Draco was nervous. It wasn't normal for Draco to be so nervous around me, but there was different atmosphere in our house as of late. Two days ago, after sharing a long bath together, I had asked Draco if he was ready to try and become more... intimate. Draco had agreed. And so for the past three days Draco and I had been sleeping in his old room, as I was carefully preparing our bedroom for the delicate activities to come. Draco was comforted by that, I could tell. I knew that he would be more relaxed in a familiar place, and the bed we had shared for nearly two years would no doubt provide a calming atmosphere for the skittish blonde.

Draco was gradually being introduced to his body once again as he waited for me to finish my meticulous task of conditioning our room. Since he had agreed, Draco was allowing me more and more leeway every night when we kissed. I would touch him all over, always delicately, always careful to watch for signs that I was going too far. Draco on his part had been doing perfectly. It may have taken me a bit to encourage Draco enough to be comfortable with a few things, but the smaller man was always willing to try.
Last night Draco and I had come to terms with the fact that the blonde trembled. It wasn't something he could stop, and it did not mean that he was afraid. It was simply something he did when he was touched intimately. It had made us both nervous at first, when Draco didn't understand why it was happening, but now we quite enjoyed it. Draco had finally learned to recognize the difference between nervous trembles, and eager trembles. He no longer associated it with his abuse. He even laughed at it sometimes, remembering how it would have caused him to pull away from me when we had started feathery touches no more than a few months ago. Draco seemed to find it so amusing now that he knew what it was.

It had taken much coaxing and more than a few bribes, but I had finally gotten Draco to a point where he was comfortable sleeping with me nearly nude. Draco still slept in his boxers, but he allowed me to be nude and still snuggled up close to me all night. It was an enormous step in trust for Draco, who had refused to even wear pajamas with short sleeves when we had begun sharing a bed, and had insisted I do the same for a short while. I relished this fact, remembering how close to terrified Draco had been that first night when I'd asked Draco to let me hold him as he slept.

My brave Dragon had adjusted so very well to all of this.

Now he just needed to keep himself calm during our next endeavor. I would just have to trust him to trust me.


I enter the room slowly, already shaking despite my initial intent to remain calm. I knew I was afraid, but I also knew that I had no real reason to be. Harry wouldn't hurt me. He'd die first... and I HAD agreed to this after all. I surveyed the room, looking it all over appreciatively. It was undoubtedly still our room, but there were a lot of changes that made it a much more appropriate place for some serious fucking.

The curtains on the four poster had been taken off and replaced with sheer drapes that shimmered in the light of the sweet smelling candles that had been placed and lit in every conceivable place in the room that a candle could possibly sit. All unnecessary furniture like the desk and chairs had been taken out, giving the room a more open and inviting feel to it. A fireplace had been transfigured between the now completely blocked windows, and it burned brightly, filling the room with the sweet smell of burning wood. Even the carpet on the floor had been transfigured to be fluffier, and I knelt to feel it with my fingers, infinitely impressed and flattered at all the trouble Harry had gone to just to make me happy.

"Harry..." I whisper, awed. He chuckles and slides off the bed, already naked and glowing bronze in the flickering light. I stand abruptly, not wanting Harry to touch me just yet. "Wait..." I say suddenly, and he stops. "I want to tell you that I appreciate all this, Harry. You've done so much for me, and not just because you wanted to sleep with me or keep me safe to satisfy some sort of heroic impulse, but because you wanted to make me happy. You want to be with me as an equal, not a superior or a protector. I just want to let you know that I'm grateful... even if I don't always show it."

Harry looked heartbroken for a moment, then smiled and came over to pull me into a hug. I blushed, fully aware that he was naked and hid my face in his chest. We just stood there for a long while, listening to the sound of the fire crackle. I was trembling, pressing myself closer to him in an effort to lessen it as much as I could. Harry squeezed me lightly, then pushed me back to look at me.

"We don't have to do this today, Draco. It won't kill me to wait a little longer if you want." he assured me, but I shook my head.

"No. I'll never be more ready than this... and letting me think about it any longer will just make me more nervous."

