"My choice is to die, but not by your hands!" she yelled over the roar of the Falls. She placed one hand over her belly and apologized to her child. "I am sorry, little one. You and I will see him again in the Halls of Mandos."

She then reached up to take off the necklace. She held it in her hand as she stepped to the ledge. She let the hunters get as close as possible, knowing they still wished to ensnare her and take her back to Angband. As soon as they were close enough, Geliriel jumped. As she fell, she screamed Melannen's name before disappearing into the water and down into the depths of the Sirion beneath the Andram.

Ulmo, Lord of the Waters of Arda, was aware of the young Gondolindrim's fall into the Falls as well as her reason for doing so. 'She and her son are not meant for the Halls of Mandos. Theirs is another fate,' he told to his Maia, Osse. 'Bring her safely to the east bank beyond the Gates. There she will be found by those in the employ of Amrod, son of Feanor. Her fate lies with him.' His Maia bowed and went swiftly up the Sirion.

Osse had been swift enough to catch the unconscious form of Geliriel before she hit the base of the Falls. Bringing her up, he carried her the length of its underground course under the Andram, healing her as he went. He cleared the water from her lungs, and healed the few cuts and abrasions. In his healings, he soothed and calmed the child within her. 'Do not fret, youngling. All is well.' Osse murmured.

Soon, the Maia was outside the Gates of Sirion. Following his Lord Ulmo's wishes, he left Geliriel along the east bank of the river, placed far enough away from the water so she would not slip back in. There Osse waited. He would watch over her until those in the employ of Amrod came.

"Berior! Come, have a look! I found something along the river bank," one from the hunting band called out.

"What is it, Tirnion?" he asked. He found out soon enough. Upon the riverbank lay an elf-woman. She looked to be sleeping. 'Surely she did not lay here on purpose!' he thought.

"We cannot leave her here, sir."

"No, I suppose not. Have the others make a litter to carry her back with us. Lord Amrod will have his healers see to her health." Tirnion nodded and left to go give the order to his fellow hunters. Berior stayed with the woman and guarded her.

They had traveled unusually far for hunting, but Berior felt the need to see more of the land. It was as if he had been called to the Gates, but he knew not why. As he faced the river, he saw a being standing on the far bank. He put his hand to his sword hilt, but did not remove the sword.

"Who are you and what do you do here?" he calmly asked of the being.

"I am Osse, servant of Lord Ulmo. I have been watching over the lady until one in the employ of Amrod came."

Berior stood silent, shocked to hear the reason for his calling to this place. He watched as the Maia came forth, over the water, and came to stand upon the same bank as he stood on. They both bowed to each other in respect, and then Osse held out his hand. Clasped within it was a necklace. Berior went forward and received the jewelry. With another bow, Osse turned and went to stand in the middle of the river.

"I leave them in your care, Berior. See them safe to the house of Amrod."

"Them, sir? I see only the lady."

"I speak of the lady and the child she carries." Osse said. He smiled at Berior, who stood once again in shock. "You will do fine, I assure you."

Turning, the Maia seemed to flow with the current of the river downstream, until nothing more could be seen of him. Berior stood a moment longer before returning to the sleeping lady. He knelt beside her and placed the necklace around her neck, being careful not to cause her harm in doing so. The light of the sun on the jewelry caught his attention. The necklace was silver and it bore two leaf charms, one made of silver and the other made of gold.

He heard the approach of Tirnion. He was informed that the men were coming and with them the litter. He gave orders that the lady would be carried on the litter between two horses. It would be a two-day return journey back to Estolad. They were to see to her every need, should she awake.

Carefully, the men moved the lady upon the litter and placed it atop the two horses. Berior walked between them, making sure the ropes securing her to the litter did not come undone. Thus they traveled back to Estolad and to the house of Amrod.