The Synopsis: The Dursleys take in a foreign exchange student from Japan named Yugi Moto for less than gratifying intentions, but after the magic of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle is revealed in front of their solemn nephew Harry, he finds himself forced into the strange Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is my first attempt at writing a Yu-Gi-Oh and Harry Potter crossover. If you happen to read this then please review.

The Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or Harry Potter or anything in association with either of them.

Chapter One: A Not-so-Charming Host Family

Yugi missed home already, the European countryside outside of the bustling city of London beautiful but only able to capture one's attention for so long. He shifted his two suitcases where he had set them between his scrawny legs, since there was little room in the backseat with his rather large host father accompanying him. He had gotten the feeling the moment he had seen stepped off the airplane and into the presence of his new guardian that something was indefinitely amiss, and he still hadn't been able to rid himself of the feeling yet.

The evening darkness caused the ironclad lanterns all down the private streets to flicker to life, almost simultaneously as they passed them. As he watched the first few stars bravely emerge from the gloom of the growing night sky, his host father suddenly spoke, his voice gruff and rather unfriendly.

"So you're name's Yugi Moto right?" he asked roughly, pronouncing his name a little wrong while at the same moment forcing Yugi more against the car door so he could stretch his legs in the confined space. Yugi timidly nodded, attempting to feel the circulation once more in his right leg after having lost in beneath an article of his luggage.

"I'm going to set some ground rules for you right now so we can make sure you don't overstep your bounds while you're staying here with us," Vernon Dursley began sternly, his slightly vicious tone calling small Yugi's attention to him immediately. The pit in his stomach turned into an incomprehensible void in a mere second of this statement.

"First of all, those clothes you're wearing are not what my wife and I see appropriate, so you'll have to wear something different while you're staying here with us. Black leather, denim jackets and distasteful jewelry will not be allowed in my home with no exceptions," Mr. Dursley declared, and Yugi sighed and recoiled against the seat gently. That was basically all he had brought with him.

"Second, your hair also must be kept in an acceptable fashion as well. I won't tolerate that hairstyle you have or the manner that you've dyed it," Vernon exclaimed, and Yugi dared to smile nervously up at the massive man.

"Mr. Dursley? My hair is naturally those colors, and my hair just grew this way. I don't style it at all; my father had hair just like this too," he explained quietly, and Vernon Dursley looked prepared to smite him if he did not quiet himself, which he did with a repressed gasp. That man could look like a beast if he wanted to, that was for sure.

"You heard me, and you'll do as I say so long as you're underneath my roof. Third of all..." Yugi finally drifted off and ignored his demands for him to change his entire character and instead stared out of the window, seeing Yami staring back through his reflection with a faint smile.

"I told you you'd come to regret leaving your home," he said with a slightly humored tone, and Yugi sighed and nodded slightly with a weary and disappointed look.

"I should have listened to you, but I thought coming to a foreign country would be interesting and fun. Fate just can't seem to cut me any slack..." he whispered back, hoping not to catch Vernon's attentions as he rambled on, having not yet discovered that Yugi was no longer listening.

"Why don't you go back then? Your friends will surely miss you and you've missed them since you first stepped onto the airplane," Yami suggested, as if it hadn't already crossed Yugi's mind far more than once. But he sighed once more, a defeated one as he slumped back into the seat once more with a faraway gaze.

"This is just a trial visitation of the foreign exchange program so I'll be back in a week. I'll just have to survive it until then," Yugi said, and Yami rolled his eyes slightly, unable to comprehend why Yugi chose to put up with such nagging and horrid humans sometimes, but he kept silent and simply vanished from his reflection as Vernon turned towards him, his face blistering red from his unheard speech.

"Did you hear all of that? I want every rule followed to a tee if you hope to get a good comment from my wife and myself to the head of the exchange program," he spat in warning, and Yugi simply nodded and hoped he hadn't missed anything important in the tyrant's words.

He sighed once more, watching as they approached 4 Privet Dr., his new home if only for a while. He noticed how much all the homes in these private blocks looked alike, decent homes but so generic it ruined the appearance.

'It's turning out to be more like a prison than anything else...' he thought to himself as the taxi came to a stop in the driveway and Vernon began to exit the car. Yugi found he was able to move his legs and breath again once he had left, paying the cab driver and then heading up towards the rather nice house, leaving Yugi to carry his two articles of luggage by himself.

He trudged up to the house dragging along his two bags to find that Vernon Dursley hadn't even had the decency to leave the door opened for him to enter and muttered slightly to himself.

"Funny how he's so strict on rules and yet so rude to complete strangers..." he whispered as he set down one of the bags and opened the door into the tense atmosphere of the house. The scent of some heavy air freshener made his nose wrinkle slightly as his headache only served to grow worse.

A rather disturbing scene played itself out before him as he took his first steps onto the flawless carpets of the living room, setting down his bags only to look up sharply when Vernon Dursley let out a venomous statement.

"Who said you could come down from your room? We want nothing to do with you anymore, you're dead to us now boy," Vernon hissed down upon a gaunt and lanky boy that was around Yugi's age as well, who was surprised that he didn't even react at all to the heartless proclamation.