Harry nods. I yelp slightly as he picks me up and carries me to the bed, setting me down in the center of it. I lay still while he pulls the sheer curtains shut around us, then drapes himself over me. For an instant I expect him to start pulling my clothes off right then, but he buries his fingers in my hair instead, leaning my head back for some of the most gentle and chaste kisses he's ever given me. I soon get impatient with those simple kisses, and deepen the contact myself. It's only when he chuckles that I realize that's what he'd wanted.

He's letting me lead...?

Hesitantly, I turn my face to break the lip lock, then tilt my head up to expose my neck. Harry immediately obliges, bathing my flesh lovingly with his tongue and lips, sucking gently, but never enough to leave marks. I can't help the little noises that I'm making, but it doesn't matter. For once I don't have to try and keep myself quiet out of principle. He stops at the neck of my robe and rests his hand on the clasp.

"May I?" he asks, grinning. I laugh breathlessly, nodding my permission.

Harry unbuckles the clasp and pulls the robe free, lifting me with a hand on the small of my back to pull it out from under me. He attacks my neck again and I mewl, arching into wherever his hands rest as he undresses the rest of me. I can feel myself blushing all over as my body is revealed completely. Harry's hands are wandering everywhere, pressing and caressing at every remotely sensitive place he could find. For a moment I wonder how he's managed to memorize all my 'buttons' already, then my mind floats back to the memories of our snogging sessions... and the little noises and twitches I had displayed as he tested me almost too gently to notice. He'd been studying my body for months now, and I hadn't even noticed.

I've begun to tremble and he pauses, asking with his eyes what I'm feeling and if I want him to stop. I give him a shy smile and pull him back down to kiss me with my hands in his hair. We kiss for a long time, so long that there is a noticeable rise in the temperature in the room either from all the miniature flames inside, or from us. Either way it's making me pleasantly dizzy, and I soon go limp and just let Harry do what he wants, mouth working with unbelievable skill all over my body.


I restrain my chuckles as Draco writhes underneath me while I explore his stomach and chest with my tongue. He's responding beautifully. I'm not worried about him being nervous anymore, and I certainly can't believe that I'm finally going to get to show him what sex is really supposed to feel like. And if all goes well... maybe he'll be up for a bit more in the morning.

Without thinking I close my teeth gently over a rosy nipple, and Draco jerks. I hadn't even pinched him, but he was now arching away from me. "Draco?" I ask.

He looks up at me with wide eyes. "Don't bite... please?" he whispers. I nod and slowly urge him back down to his previous spot with my hands. He complies, and relaxes as I begin my laving again. No biting... got it.

I make my way down until I'm working at the inside of his thighs. He arches almost delicately into and then away from the touch, as if he can't make up his mind whether he wants more or not. I lift one of his legs up over my shoulder and pull up a bit, pulling up on his hip. He gives me an odd look, then moves onto his side.

"What are you doing?" he asks.

I smile at him. "Am I scaring you?" I ask. He blushes a bit deeper, then shakes his head. "Then just relax."

He finds a comfortable way to lie then settles, eying me suspiciously. I give one long lick from the back of his left knee to his shaft, and all the way up to the head. He shudders and moans, grasping the pillow tightly, making the most adorable little gasps as I continue working the length with my mouth. He's still nervous, and it shows in how long he lasts, spurting a stream of pearly white liquid into my mouth soon after.

His musky, salty flavor is divine and I lick my lips to savor it, meeting his eyes a moment later. He seems surprised, and I lean up to face him directly. "You taste wonderful." I inform him, kissing him deeply so he can taste himself. He pulls away suddenly, making a face.

"Ech... no I don't." he states adorably, then pouts at me when I start laughing.

"I guess it's an acquired taste." I nuzzle his neck, waiting for him to comment. He's a bit uncomfortable laying like this, especially since my face is buried in his neck and his leg is still up over my shoulder, making his widely spread bottom press up against my hip. I'm shifting ever so slightly to create friction, and he's pushing into the contact one second, and away from it the next.

"Harry..." he moans, "...um, what now?"

I grin. He's so unbelievably adorable like this. But he had asked, and I intended to give him an appropriate answer. Pulling back to look at him, I kiss him once more and grin impishly. "Hold on tight." I inform him, then worm my way back down and press my tongue up and under his scrotum. He stiffens and gasps, wriggling, and this time I can't tell if he's trying to pull away or not.

