Tonight on Extreme Makeover: Dead Edition…

"I'm just so tired of people being scared of me. I have this horrible nose that looks like a snake and I have no chest what-so-ever. I'm so afraid ofsomeone seeing me without my clothes on."

Plastic Surgeon: O.o

"Well, Samara, that's what you're here for… I can help…" The doctor took a glance at her health charts.

"That's great…but, I must warn you, my face is utterly disgusting." She sat high, in one of the chairs of the office.

"Oh, you won't have to worry about that…"

"Why not?"

"Sweetie…you can't kill someone…

Who's all ready dead."

The surgeon turned around to reveal…KIKYO?!?!

"It's a fanfic…whatcha gonna do?" She faced Samara. "I can multitask! I shall see to it that you come out as beautiful as a swan. But first…" Blood dripped from Samara's torso, "I must rebuild you-I mean…put you back together…"

What Really Happened with: The Ring

Day 7

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I hate ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away…"

"Shippou…SHUT UP!" Inuyasha pounded him to the ground.

"Okay…so, we need onions and garlic…"

"Sango, she's not a vampire…"

"Kagome-chan, do we have silver bullets?" She opened the doors to the kitchen cabinets.

"She's not a werewolf either…"

"Evil, talking doll?"




"Kagome-sama…there must be some way to totally defeat her! I mean, she all ready dead!"

"Sango, don't get so worked up."

"Houshi-sama and I are finally happy together, and it will all be thrown away at 10:00 tonight!"

Miroku: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(Miroku's Dream)

"I'll use the kazaana on her!"

"Houshi-sama, don't! You don't know what she's capable of doing!"

Miroku unleashed kazaana just for Samara to use her voodoo doll and suck Miroku up. (So that the doll's hand was facing Miroku's face)


Inside the nothingness of Miroku's hand

Miroku's father: (Grinning widely, while sitting in a big, comfy chair, surrounded by beautiful women) Hey, son. What took you so long?

Girls: giggle, giggle

(End dream)


"Okay…" Inuyasha sweat dropped as he watched Miroku grab onto Sango. "You guys don't have to worry. I'll protect you at all costs. Especially you, Kagome…" He nuzzled her cheek.

"Stop touching MY woman!" Koga raged on.


"Here we go again…" Miroku sighed.

"Is so!"

"Is not!"





All the sudden, the demon slayer started humming a tune. "When there's something strange… in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSERS! Kagome, what's the number for the Ghostbusters!?"

"I know it!" Robin chirped, "I have connections…"

(Dentist Office)

"Samara…what horrible teeth."

"ah no, eese elp 'em"

"We'll use these…Crest Night Strips, and if that fails to work…I'll just yank them out and replace them with new ones! Wonderful, no?"

Samara: (whine)

"My faithful soul stealers…retrieve me-"

A soul stealer glided its way back to his master's side, with yet another soul.

"I told you, not until AFTER work! This isn't my lunch break!"

Soul Stealer: …

"Just-just go!" She pointed an index finger towards the door

Soul stealer: VV

It felt so…so-unneeded.

"Now, where were we?"

(Inuyasha gang)

"So…Robin tells me you are in need of our services." Three man stood in front of the group, carrying all sorts of complex equipment. They were…

dare I say it...

The Ghostbusters

"Do you slay the undead?!" Sango asked with starry eyes, twinkling brightly.

"No…but we suck them up into these cool vacuum cleaner type things! Who do you want to get rid of?"

"This girl named Samara." Sango growled.



Future Ghostbuster: Mom, the T.V.'s broken again!

Mother: Then go call a cable person, darling…

Future Ghostbuster: Okay!

Hour Later

FG: Mom! They're not coming!

TV mysteriously turns on. It's all snowy. He watches curiously as this little girl lifts herself from a well, and approaches the TV screen. She begins to crawl out of the television.

FG: Never mind mom, the cable woman is here.

(Gets a glimpse of her face)


(End flashback)

"I would've never made it, if some guy named Van Helsing hadn't magically appeared and pushed her back into the television box…" He shuddered. "Anyway…we'll see what we can do!"



"Samara just went through some very simple surgery. We made her teeth a dream…they're perfect! But now, I have a whole different task, we have to re-make her body and face. It will be difficult, it might be ugly, but I, Kikyo, am willing to accept such a horrible challenge, and I-

"You do know I can hear you, right?" Samara lay on the surgery table.

"Gomen…NARAKU! Come to assist me!"


"Well, technically, no, since my seven day are not yet up." Naraku put on his surgical gloves and mask.

"But-he-I thought—whatever…just...just make me beautiful.

Naraku and Kikyo: HAI!!!!

Hours passed.








"Don't turn into Miroku on me!"

"See, mutt, she doesn't like you! Let her be happy the last two minutes of her life!"

"You can handle rejection, can you?" Shippou asked innocently.


"Sango, I have been blessed to have met and fall in love with such a wonderful woman. You truly are my angel. And if I should die tonight, I am honored to have you by my side."

"Oh, houshi-sama…"

"Miroku, Sango, call me Miroku…" He smiled, wiping a tear from her eye.


The TV in Kagome's living room turned on, even when it was unplugged. The Ghostbusters braced themselves for what lied a head of them. The screen fuzzed up, and instead of a little girl being dragged out from the Television…they saw…


"Ow! That hurts the back!" Naraku managedto say, as he slammedinto the hard floor.

"Samra will be arriving." Kikyo pointedher finger at the screen, awaiting the dead girl's arrival. She came, the same black hair that covered her face, and most of her chest. The same, old fashion gown. What was different? They were going to die! They really were going to die!

"Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, our finest creation…


Naraku: (Whistles insanely)

She pulled back her hair to reveal a BEAUTIFUL face. Samara blinked, as did the rest.

"Wait a minute," Kagome pushed herselfaway fromInuyasha, "It takes months to recover from surgery…there is no way that Samara could possibly be standing before us, looking like she does! It's unreal!"

"QUIET GIRL! I have made Samara what she is! She is the face of an angel! She is no longer so hideous-"


"So disgusting-"

"All right!"

"So nightmarish-"

"They get it!"

"that she would kill people just on how evil and ugly she is!" Kikyo cradled Samara's head in her arms, "isn't that right, sweet child?"


"Okay, I see our work here is done!" said a Ghost buster, proudly putting his hands on his hips. "That will be 100 dollars!"

"But you didn't do anything!" Kagome yelled.

"Fine…be greedy." With that, they stormed out thinking 'what a waste of a day!'

"Inuyasha…I will be back for you…" said both Kikyo and Naraku together. "However, we have to celebrate Samara's retirement. You shall live to see another day. Be thankful." So, they were lead back into the TV and disappeared into darkness.

"YEAH!!!! The good guys never die!!!" Squealed Shippou.

"Aren't Sesshomaru and Koga-?"

"They're neutral. -.-"

The days passed. Romance was no longer hidden. They were together at last, all of them. At least, until that fateful day, when Kagome received a letter reading-




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