The Kakashi-Kunoichi Chronicles follow Kakashi's relationship with a kunoichi who gives new meaning to the term "Makeout Violence." The stories are episodic and most can be read as standalones, but are linked to form a full novel in the end. The intention of these stories is to explore the Naruto world and address various theories, what it's like to be a kunoichi, plus give poor Kakashi a bit of romance. Mostly action/adventure with some humor and romance. Plot twists, too! KakxOC (not a Mary sue!)

A few original characters used, but only a handful in each story so no cast of characters necessary.

Volume I (The Kunoichi)

Book 1: Kakashi and the Kunoichi from Thunder Country (complete)

The first part of the story follows Kakashi's new genin team through the same trials as Naruto's team with some different strategies. The strongest member is a girl, Rikako, a stubborn, sarcastically respectful child. Why does she leak green chakra and what other secretsis she hiding? She and Kakashi have dark secrets that intertwine. Will she end up killing Kakashi or worse?

Story covers 18 years, the first part mainly takes place about 3 years after the current Naruto timeline and ignores events after episode 65.

Book 2: Kakashi's Stolen Sharingan (complete)

Kakashi's sharingan is stolen by Rikako who becomes a missing-nin. He gets her eye in exchange, but he really misses his sharingan! Kakashi also finds out what people really think of him! (Explores some sharingan theories and the world of missing-nins.)

Volume II (The Raikage)

Book 3: Kakashi and the Raikage of Thunder Country (complete)

The Raikage demands the return of Rikako to her native country. What are his plans for her and Konoha? As the last of her advanced bloodline, she thinks she will be honored, but what she gets is a surprise. Kakashi goes on what he thinks will be an assassination/rescue mission, but what he gets is a surprise. (Explores some Byakugan theories.)

Book 4: Kakashi and the Counterfeit Kunoichi

Rikako returns to Konoha in a desperate state. What or who is after her? Have Kakashi's feelings really changed?(Contains some psychological concepts. Important bridge to next set of stories.)

Volume III (The Kagemaker) work in progress

Book 5: Kakashi and the Kidnapped Kunoichi

Kakashi forms the ultimate espionage-rescue team of Ino-Neji-Shikamaru-Naruto to rescue Rikako who has been kidnapped by insane mutant shinobis. (A regular team goes on a mission type story.)

Book 6: Kakashi's Revenge

Rikako is back in Konoha, but does she want to return to being Raikage? Does she dream of revenge against her kidnappers? Will Kakashi help her?

Book 7: Kakashi and the Kagemaker

Think Naruto is way too stupid to be Hokage? Find out how he becomes the Kage of Kages!