By Ellie

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Sarah felt herself being pulled inexorably from the dark velvet of sleep and back into the waking world. Her mouth popped open in an enormous yawn as her body stretched itself into a long supine arch.

As she stretched, Sarah felt her questing fingers brush against something even smoother than the soft casing of her down pillow and she forced her weighted eyelids to open.

The pale moonflower gave off a luminescent glow and a heady scent that made everything seem vaguely dreamy. Sarah inhaled and felt the warmth of the moonflower's magic take its sweet hold over her, painting the room with a haze of gold around the edges… like a perfect memory come to life, or the gilt edging of a picture frame.

She left the delicate gift on her pillow, slipping on fur-lined slippers before hurrying through the stone archway that opened to the gardens. It was there, she knew, that he would be waiting.

Tiny effervescent lights of every color sparkled among the flowers that sprung from almost every available surface of the garden. She looked toward the very end of the garden. He was there. Among the moonflowers that grew wild along the border of the Castle and the Labyrinth.

Sarah's feet stepped nimbly from the pale white paving stones of the twisting garden path to the riotous spring of blooms that half-covered the barely discernible path that jutted off of the first and led to the edge of the Castle's grounds.

Sarah finally reached the edge of the property, where the flowers seemed to halt into a distinct boundary between Castle and Maze. Stooping, she plucked a stray moonflower from the earth before striding toward the opening of the thick green hedges that made up the magical Labyrinth.

An elaborate gate of wrought iron blocked the entrance to the maze. Or perhaps it was the exit. Sarah's brow furrowed as she thought. Where is the beginning or end of a maze? Is it where you end up or where you started? A light pain began to throb from behind her temples and Sarah brought one hand up to rub at it when she heard his voice…

"There you are, my Love." The fair-haired man smiled and lifted his hand to cup the side of her face in gloved fingers, "I had wondered if you would come."

Her pain was forgotten as Sarah felt her heart leap with feeling for him. She opened her mouth to say his name. To tell him of the love that fairly burst from her lungs with each breath she took, but as she met his eyes she forgot the name she had meant to call him. Other words came to her, love words, words of affection or passion. Yet, the only true name that came to her mind was: Goblin King.

"My dear, you look startled," His voice broke through her reverie.

Sarah blinked up at him, studying the planes of his face, the jutting cheekbones and the pale, pale skin. He was beautiful. And she loved him so much… But something was missing…Something important.

Goblin King combed his fingers through her hair and leaned close enough to tease her nostrils with his scent. Sarah felt herself fall down, down as her Love leaned even closer and feathered his lips across her own. She landed secure in his arms, swimming in passion for the man she could only remember as Goblin King.

Jareth held her against him, felt her tremble with love for him, only for him. He brushed her fingers through his hair and kissed her harder. She was his love, she was his life… She was his. She was his and he was hers.

A flash of magic had them back in the bedroom; she laughed as she discovered herself falling back into bed, her green eyes alight with joy and love.

She moaned as he tasted the flesh of her collar bone, her gaze turning alluringly wicked as he scraped his teeth lightly across her neck before nuzzling into the hair behind her ear.

These perfect moments of ardor and complete, encompassing, love had been worth the small price he had paid for them.

Words held power in the Underground.

Jareth looked at the angel in his arms and named her "Love," for there was no other name he could think to call her.

PS) If you're incredibly confused hang with me. It's supposed to be a little jarring. And everything will eventually be explained.