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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day at the Xiaolin Temple. That is, of course, none of our heros were having fun. They never found a Shen-Gon-Wu in just 2 days. Kimiko was writing on her PDA, Raimundo was just leaning back on a post with his arms crossed, Clay was sitting patiently practicing the lasso, while Omi was playing video games. Finally...

"Xiaolin Warriors! I have letters from your parents," said Master Fung.

The Xiaolin Warriors, except Omi, got their letters. They opened the letters, and Kimiko was the first to read her letter.

"Dear Kimiko," she read. "How are you doing? We're doing fine in Tokyo. Your dad was accepted to play soccer, while I got a job at Bandai! So, how are your new friends treating you? Kimiko, when you were accepted to the Xiaolin Temple to be a dragon, we were so proud. We have people of Tokyo supporting you. Please be careful, and I hope you'll have a great future!

With Love,

Mom & Dad."

After she read the letter, she almost cried, but she was happy once her mother and father said that everyone in Tokyo was supporting her.

"I'll never lose this letter! Thanks, Master Fung!"

Clay was the next to read the letter.

"Dear Clay," he read. "I hope you can still forgive me for trying to seperate you from your friends. Texas just won't be the same without you, but I still love and respect you! Congratulations on becoming an apprentace. I hope you will have a great future, and I'll see you whenever I feel like seeing you once again.

With Love,


"Thanks, Master Fung! This is better than waiting for a new Shen-Gon-Wu!"

Raimundo read his letter.

"Dear Rai," he read. "I hope you're having a great time in China! No matter how much we miss you, we'll still be proud of you for having the courage to fight against evil forces. Brazil is watching you with support, and hope that you'll have a great future. Come back soon if you need to see us again.

With Love,

Mom and Dad."

"Thanks, Master Fung! I'll never forget this! Why, someday, if it's possible, I'll try to visit my mom and dad, again!"

Master Fung smiled when he saw his Xiaolin Warriors reading the letters from their parents, but he frowned when he saw Omi playing video games all alone. He'll be sad when I break the bad news for him, he thought. Master Fung kept his secret about whatever happened to Omi's parents.

"You think we should tell him now?" asked Dojo.

"No. Maybe if the time is right, we'll tell him."

After reading her letter, Kimiko turned to Omi. She sat next to him.

"Hey, Omi. I just noticed that you didn't get a letter from your parents. Not even your mother or father."

"Mother? Father? What's a mother and father?" Omi asked, curiously.

"Why, Omi. A mother and a father are two people who takes care of you. They make you happy, and they love you more than everything in the whole world. Don't tell me..."

"I don't think I ever had a mother or father," Omi said.

Kimiko was shocked to hear that. "Oh, Omi. I'm really sorry to hear that." She hugged him so he wouldn't be able to cry.

"It's okay. I bet there in their lovely home, waiting for me to see them. It would be a most horrible thing when I hear they fried."

"You mean, 'died?'"

Omi gasped.

"Oh, sorry about that. Look, I bet your parents are okay. They probably forgot to write to you. I bet you'll get their letter someday."

"Thanks, Kimiko," said a relieved Omi.

Omi resumed to play his video game, while Kimiko got up, and walked toward the backyard where the Xiaolin Dragons train to get stronger to defeat evil forces. Kimiko looked up in the sky, worried that something might have happened to Omi's parents. She wondered if Wuya killed him, but that was impossible, because Wuya was trapped in the puzzlebox before Omi was even born. But then she remembered what would happen if she tells Omi that his parents died. So, she made a promise not to tell him, unless she is ready.


Meanwhile, at Jack Spicer's mansion...

"Dear Jack," he read. "I hope your not doing something bad right now, you know, like ruling the world. I just want to say that even if you are ruling the world, we'll still love you from the bottom of our hearts....


Mom and Dad."

Jack Spicer than crumbled the paper, and threw it in the trash. He then got back to work on his latest invention. Suddenly, he heard a ring.


