Disclaimer: Not mine. Set: s4. Spoils: various. Rating: PG.
Notes: Written at lunch yesterday, refined some today.

Humpty Dumpty by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Olivia Crichton watches her brother. "What's me tell?" he'd asked her in the maintanence bay on Moya. She'd been distracted by the ogranicness, the way the ship breathed. She could close her eyes and hear it, feel it pulse through her veins.

"Your lips." And your entire body, she could have added.

For he is frozen, now. Static and deep as the ocean.

It scares her, makes her want to rant and rave and demand of the universe, "What the hell have you done to him?"

Whatever happened in the three and a half years (cycles, they say. So far removed from the seasons when floating in the dead of space) he was gone, it wasn't good. From the way he slid away from any serious discussion, it was really bad.

Sometimes, she doesn't want to know.

Aeryn Sun gives her the key to John one night in November.

"He told me I could be more."

Simple things, words. All her brother had ever wanted to be was his own self.

Olivia thinks Aeryn defines him.

But he also defines Aeryn.

So Olivia Crichton watches her brother and watches Aeryn Sun. And hopes and prays that the ex-Peacekeeper will be enough to put him back together again.