The Enemy Within

By Flying Star

Disclaimer: All I own is my sanity, in other words I don't own Code Lyoko.


On a whim I decided to try my hand at writing a Code Lyoko fic. This is just a bit of experimentation, and will probably be my only fic in this catagory. The story takes place a little after the end of season one. Some A x J and a hint of U x Y. It's a two part oneshot.


" Jeremie."

The soft, feminine voice pulled the blond-haired boy from his silent musing, his eyes turning to the pink-haired sprite onscreen. " Hey Aelita, what brings you here at this hour?" Jeremie asked as he pulled up another schematic to ponder. " Is there any problems in Lyoko?"

" No, XANA's been quiet as of late. But that's not the reason why I'm here." A look of concern crossed her face as she watched him pull up yet another schematic. " Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought humans required at least some rest each night."

Jeremie glanced at the clock, which read 4:00 am. " That's true, but..." he continued at her stern gaze, "I function better at night, that's all."

" And do these late nights have anything to do with the virus inside of me?"

Jeremie averted his gaze, she'd seen right through him, she always did. " Mostly, I just wonder if I'm any closer to finding the anti-virus." he sighed deeply before returning to his search. " It's been a dream of mine to get you back here for good, with XANA and the virus gone. But everytime I think I have the solution...." he paused, groaning as yet another test resulted in failure. " I hit another dead end. It feels so hopeless."

" Jeremie, the situation only looks hopeless...if you give up hope. I'm confident that you'll find the anti-virus. Besides, " Aelita smiled at him, bringing a blush to his face. " I don't mind spending my time only with you, even if it isn't in the flesh." Her smile vanished though, as Jeremie frowned. " Did I say something wrong?"

" Don't you see, Aelita?! That's just the point. You barely had a chance to experience our world before you had to return to Lyoko. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I want you here, away from all the dangers and near death encounters." he pushed a few buttons, saving and then closing the current anti-virus configuration, before his gaze returned to her profile. " I think I'll take a break, maybe a short walk will help me get my thoughts together."

" Good idea, Jeremie. I'll be waiting for you."

" Thanks Aelita. " Jeremie smiled as he reached for the standby button. As his finger touched the button, the lights in the room suddenly dimmed, winked out, and then came back on brightly before returning to normal. At about the same time Jeremie jerked back, holding his hand as if burned.

" Jeremie? Are you okay, what happened to your...."

" It's nothing, Aelita," Jeremie interupted, still examining his hand. "just a slight static shock, probably brought on by the sudden power surge."

" Are you certain, you hand looks..."

" I said I'm fine!" Jeremie shouted as he shoved his hand into his pocket. " I'm going outside, just let me know if you detect XANA." his voice lowered. " Knowing him, even a slight power fluctuation could be his doing."

" Jeremie..." Aelita began, but he was already out the door. Closing the communication window, she pulled up a scanner screen and began a search of the immediate area for any signs of an activated tower. Yet she couldn't keep the worry for her friend out of her thoughts. ' He's pushing himself too hard, and it's affecting him more than he thinks. Somehow I have to show him that he doesn't need to worry about me. I've survived all this time before I met him and his friends, I'm not helpless." she shook her head sadly as she continued her search.


Jim had just closed the door to his room, reminding himself again that it wasn't a good idea to eat right before bed.

A small movement caught his eye. " Who's there?" Turning he tried flipping on his flashlight, only to have it fall from his hand as something grabbed his wrist. The flashlight clattered to the ground, the light, having switched on, threw distorted shadows across the wall as Jim struggled against his assailant. Their shadows intertwined as the smaller of the two suddenly elongated, towering over the other, the latter backing away in fear.

A moment later there was a thump and the sound of something heavy being dragged. A janitor's closet was opened, and there was a rustle of fabric as something was stuffed inside before the door closed. Receding footsteps were heard as the light from the flashlight winked out.

Meanwhile in the parking lot of the school, a half dozen school buses suddenly roared to life, the symbol of XANA appearing on their windshields for a brief instant. In a steady line they began to roll toward the school, their intent unknown.


Her search having turned up nothing, Aelita stood up from her crosslegged postion in Lyoko as she felt the pulsations. " XANA, he's activated a tower. I must warn Jeremie." She opened a communications link, trying to establish a connection. After a few failed tries, she pulled up Jeremie's mobile phone number.

" Hello?" Jeremie's voice sounded groggy as he answered.

" Jeremie, it's XANA! He's activated a tower. Have you noticed anything strange in your world?"

Outside the school, Jeremie stood up, taking a few steps away from the bench he had previously been sitting on. " No, everything's been quiet. But with a tower activated XANA could be anywhere, I'll contact the others and meet you at the factory."

" Okay, and Jeremie..."

" Yes, Aelita?"

" Be careful."

" Don't worry, " he said, " I will be." Closing his mobile phone he looked back at the school buses beginning to circle the school. " After all, I'm not the one who needs saving. " Inside his pocket, the symbol of XANA glowed brightly on his hand.



Well, do you think I should continue? I'll type up the second part if people want me to. If you read, please review, but no flames, it's my first attempt at a Code Lyoko fic. I'm more comfortable in the Teen Titans section, but I just had this idea, and I couldn't get rid of it.