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(This is a HUMOR fic. It may not make sense now, but it will later)

What Really Happened With: The Ring

It was Halloween night. Kagome Higarashi decided it would be fun to celebrate such a festive holiday, with her friends.

Even though she was 15, she still enjoyed dressing up in the most creative costumes she could think of. But sadly, ideas were scarce, leaving her to be nothing but a witch. Inuyasha, forced to dress up, went as a dog, while Souta, Kagome's younger brother, went as his hero: Inuyasha himself.

Shippou, the young fox, went as a MIB (Man in Black) agent, just for the fun of it, while Sango went as a bride, and the houshi, her groom.

After being dragged along trick-or-treating, the group went home with loads of candy, for Shippou and Souta's snacking pleasure. Now, for Kagome, it was a tradition to watch scary movies deep into the dark, cold, night. She waited until the two children fell asleep on the couch (from over-eating), and selected a video from the pile next to her television.

"Which one should we watch, guys?" Kagome said, skimming through the titles.

The three shrugged.

Sango's eyes then fell upon a black tape. It had no label, it had no box. It was lying on the ground, somewhat lonely like, and it sparked the demon slayer's interest. "Kagome-chan? What's on this tape?" She picked it up, and handed it to her.

"Huh?" The miko asked. She took it, she too, examining it. "I don't know, Sango." The girl paused. "I wouldn't play it though."

"Well, why not?"

"My friends told me something really silly. Something like, you watch this blank tape, and then you die in seven days. N-not like I believe it or a-anything."

"Kah, stupid." Inuyasha said, standing next to her.

"Like I said, it sounds silly. You're supposed to watch the video, and then, at 10:00, the phone rings three times, and when you answer it, this little girl whispers "7 days" and then, a week later, at 10 at night, you die."

"Let us watch then, lady Kagome, for we must concur our fears." Miroku took it form her loose grasp and popped it into the T.V.

"...I-I guess you're right..."

"Of course I am"

He turned the T.V. on, to reveal the health channel. A small group of women were doing aerobic exercises.

"Wrong channel, Miroku-sama." Kagome pointed out.

"Oh, but, I think it is the right channel..." the monk starred intently at the screen, a perverted smile on his face.

"MIROKU!!!" All three shouted.

"Fine, fine! I'm changing it." He sighed sadly.

Sango was quivering in Miroku's arms by the time that movie was over. Throughout the feature, she used the monk's robes as something to shield her eyes with, and Kagome, was holding onto Inuyasha with all her might. Not that the boy's minded or anything.

"I have to admit, that thing creeped me out." The hanyou stated.

"What time is it?" Kagome's voice shook with fear.

"Oh, come on; don't tell me you believe what those friends of yours said?" Inuyasha snorted.

"WHAT TIME IS IT?!" Kagome yelled demandingly at the inu.

"Gah! All right!" Inuyasha, still taken aback, walked slowly into the kitchen, mumbling something about women.

"My, my, Kagome sure is scary when angry."

"Hai" Sango agreed, nodding.

"It's 9:59!" The dog-boy shouted as he was walking back to the others.

"All we can do is wait...." Sango tapped her fingers nervously.

Everyone: O.O;;








"Hell-hello?" Kagome picked up the phone, her body shaking fiercely.

"You idiot!"

"I thought you didn't believe in this little superstition, Inuyasha." Miroku whispered.

"..." was his intelligent answer.


Person on Phone: Hi! Is this Bob's pizza shack?!

Everyone: falls over


Yup, it's short, but, I promise the next chapter will be longer. Ja Ne!