He looked apathetically up at Vernon, his messy hair reminding Yugi of his own untamable locks as he attempted to connive a way to get his hair under control to appease Vernon's wishes. He wore thick glasses upon his face and old, faded clothes that were too large for him without question, and Yugi couldn't help but pity him instantly. He half-wandered if this boy was Vernon's son, considering it had said he had one on the information sheet the exchange program had mailed him a few days before he had left. But then the boy looked nothing like him, skinny and pale as opposed to Vernon's heaviness and constantly flustered face.

The boy simply turned once Vernon was down shouting and departed without a word of argument or consent, walking briskly up the stairs and slamming the door into his room far away on the upper floor, and Yugi was still watching after him as Vernon rounded on him suddenly.

"You'll be staying with him while you're here, his room's small but you'll have to manage," he grumbled, as though Yugi were being some sort of severe burden on them, but again he simply nodded and bit his tongue. Saying a wrong word could get him shipped back to Japan and a very angry grandfather, and he would rather face the Dursley's wrath than that of Solomon Moto. Joey would have easily agreed with him on that if he were here.

"Is that your son?" Yugi asked simply as he approached the stairs, smelling something delicious in the air as his wife was cooking in the kitchen, and Vernon immediately turned a darker shade of crimson but seemed as though he were holding in the desire to scream.

" not my child," he said in a horrible quietness, turning and heading off into the kitchen with an oppressive air about him, and Yugi stared after him strangely and then turned to begin climbing the stairs up to the room he shared so he could put away his belongings.

"Don't unpack yet, dinner's ready now," a female voice called from the kitchen, and Yugi turned to see a rather unattractive woman poking her head out from around the threshold into the kitchen, a look of contempt on her wiry features.

Yugi nodded and set his suitcases down next to the staircase, slipping off his shoes respectfully and rushing into the kitchen just as the other members of the family were beginning to take their seats, a virtual feast laid out on the table. He assumed, the battered, rather dreary looking chair left was for him and sat, wondering where the other boy was going to sit.

He had thought that Vernon was massive, until he saw his obvious son. The chair shifted and sighed underneath the weight of that horrid-looking boy, his face so chubby that his eyes were barely visible under his puffy, red cheeks. Yugi attempted to give him a kind smile, but the boy immediately scuffed at him the moment he entered the kitchen.

"He's funny looking, is that how all the boys dress over country is he from again mommy?" the bulbous boy asked, his mother smiling sweetly at her pride and joy as Yugi began turning red from humiliation.

"Japan dear, the little islands I showed you in the atlas yesterday remember?" she replied with an overzealous smile that Yugi cringed a bit to behold. Her face looked as though it was going to split in half with the expression.

"Yes that's right, Japan. Are all of them freaks over there like you?" the boy laughed, slamming his fatty fists into the table and seizing up nearly all the food that his mother had prepared, engulfing it as Yugi discreetly avoided the debris from the devouring by shifting his own chair slightly to the side.

"Now Dudley, we have to be courteous to our guests remember?" Vernon said, patting his son on the shoulder as he beamed with vainglory at his son's massive appetite. Yugi felt as though he was going to be sick as he was served a shriveled piece of chicken that remained and the lumpy portion of the mashed potatoes that still remained at the bottom of the bowl that their son hadn't seized immediately.

"I supposed we should introduce ourselves properly now. You know I'm Vernon Dursley but while you are living here you will regard as Sir, you understand?" he half-shouted, and Yugi flinched a bit and then shook his head that he understood.

Vernon continued a moment later after having gobbled up a large portion of his meal in one gulp. "This is my wife Petunia, and this is my son Dudley," he said, once again patting his son's shoulder as the boy licked his dishes clean. Yugi shoved his away, hoping to excuse himself early. A television was perched on the counter of the kitchen blaring and making Yugi go deaf, Dudley seemingly transfixed upon it as he continued to eat whatever was placed in front of him. Yugi swore he saw the boy chomp down a set of utensils without even noticing.

"Can I be excused?" he asked meekly, hoping not to seem disrespectful, and Vernon seemed slightly angered at first but then nodded without a word and allowed him to leave the kitchen, Yugi sprinting off with his consent and attempting not to trip over his ruffled socks.

He wanted to get upstairs to his new room as quick as possible and away from his new host family downstairs, but he heard them suddenly speaking over the sounds of the television and heard his name mentioned, since he assumed they had already learned it off of the forms sent by the program.

"Those clothes and that hair he has are atrocious. Vernon, I'm beginning to think it was a mistake bringing in that starved little whelp in our home," Petunia said with a 'better than thou' tone, collecting up the dirtied dishes as Vernon cleared his throat to speak and Dudley shattered one of his bowls in rage of how one of his shows had ended.

"We only need to put up with him for a week Petunia, and it'll get me that big raise at work. According to Briggs, my workmate I was telling you about, the rich contractor that's considering a large drill order from us loves charity work and community service rubbish. But think of how it will look when I go into work tomorrow with the poor little foreign exchange student whose come here to spent some time away from his third-world nation," Vernon said, adding emphasis and vigor where he believed it was needed as Petunia let out a soft, rather devious laugh alongside him.

