The Malfoy ball room was decorated beautifully. Narcissa Malfoy had outdone herself.

The room was littered with round brilliantly decorated tables, with fine linen and fresh flowers. The dance floor was newly polished and had romantic dimmers above, changing with the mood of the song. The four course meal was too much to ask for, filling the stomachs of even the most robust of guests. It was the perfect engagement party, for the perfect couple.

Hermione and Draco could only imagine what their wedding was going to be like.

It was only five months away, but it seemed like forever. Neither teen could admit how excited they were though it radiated off their faces.

After Lucius had revealed to them everything, Hermione felt a strange sense of closure. She was not angry that the older man had avenged her father. He had a right to after all.

After leaving the manor the four students had enjoyed a drink together to celebrate. They earned a few strange looks but no one cared. Draco was even starting to enjoy Harry's humour, it was very dry like his own. Not that he would admit it. He had also found that Weasley was hilarious…to laugh at. He had always taken enjoyment in making fun of the boy, but Draco had realised that Ron did it enough for himself. The man was a buffoon!

Later that night, within the castle walls Draco told Hermione that he loved her properly. They cuddled and kissed and he told her all of the things he had been afraid to in the past.

Hermione had known before that Draco had a sweet side. Even if it was in a very 'if you tell anyone I will lie' kind of way. She loved him and it was obvious that he loved her.

That night she asked him to make love to her for the first time. He obliged happily.

It was messy, awkward and painful and held more love than Hermione ever thought possible. It had been perfect.

Now they sat at with their friends at the engagement party celebrating the coming union.

At first having Hermione, Draco, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Blaise, Pansy and Theo sitting at the same table had been awkward but it soon faded as the boy's began talking about Quidditch and the girls, the upcoming nuptials. They did not know it but this night would create a bond between the eight teens that would be hard to sever.

After the toasts Hermione and Draco kicked off the dancing. Hermione had requested a muggle song and Draco had been happy to make it happen.

As they waltzed gracefully across the floor Hermione and Draco stared into each other's eyes lovingly.

Narcissa watched on, she had never been more happy.

It was clear that this union was going to be successful.

The Malfoy family had never welcomed someone so openly.


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