One year and three months later, Geliriel and Amrod stood on the bank of the Sirion river. Amrod held little Melannen in his arms and Geliriel held their newborn son, Nestor, in hers. Amrod had just finished telling Melannen story of how the river had a special meaning for their family. By the grace of Lord Ulmo, Lord of the waters of Arda, his mother had been saved and brought into his father's life. Melannen took in every word and smiled. The sparkle in his little eyes told Amrod that the boy remembered the night of the wedding, and probably always would.

Melannen's attention was diverted to the couple that came toward them. He giggled and held his arms out toward Glinneth, who took him from his father's arms. Geliriel turned, kissed Nestor, then handed him to Orainwen who was his godmother. Berior stood a little further away. In his arms was his daughter, Lenneth. When the ladies reached him, they raised their hands in parting and then turned to go back to camp. As they went, both Melannen and Lenneth waved their hands as well, and Nestor yelled happily. Amrod and Geliriel both laughed as he gathered her in his arms. They held each other as they looked over the rushing water of the river.

As it had on the night they were hand-fasted, the river began to rise until it had surrounded their feet. Foam came slowly upriver and stopped directly in front of them. It began to form a whirlpool, and from its center rose the Maia Uinen. She drifted toward them, and when she was within reach, she held out her hands. In them appeared two roses. She handed one each to the couple, smiled, then left the way she came. The waters of the river receded again.

"Happy anniversary, my love," Amrod whispered softly as he kissed Geliriel lovingly.

"Happy anniversary, dearest," she replied after the kiss. They exchanged the roses and kissed again.

On the breeze that had softly blown in they could smell the scent of roses. They looked up and saw a myriad of rose petals dancing within that breeze. Geliriel smiled and caught Amrod's attention. They kissed once again with every ounce of love and passion they had for each other.

"I want you to know this, my love," Amrod said gently after a while. "Here at the banks of this river, I have found my life's gift. A true gift from the Sirion."

Geliriel smiled and remembered how Melannen had declared his love for her on this river. She remembered how she was willing to sacrifice not only her life, but that of her son, for him when she jumped into the falls of Sirion. She never expected to find true love and happiness again. She kissed Amrod tenderly.

"My love," she said softly, "you are my life's gift as well. We have been gifted to one another by the Valar, united here forever, at the banks of this river. We are both Sirion's gift to one another."

And with these words, spoken true from the heart, both knew that they would never be separated from each other again.

The End