Whispered words

one-shot drabble, one-sided Lain x Alice At night, she whispered words no one would ever hear...

A/N: The majority of this was written with no sleep at a very late (early?) hour, so perhaps that's to blame for it's weirdness oo;

You could say this takes place sometime before episode ten.

And this was written from my only info at that time, the script.


A blank stare at the world, confused, numb. The poor withdrawn little waif.

Perhaps the words whispered at night, alone in the suffocating dark.

"...Love me..."

The silent tears cried at night, with no one to give the comfort you so deserved. Shuddering as sobs overtook your body, for once letting them fall.

Poor child, the world goes on in it's cruelty, and you continue to be unnoticed, alone.

So apathetic, you'd never admit that beneath it all there's the pounding of emotions, unfamiliar, unyielding. Under that calm exterior lies confused static.

Unable to understand it, so it is denied, pushed inside along with every other emotion.

She never heard the words you whispered late at night, the one person you were so afraid to get close to. The one who meant so much to you, the world and more.

The night passes on, life passes on, proving yet again the insignificance that is held to life, how minute and unimportant you really are.

But at night, you let a side of yourself show that no one sees, tears spilling out unbidden.

At night you whisper the words only wished you had to courage to say outright, to her face.

"I love you."