Chapter 1: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Straw-blonde, with a butterfly hair clip.

She was not particularly tall, but she was not particularly short. She wore a black shirt, and she tended to laugh at the most mundane of things. Seemed a perfectly normal, if slightly weird, teenage female.

Well, except for the fact that she'd been encased in a statue for six goddamned months. And that she'd almost destroyed the world once. And that she'd worn a nifty robotic suit while doing so.

But again. Pretty normal.

She shivered slightly. Her clothing was appropriate for summer, and this was winter. Christ, she thought, shaking her head. How much did I MISS? Being encased in lava doesn't tend to give people a good sense of time.

It had felt like an eternity. Slowly but surely, the stone was softened by the weather. Every day, she had concentrated her power, poured her entire will into trying to crack the stone. And somehow, no doubt through her miraculous nature, she had been able to stay alive.

She had to laugh. Miraculous. Her life had been anything BUT miraculous. Wherever she went, a trail of bodies and death tolls followed in her wake. That devastating earthquake in San Francisco. That destructive tornado in Kansas. She'd always been a drifter, and, for a long while, she'd thought she was happy being one.

And she had been, if it hadn't have been for a chance meeting.

The Teen Titans. That's right, the Teen goddamned Titans, the ones who'd ruined her life, and the ones who had redeemed her. It didn't really make sense to her, really. Had she really needed to be "saved", like some princess waiting for a knight in shining armor? She resented Robin for trying. Him and that damn condescending tone. He wanted to fucking strangle him.

She had nothing to say to them. Nothing. She hoped that they'd all died violent, gruesome deaths while she'd been away, though it was a very unlikely prospect.

But… Her sharp, vindictive eyes softened at the thought of one person. Beast Boy.

He had been the only one who'd ever listened, truly listened, to her. He was funny. He had empathy. And yet he was always put upon by the other Titans…

In truth, he was the only reason why she'd even bothered lingering in this frozen, uninviting city, in the dead of winter, and the only reason why she was heading towards that horrible, T-shaped tower. To ask for forgiveness. And advice.

Damn him, she thought ruefully, not relishing the prospect of ringing the doorbell. Why'd he have to go and give a damn about me?