cold."

She looked at the boy and smiled.

A sad smile.

She drifted away from him and waded deeper into the ocean.

"Hey—!" he began, but stopped abruptly. He felt his heartbeat increase dramatically and his muscles started to tense up. He noticed...

...Noticed her eyes which flashed with wisdom beyond her years, her hair suddenly seemed longer, darker... her figure had also changed as there were the curves and softness that was not present before.

Since when did this girl become a woman?

The girl, no... woman looked at the boy. She looked at him with such a gaze that seemed to pin him down.


He no longer felt pinned down. His name on her lips elevated him.


He can't have fallen for her. Not now. Not ever.

This was the woman, no... girl that he thought meant nothing to him. The one he had once thought impossible to love.

But was it all right to love the impossible?

He felt confused... conflicted. So he spoke.

"Something is wrong with me..."


"I think you know why."