"Japan is not a third world country," Yugi muttered from around the threshold, finally slipping away towards the staircase to ascend to his room.

So that was the entire reason he was here, so Vernon could look good for a wealthy contractor and make money off of his presence. Yugi sighed and allowed his arms to go slack as they carried the suitcases drearily. He was definitely going to tell his grandfather to take him off the list for a longer stay once he got back there at the end of the week. Who knew who he could end up with next, though it seemed highly doubtful they could be any worse than the Dursleys.

He reached the room swiftly as he had hoped, the door ajar slightly and a dim overhead light within it faltering as he approached and opened it gently, hoping not to disturb the other occupant of it.

"You can come in. I'm not going to attack you or anything," came a voice, and Yugi nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard it. But it was simply the other boy he had seen earlier being scolded by Vernon, sitting down on the edge of his bed reading a rather thick book. As Yugi yanked his things into the room, the boy tucked it away under his bed quickly while he wasn't looking.

"Well, aren't you lucky to get the most intolerable family in all of London," the individual said as Yugi looked for a bed for himself, though seeing nothing but a trunk and scratched dresser within the room.

"You'll have my bed, I'm going to bunk on the floor while you're here. Oh, and my name's Harry Potter. It's nice to meet you," the boy said, extending a friendly hand forward that Yugi graciously accepted. It was the first bit of kindness he had been shown ever since he had arrived here.

"My name's Yugi Moto. I'm from-"

"Japan, yeah, I'm probably the only one within the household who bothered to remember it," Harry said quickly, sitting up from his bed in order to allow Yugi to rest upon it, instead crossing over to his closet in order to search for some bedding to lay out on the carpet. Harry had seemed to read his thoughts exactly; it seemed he too suffered underneath Vernon and his 'charming' family.

"I don't remember seeing your name on the form they sent me," Yugi said as he recalled it to the best of his knowledge, and Harry turned, utterly unsurprised by this fact.

"I'm their nephew, and they prefer to pretend I don't exist, which means it's not written anywhere that I'm a part of this family or have any association to it. From what I've seen so far, it's probably going to go the same way with you as well once Vernon has convinced his contractor he deeply pities you and 'your kind.' Welcome to being one of the outcasts of the Dursley family," he said with a sarcastically humorous tone that Yugi couldn't help but laugh at, though still feeling down-hearted by the way this had worked out.

"Don't let it get you down, you're only getting it for a week. I've had to put up with it my whole life," Harry muttered bitterly at the end, not directed towards Yugi but his constant predicament, and Yugi began to question the motivation behind the hatred he had suddenly released.

"You've lived with them all your life? Well, I've lived with my grandpa basically all my life and I was never treated this way," Yugi said, and Harry sighed and plopped down onto his makeshift bed.

"You were lucky then. Ever since my parents died and I was put here I've had to put up with them," he sighed.

"I noticed you don't seem overly happy that it's summer vacation," Yugi noticed, remembering how Joey and Tristan had nearly gone insane with the happiness that came when school had ended for just over two blissful months.

"Well, it means being stuck here all the time with them. They don't let me go outside my room let alone anywhere else, so my days are spent up in here being ignored by nearly everybody," he grumbled, obviously in bad spirits as Yugi yawned and pulled the covers over himself. A breeze flew in through the wind, causing him to shiver a little bit as he prepared to go to sleep.

"I'm sorry, it must be hard, having lost your parents only to end up here," Yugi said with genuine sadness. Harry merely waved it off. He seemed used to this by now.

"I have friends that write to me just about every day; their encouragement keeps me getting along. Besides, I just have to tell myself it's only a bit longer and then school comes and I can see them again," Harry replied, indicating a growing pile of letters next to his dresser that Yugi smiled briefly at. Suddenly he shivered and grasped his elbows in a self-embrace.

"C-Could you close your window? It's getting kind of cold," Yugi requested, seeing his breath slightly in the air, but Harry shook his head softly.

"Sorry, if I don't keep it open gets kind of stuffy in here," he explained swiftly, sitting up to shut off the lamp quickly and ending the conversation as he attempted to get himself comfortable.

Yugi laid back in bed, the feeling that something was amiss having not gone away yet ever since he had arrived in Britain. He was tired without a doubt, and could still hear the Dursley's stirring downstairs, laughing and more than likely ridiculing him further, when suddenly the silence was interrupted by Harry's voice.

"As I said a moment ago, don't let what they say or think get you down Yugi. They treat everyone like this and you'll be free of it in a week, just keep telling yourself that," Harry said encouraging, turning over and falling asleep almost instantly with a quick, wheezy snore less than a minute later. This proved to Yugi he was lying about the window since his breathing revealed a cold, but he didn't question it any further.

"Yes, I will go back home and see all my friends again...if I survive this week," Yugi whispered to himself as he settled back onto the bed, closing his eyes and allowing his weariness to consume him finally.

He fell asleep at the same instant an ominous shadow passed across the window, casting darkness over them for a mere second before vanishing into the moonlight.