My tongue moves down and soon finds his most intimate place, pressing and laving at the tightly pinched sphincter. Draco yells, though not unfavorably, and pushes down on my face. I answer with a push of my own, thrusting my tongue as far inside him as I can get it and jerking it around to press at Draco's inner walls.


My head is spinning. My first climax had erased any doubts about this, and now that Harry's face was buried in my ass, doing the most wonderful things to me with his tongue, I simply wasn't able to think clearly. My vocabulary seemed to have significantly diminished as well, the only sounds I am capable of uttering not even forming comprehensible words. Harry seemed to understand them perfectly though, and pulled out just long enough to lick at one of his fingers and have it join with his mouth to torture me.

They thrust in and out in alternating rhythms, making my hips jerk spasmodically, unsure of which rhythm to follow. A second finger joins the first, and I yelp at the cold, slick substance that joined the probing digits. I was getting hard again, and my shaft bounced helplessly and untouched in the air. Three fingers, and Harry had stopped using his tongue and was just watching me twitch and thrash about on the bed, pulling the blanket out of it's neatly arranged place and grasping it tightly in my hands.

Four fingers. I felt undeniably full, but it didn't feel at all invasive or painful. I knew I was more than ready, but Harry wasn't stopping. His free hand went to grasp my shaft and I shrieked, knowing that I would come soon if he kept it up. But Harry would be left wanting if that happened, and I certainly wasn't willing to suck him off after being forced to do it to my father so many times. The very thought was nauseating.


He did, and I tried to catch my breath. He waited patiently as I drifted down and gained enough sense to sit up. I was panting and flushed all over, and I turned an even deeper shade of pink as Harry's eyes trailed all over me shamelessly and appreciatively.

"You have no idea how beautiful you are, Draco." he informed me, licking his lips with a hungry look in his eyes.

He'd been torturing me on purpose! Just so that he could watch me writhe! Beside myself with embarrassed rage, I shoved him down on the bed, straddling him and pinning his hands up over his head. He blinked up at me innocently. "Something wrong, Draco?" he grinned.

"Fuck you, Potter!" I yelled, then proceeded to demonstrate just that. I had to push slightly to get the head in, and gasped at the sting. Harry was bigger than he looked... probably due to the impressive amount of body hair he sported with little to no shame at all. I pause, shifting my hips ever-so-slightly to get over first entry pain before relaxing my thighs and impaling myself slowly, pausing whenever it got to be too much.

Even after four fingers Harry was still big. I bit my lip, feeling a bit intimidated. I would have to get Harry to trim his hair to get an accurate idea of his size later. Right now I had to be careful. The last three inches I took all at once, whimpering at the sheer girth of the length inside me. I wasn't entirely prepared for it, and started sharply.

Harry trembled, eyes closed, and gritting his teeth from the strain of holding still. He gently reached up and grasped my shoulders. "Hey…" he says gently.

I turn my glazed eyes to Harry, expression belying nothing of my inner turmoil. This was scary. It felt good, but it was scary, and I was more anxious about continuing then I thought I would be. Harry knew, and even now he was willing to compromise with me.

"Am I hurting you? We can stop if you want, Draco. I won't be angry."

My eyes widen, amazed at Harry's control. "You… won't?"


My body was screaming at me for allowing the words to pass my lips, but I still managed to speak softly and encouragingly to the blonde. "Of course I won't, Draco. Nothing will have changed. There's so much more to what I feel for you than physical love, Draco. If you told me right now that you never wanted to do this again, I'd still love you. I couldn't stop loving you if I tried."

Draco was openly crying now. "I... I know... Oh, Merlin, Harry. I love you."

Hearing those three words made me smile, and I leaned up to kiss him. As I did the angle pulled me out of Draco's body enough so that the head of my cock brushed his prostate… sending zigzagging lightning bolts of feeling down the blonde's spine. Unconsciously Draco pushed down, and it happened again. I gasped at the movement, my own pleasure causing me to shift quickly, and Draco stiffened as his legs tightened in ecstasy, squeezing my sides.

I leaned back, an apology on the tip of my tongue for thrusting without warning, afraid that the sudden stiffening indicated pain. