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Yami pased uneasily back and fourth in his chambers. Everthing was happening too fast. Earilier that evening, he had heard the imfamus thief, Bakura, had been spotted near the plaace. So, what was the first think he was made to do? Not prepair for battle...not even send troops out to look for him or protect his people or the ones close to his heart here, at the palace....but, he was forced to go into hiding for protection. This infuritated the young ruler.

"Out of any course of action, that is the most cowerdly." Yami had remembered saying when he was told what he must do.

"But your highness," Simon, his adviser said, "if anything were to happen to you...well to put it into words of the commoners that I'm sure you'll understand...'we'll be screwed.'...Did I use that in the right text, magisty?"

Yami groaned. Simon always found the worst times to bring up his 'visits' to the villages in disguise. "This isn't the time Simon, nor the place to discus my behaivor when I was a prince. And besides, is it, or is it not my duty to guide and protect my people? If I hid like a coward now, I'll loose respect. Some of them look up and depend on me Simon."

Simon sighed. When it came to arguements, Yami was alway a worthy oponent. However, he would't win this one. "I am awar of that, my Pharaoh, but if you got killed, we'd be in a true bind...You have yet to produce an heir."

Yami made a face. He never like THAT particular subject. He just felt he wasn't ready to be a father or husband. '...If I got married, that would be real proof that my father is gone...And I refuse to believe that!' He wasn't sure if Simon understood his 'denile' as he cousin put it. "Simon, I have this remember?" Yami asked, indicating the Millennium Puzzle that hung around his neck. "I'm practicly a Gaming God, I can't be defeated."

"You're too cooky." Simon pointed out. "to continue to harbor that attitude, and you'll loose any match for certin."

Now it was Yami's turn to sigh. 'I was a King of Games when I was prince...Now that I am Pharaoh and have the Puzzle, I'm undefitable.'

Simon rolled his eyes. He was growing impationt. He turned to the nearest servent that was fortunatly for him, a good friend of Yami's. "Tea, please excort the Pharaoh to his chambers. And keep an eye on him. Don't let him out of your sight till someone comes for you, understand."

Tea nodded. She walked up to Yami. She knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, after all, they had been friends for a long time.

Yami inwardly cursed. 'Simon has played his trump card...' The look he gave her was one of pure desperation that said, 'Please side with me.'

Tea took a breath and said, "Pharaoh Yami...I really don't want to be in the middle of this...I'll do whatever you want...Just name it...You want to listen to Simon that's fine, but I won't arugue with you if you wish do to otherwise..." Although the look she was giving him said, 'Please listen to Simon. I don't want you to get hurt.'

Yami sighed. "What do YOU think my course of action should be?"

"I want you to follow your heart and do what YOU think is best." Tea countered.

Yami inwardly cursed again, 'Oh, She's good...very good...I taught her well.' "I fear I've come to a cross road...My heart says stay and my mind says go."

"Listen to your brain boy." Simon interjected.

"Alright." Yami said. "But should the thief come here, I want to be the third to know."

"Why third, your higness?" Tea asked.

"The first to know would be the lookout, and the second to know would be a messenger, I'd be the third to know, then my soilder and so on."

"Very thought out, Pharaoh." Tea said, not surprised. "Now lets get you to your chambers."

"She seems egar to be alone with you in your chambers." Simon teased.

"In the words on the commoners, that I'm sure you'll understand, Simon...Shut up." Yami retorted, causing Simon to laugh. When he was a prince, he'd get in trouble for that one, but now that he was king, Simon didn't have power over him anymore...not to mention he started it. Upon reaching Yami's chambers, Tea sat on a chair and watched Yami pase, wich is where we are now.

"Yami, please sit down." Tea said. "Your making me disy and you'll put a hole in your floor."

"I pase when I'm nervous." Yami spat quickly.

"I know." Tea ansered. "But at this rate, you'll need a new pair of shoes come the hour."

Yami stopped for a minute and faced Tea. "Will you fetch Mana for me? I'd hate for her to get caught up in this madness at such a young age."

Tea crossed her arms and asked, "And while I'm doing this favor for you, you won't take leave of your chambers and go somewhere where you disire to be...will you?"

Yami stiffened, "I'm appalled you'd think that Tea."

"Really? That's what you did to me last time you asked me to get someone for you."

"So," Yami said, wincing, "I've already pulled that prank on you, huh?"


"Did I send you looking for Simon?"







"Yes...and on that little escapade, I learned that there's not a person in the palace named Phil."

Yami smiled and held back his laugh. "Well, that would explain why I didn't see you till the next day."

"Yes." Tea said, unfolding her arms. She knew exactily why Simon asked her to do this task. Because withough him knowing it, she eased the tension from Yami. "And why did you tell me you had a wife lined up already?...You haven't even givin it a thought, have you?"

"Well...I...I hoped word would get back to Simon and he'd leave me alone about said subject."

Tea nodded. "So, when he found out it wasn't ture, he'd dismiss it as nothing more than gossip and he wouldn't be mad at you."

Yami nodded. 'Tea understands me so well. It's strange, yet comforting to know I have a friend as close as her.' "Are you reading my mind?"

"I've known you so long, I bet I know what your thinking before you do." Tea said, smiling.

'Here comes one of her long and drawn out friendship speeches she's famous for...It's not that I don't like them...It's just I've heard them so many times I can quote her word for word...I'll just sit here and listen so I don't offend her.'

Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Hey, anybody in here?"

"Come on in, Joey." Yami said, no longer feeling worried in the least.

"Ok, just checkin'." Joey said, entering the room, "'Cause last time I came looking for ya, neither of you where in here."

Yami smiled. "That fault is mine...So Joey, tell me, to what pleasure do we owe this visit to?"

The smile that was on Joey face dissapeared and he said sadly, "You're cousin's got something to tell you."

"I don't like that tone, Joey" Yami said, frounding as well. "What happened?"

"...I wanted to tell make sure what's needs to be said, was said right...but Seto wanted to tell you...and he out-ranks me anyday of the week." Joey answered.

"Where is he?" Yami asked.

"You mean to tell me, you've know him for 16 years, and you don't know where he is?" Joey asked with a mock surpirse. "Come on, where is he always?"

"The Temple of Ra." Yami said.

Joey nodded. Yami left the room, and closed the door behind him. Joey walked to the wall, punched it, and then croupled to the floor. "I hate this, Tea....I've become a messanger of death...and there's nothing I can do to stop it."

Tea got off the chair, knelt next to Joey and asked, "Joey, what happened?"

Joey looked at her, took a deep breath and opened his mouth to explain.

-To Be Continued...

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