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A/N: Prequels: "The Miseducation of Rory Leigh" and "The Trouble with In-Breds"


Lorelai drove home in silence. She was stunned. Flabbergasted. Upset.

She wasn't upset because her parents are separated. She was upset that her parents had to go through a tragedy to have them notice that they needed time apart to figure them out. As a child, she dreamt that her parents would get a divorce and feel like all the other rich kids and their trivial problems. As an adult, she realized that the things she wished for were actually tragic.

Lorelai sighed.

It is bad enough that she let her daughter go home with the boy formerly known as Evil. Not that she knows what evil is anymore. Her daughter has committed adultery. Did that not make her evil? The ex-boyfriend now known as Lindsey's husband also committed adultery. Doesn't that make him evil, too?

Lorelai reached for her cell phone. She didn't want to do it but she was desperate.

The phone rang in her ear.

"Hello?" the voice answered groggily.

"Hey, Luke, it's Lorelai," she identified herself.

"Everything alright?" Luke asked. There was a pause. "It's almost two o'clock."

"My dad had to be rushed to the hospital and I'm just headed home," Lorelai explained.

"Do you need anything?" he continued asking.

"I was wondering if I could come over," she admitted.

Without hesitation, Luke said, "Sure. Come through the back. The door's unlocked."

Lorelai smiled. "Thanks, Luke."

She hung up. She rubbed her eyes ands ran her fingers through her hair. This was going to be a long night.


The day before was long for Luke. All he looked forward to was his sleep. He liked his sleep. The interruption from Lorelai was the last thing he was expecting early that morning but he knew her well enough for her not to be the kind that cries 'wolf' for any apparent reason.

Grumbling, he got out of his bed and put on a pair of jogging pants. He just donned on a shirt when he heard the knock on the door.

"Come on in," he called out.

She stepped in. She looked drained but still dazzling. He always admired the Tasmanian devil with a penchant for the dramatics. Not to mention her love for caffeine. He prayed that she wouldn't ask for a cup this early in the day. He was not ready for its aroma when all he wished for was sleep.

She flashed him a tired smile. "Hi," she said weakly.

"Hey yourself," Luke said, flashing her a lopsided smile.

Lorelai dropped her purse on the small couch by the door and proceeded to pull the chair from under the dining table. "Thanks for seeing me this early in the morning."

"That's okay," he said. "You wanna talk about it? How's your dad?"

"Dad's fine. His heart just did another number on him after he and mom decided to start Armageddon before everyone's ready for it," she narrated.

"Sounds like things aren't that great in Gilmore land," Luke commented, pouring a glass of orange juice.

"Hmm, you can say that. My parents have decided to separate. I guess things have really gone south in the last couple of months. I can't help but feel responsible for it," Lorelai contemplated.

"You can't do this to yourself, Lor. Your parents are beyond the age of blaming their kids for their misfortune," Like reasoned out to her.

Lorelai guffawed. "Have you ever met my parents? They are not Opie Cunningham's parents. My mom is no Donna Reed. My dad is Tony Soprano without the body count and mom is Sharon Osborne minus the accent or the coolness factor. They are not normal. If there is a way they can link me to my grandmother's death, they will," Lorelai said, her voice getting high pitched.

"Hey, hey. I'm not accusing you of anything. I just want you to know that you're a wonderful daughter to them. It's their problem if they don't realize it," he defended.

Lorelai calmed down. "I just wish I could do something about it. It sucks."

"I'm sorry, "Luke said, sitting across from her. "Anything I can do to help you out?"

"Just talking to me this late in the night or early in the morning is enough," Lorelai said, standing from her seat. "I guess I should go."

"Are you sure? "Luke asked getting up from his seat and walking toward her.

"Yeah," she whispered.

They were inches from each other. She could feel the heat emanating from his skin. He could smell the lingering scent of her perfume.

He closed the gap between them and hugged her.

"Thank you," he whispered back.

"For what?" Lorelai asked.

"For coming to me. For thinking of me when you need someone to talk to. Thank you," he muttered as he ran his hand up and down her back.

Lorelai buried her head on his chest. She could feel his steady heart skip a beat as she nuzzled closer.

"Stay," he ordered.

Lorelai tried to pull away but he held her tightly.

"I can't," Lorelai said.

"Why?" he asked.

Lorelai didn't respond. "We're moving too fast."

"We don't have to do anything. I promise," Luke swore.

Luke looked into her eyes. She gazed back at his. Lorelai stepped out of her heels. Luke grabbed her hand and walked her toward the bed. She followed silently. Luke settled himself between the sheets. She crawled under it from the other side of the bed and snuggled close to him. He turned off the bedside lamp. His arm wrapped around Lorelai's perfect body to pull her close. Moments later, they both were asleep.