In A Moment

Chapter 16

The Silence

Beast Boy sat patiently in the waiting room for the seventh time this year, his breath was short. He was still in a state of shock, and wasn't sure if he would ever get over what just happened. He had tried to save her, seconds after she fell he dove after her. But the best he could do was try. She had hit the ground with a thud that made everyone around her quiver. He had quickly grabbed a woman's scarf and wrapped it around one of her many wounds. Then going as fast as he possibly could, he flew her to the hospital.

She had been in surgery for five hours, and there was most likely more to come. Robin and Cyborg sat on either side of him giving him words of comfort, but he had blocked them out a long time ago. Starfire emerged from the large sliding doors with a cup of water which when placed in front of him Beast Boy simply ignored. They were all quite concerned for him as he hadn't spoken since she fell. The nurse that had called them had said that Terra had suffered severe head trauma and would need many surgeries to try and save her.

The odds were not in her favor.

Beast Boy stood up and went off to the bathroom. "I'm worried Robin," Starfire breathed, "will he be alright?"

Robin shook his head, "I have no idea."

Beast Boy looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was in deep denial, he was totally unaware of what just happened. Then it hit him. He fell to the floor in emotional pain as he began to bawl. He crawled to the corner in fetal position. He cried for hours before he heard a knock on the door. "BB? The doctor said we can see her now for awhile."

She looked so sick when he first saw her, but she was still beautiful in his eyes. She had many wraps and bandages on her head and an arm sling. She looked tired, like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. She didn't even turn to face him when Beast Boy came in. "Terra?"

He sat down next to her and grabbed her free hand, he held in passionately. "Oh god Terra." She finally turned to him, her pale skin make her hair seem to fade away. She didn't say anything or move at all. They just sat in silence for about an hour. Then she spoke, startling him, "Beast Boy, I love you. But, how could you ever love me? I let Slade…he…"

Beast Boy put his finger to her lips, "I will always love you, no matter what happens, you are my best friend."

She smiled at him, then almost as suddenly her meter dropped. The steady beep cut through him like a knife. He pushed the nurse call button, and when she saw what had happened she ran off to get the doctor.

Beat Boy had gone straight home without sharing what had happened. He walked right through the door and went to his room, he laid down on his bed and remembered that night with Terra. Nothing would ever replace that night. He grabbed his pillow and clutched onto it for dear life. He flipped over in bed to see Raven standing in his doorway. She walked over to him and sat down on the bed, she wiped away his tears, "I was wrong."

He sniffled, "What are you talking about?"

"Terra," she replied, "I was wrong about Terra, you really did love her, I should have seen through the past. I'm sorry BB."

He shook his head, "She jumped, why didn't she want to stay here and be with me?"

She smiled, "That's what she wanted to do the most Beast Boy, she didn't think you would want her after all this struggle, she has never had a high self opinion. She never felt worthy, and im sure that my hatred didn't help."

"Don't, it's not your fault."

"No, no it's not," she said as she left, "but it's not yours either."

Her funeral was beautiful. There were flowers and a beautiful golden coffin. They asked the Titans to say a few words about her, as they were her only real family. They're words were beautiful and it moved everyone who had come to show support to tears. Beast Boy walked over and watched them lower the coffin. He watched a tear roll down his check and fall on her coffin. "I love you Terra."

Wow, so that's the end. Sorry if you didn't like the ending, but its what I chose to do. Anyway I am done with this story but I will probally be updating Why We Live. Thank you. r&r