/ The Truth /


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The dark blanket of night covered England as it always had. The cool summer air and clear skies did nothing to hinder its ability to hold the secrets of many who needed its safety. Night was reliable, as it would always come with it changing everything that was in the day, altering objects and landscapes, harbouring animals that dare not wander in the light, giving people the freedom to act as they can't when sun shines down on them. Night was a strange mistress that could help or hinder. This particular June summers eve night was a friend. A friend harbouring a life, a life fleeing with everything they had.

Night watched curiously. He had seen many things in his life time, good and bad. It had taught him with centuries past, that to care was a pointless venture. He was not the decider of fates. Sometimes he felt sorry for what he saw, but alas, nothing could change it. He could only alter his appearance and even that was slight.

Watching the tall figure fleeing, night felt compelled. He could sense an air of desperation in the person's stride, an intense need to fulfil something, an important task maybe. Could he also sense the presence of an infant? He concluded that the terrified mortal was protecting their own. Night did not know what it was like to have a family, only the mortals. They were his family. He had seen many horrible things happen and felt that he did not want this to end in bloodshed. Tonight he felt that he could care, just this once. This member of his family was worth caring for. Focusing determinedly night created a cloak, the darkest he had ever made. He could not change the fates, but he could hinder them.

The tall hooded figure ran through the darkness, clutching a tiny bundle that was sure to change the wizarding world.

They were desperate. They needed to find somewhere safe, anywhere! Glancing around quickly the person dived for the nearest house. Climbing the few steps that the large brick house had, the person threw caution to the wind and pounded desperately upon the oak door.

The figures prayers were answered when a man in his early twenties cracked the door open. He was tall with a pale complexion, sporting light brown hair and a lightly freckled face. He looked friendly.

"Can I help you?" The man asked looking rather startled at the new comer.

The person pulled back the hood of their cloak revealing a young beautiful woman with long blonde unruly hair and distinct round chocolate orbs, they were filled with fear and sheer desperation.

"Please, you must help me!" The woman spoke, he voice was shaky.

The man looked upon the woman with kind eyes, he could see the fear and longing in her form. Looking down he saw the bundle, a baby. George Granger could not ignore a mother in need. He would do whatever she asked.

"What do you need?" He asked calmly.

"Someone is after me, they have already taken the life of my husband and now they want to kill me, I need you to care for my baby, please she is me whole life." The woman pleaded. Tears began to fall slowly down her porcelain cheeks.

"I will do what I can." He would care for the child.

"Thank you, I know that this is a lot to ask but there is no other way my daughter must carry our bloodline through, we are the only ones left...and I am sure that I won't live to see the next sun rise"

The woman looked down at the child sadly love radiating through her stare. She would regret not being able to see her grow but new that this muggle man would keep his word. It was in his eyes. Kissing her daughter on the forehead, she handed the bundle over with shaking hands

Pulling out a box from her cloak the woman handed it over.

"This is for her. So she will know who she is and what she must do. It is important that you give this to her on her sixteenth birthday. Please, this is my last request."

George nodded firmly.

The woman began to back away into the darkness.

"Please treat my daughter well, her name is Hermione"

He opened his mouth to speak but the mystery woman had already fled, leaving with him a new purpose. Although a child was unexpected, it was not unwelcome. The gods had blessed his baron wife with a child. If only a life did not need to be taken in the process.

He retreated into the house, locking the door and closing the curtains. Switching off the hallway light he paused, closing his eyes tight. He cringed as he listened to the blood curdling scream of a woman in agony.

He wished it didn't have to be like this.

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