"Jack Spicer. It's been a while." An evil voice that was talking to Jack was none other than Wuya.

Wuya returned to her physical form when she had help from Katnappe activate the Serpent's Tail to go right through the reversing mirror. The Xiaolin Warriors were waiting for a new Shen-Gon-Wu that will be strong enough to defeat Wuya, but so far, no success. To make matters worse, Katnappe has the puzzlebox.

"Wuya?! But, how?" asked a surprising Jack Spicer.

"Oh, I just had help from, a 'friend.'"

"Ashley! I knew that stupid sister of mine was up to no good!"

"Well, Jack Spicer, I wonder if there's any Shen-Gon-Wu to defeat all of the Xiaolin Warriors."

"Forget it, Wuya! I mean, sure they're my enemies, but I will not let you hurt them, again! Besides, I will rule the world first!"

"Have it your way. Besides, I overheard that Omi has no parents. To make things better, I have a plan to control him, since he's the strongest of all Xiaolin Dragons so far. Once I control him, I will finally be able to rule the world!"

"Ah, great! First that Brazilian kid, and now Opie! I will not let you control Omi so you can rule the world before me! In fact, I'm working on my latest invention just to get rid of you once and for all, whether you like it or not! Now, this conversation is over! Goodbye!"

He slams the phone and went right back to work, while Wuya's eyes began to glow purple.

"Oh, you'll see, Jack, you'll see!" She cackles evilly, as thunder roared over her castle.


Omi was really horrible in training today, as he missed his targets using the Orb of Tornami, powered by his element. He frozed 15 trees, and one statue.

"Are you sure something's wrong with him?" asked Raimundo.

"I bet he's still wondering about his long lost parents. I'm really worried about him. If I ever tell him what would ever happen to his parents, who knows what Omi will do. He'll be so upset once I tell him now," said Kimiko.

Dojo slithered besides Omi, and jumps on his shoulder.

"What's wrong, kid? You haven't been this bad since your first training. Is there something wrong?"

Omi sighed. "Everything's fine, Dojo. I'm still curious about my mother and father. I don't even know who they are..."

"What do you mean you don't know who... oh, I see, I bet you never knew them when you were born. Omi, I want you to understand that no matter what happens, you can't keep thinking about your parents forever. Whatever happens when your challenging Jack Spicer in a Xiaolin Shodown, and you kept thinking about your parents. You might lose. So, it's going to be fine, kid. I bet there still alive and well."

Omi smiled. "Yeah, maybe you are correct."

He went back to training, trying not to think about his parents.

During the night while he was sleeping, he had a strange dream. He was all alone in a forest, and he noticed his friends, especially Master Fung and Dojo, has been turned into stone. He then turns around when he kept hearing strange voices.

"Omi... Omi..."

He gulped, and looked around. He was scared as the voices continue to shout his name, and when the voices finally stopped, he turns to see... his parents.

"Mom! Dad!"

Omi rushed to his parents so he can finally give them a hug for the first time, since the day he was born, but when he was half way there, his parents were engulfed in green flames. He stops, and screams, as an evil figure appeared. Wuya.

"Don't worry, Omi. I'll take care of you... AFTER YOU DIE!!!"

She lashed her long green arm. Omi reached into his pockets to find the Orb of Tornami, but there was nothing in there.

Wuya cackled. "Looking for this?" She held the Orb of Tornami.

Omi screamed and try to get out of the way, but it was too late. He was frozen solid when the beam from the Orb of Tornami hits him.

Wuya then transformed her arm into a flaming sword. She then proceed to strike.


"AAAHHHHH!!!!" screamed Omi, as he jumped up from his bed. He breathes repeatedly, and then relaxes.

"It was just a dream."

Omi sighed in relief, as he looked at the night sky with thousands of glowing stars.

"Mother... father... where are you?" he asked.

He then paused, and sighs. He went back to sleep, hoping he'll never have the dream again.

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