Part 9

Xander limped, slightly, towards the library in a manor of a man who had been put through the physical wringer as of late, and BOY was that the truth – sure, he and Aura had… well, Xander thought as he felt a blush creep up his neck, no need thinking about that, but sufficed to say that under no uncertain terms had Aura explained her position… err, intentions towards their relationship. Repeatedly.

The memories were enough to make Xander smile through the fading pain he felt, but the memories weren't enough for what he saw next as he entered the Library – Jenny, Willow, Buffy and Aura were all off to one side, whispering and giggling. As one, they all stopped and looked at him before they smiled and turned back to each other and resuming their giggling and whispering.

Xander stopped in the doorway as a series of chills did marathons up and down his spine and turned to walk out, but Giles was instantly there, "Xander!"

Xander looked at him, "Flee, we must… now!"

Giles nodded and they fled the Library, but he wasn't finished, "I know, we are, but we still need to talk."

Once Xander's pulse slowed and his mind came back to him, he looked at the elder Briton, "Huh?"

Once they were in the cafeteria, and with a sharp glare each at Snyder to send him running, Giles was able to talk, "Xander, I realize that this might not be the most ideal time to ask this, but… have you had any time to think about the differences you've exhibited?"

Xander nodded, "A little, actually. Aside from the whole quick-healing thing, I seem to be a little stronger and faster and have more stamina… nothing TOO freakish, but definitely not for my body size. You know about the instant recall thing, right?"

Giles nodded, "Indeed. The way that you remembered all of those texts was… amazing, simply amazing, Xander."

Xander smiled a little, "Thanks, Giles. I think I read and retain what I read a little easier now, but I can't do the instant translation anymore. Can't have everything, I guess." He leaned back in his seat and frowned, "Nothing else really from the T-1000, at least nothing that's come up so far, and I'm not exactly sure I want to press exactly what I can do unless I have to."

Giles looked up from the small notepad that he had produced at some point and had started taking notes on, "I see, I see. What about memories that you might have from your time as the… the Terminator? Technically, that is?"

Xander shook his head, "A few things, vague ideas at most." This, of course, was a lie – he had a good portion of technical know-how, ranging from data storage to computer processing, power storage, production and distribution, but he also had more than a few weapons schematics as far as things that could end life as people knew it. Xander made a point to never reveal that information, but in the mean time he was going to do his best to forget it…

Giles nodded at this and looked a little down, "I see." He put away the notebook and sat back a little, polishing his glasses, "Xander, I know this will be a personal question, but I must ask it – what are your intentions with Aura and Jenny?"

Xander arched an eyebrow, "With Aura? We're going to try and be happy, Giles. We talked… after… well, we talked it over and we both know that 'happily ever after' is probably not in the cards here on the Hellmouth, so we're going to have fun while we can."

Giles nodded, "Very admirable and honest, Xander. Now, about Jenny…"

Xander rolled his eyes, "What, you think she, Aura and I are going to be having threesomes? No, Giles – Jenny is our friend, our fellow 'freak', if you will, and we're going to treat her like that. Why? Starting to see the error of your bigoted ways?"

Giles winced at the edged tone in Xander's voice, a tone that told him the next answer he gave would be rather important, "Honestly, Xander, I'm not sure."

Xander's response was a growl and nothing more.

Giles hurriedly went on, "Let me rephrase – I realize that my dealings in the past with any gypsies should not color any relationship I might have or had with Jenny. I admit what I did was wrong, and I hope to make up for it."

Xander stopped growling, "Good to hear – tell her, not me."

Giles nodded and stood and started to walk away, but noticed that Xander wasn't following him, "You're not coming with me?"

Xander shook his head, "Are you crazy? There's four girls in there, they were giggling, whispering and pointing at ME! I'm not getting NEAR there – you're on your own."

Giles merely sniffed, "Traitor."

Xander snorted, "Oh, like you wouldn't do the same if the tables were turned."

Giles opened his mouth for a second before he closed it, "Xander, there are times that I wish that male solidarity were not a myth."

Xander chuckled, "If that were the case, then we as a human race would all be dead, Giles." Giles gave him an odd look and Xander went on with a grin, "If male solidarity existed, we wouldn't leave our fellow males behind with the females so we could get away – no breeding chances and all…"

Giles nodded at that, "Point made. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to see a woman about a gypsy."


Aura smiled at Xander, a smile that told him he was not in trouble, and that his clothes were not in danger of being torn off, as she walked towards his place at the end of the Library table, "Hey, Xander."

He smiled up at her as she sat down into his lap, "Hey, Wild Cat."

She growled at him a little, somewhat playfully, somewhat not, "Don't call me that."

He gave her a charming smile, "But you are, Aura. In bed, at least."

She arched her eyebrow, "You mean I'm not elsewhere?"

"Oh, you are, but not in the way I'm thinking." He held her close for a bit as they watched the office where Jenny and Giles were arguing, "So, do you think they'll make up?"

Aura snorted, "At this rate, they're probably going to make out."

Xander frowned and shivered, "Ewww… Giles making out with somebody? Gah!"

Aura elbowed him in the chest, "Now, now, come on. I know you like Jenny, so do I, but she needs to be with someone her own relative age. Besides," she went on with a grin, "I want you all to myself for as long as I can."

He looked up at her oddly, "Oh, you plan on sharing me at some point in the future?"

She gave her a coy little grin, "Maybe, maybe not. That's for me to know and you to worry about, little man."

"Hey now," he protested, leaning closer to her ear as both Buffy and Willow walked in, "the other night you said I was all you could handle and that there was nothing 'little' about me…"

Aura's giggles reached the ears of both Willow and Buffy and they both groaned – she and Xander were insufferable…


He smiled at the pair of hunters even as He puffed on his cigar and his pastrami on rye was delivered – like the kid said, nobody ever promised them happily ever after, but he was going to enjoy it while he could, and so was that Aura girl…

He blinked as His attention was drawn to the Easter seaboard of the United States as a new Champion was called, one that brought a grin to His face, "Well, well, well…" Oh, yeah, this one was going to be interesting, "I guess it wouldn't hurt for that group to have a little Faith…"


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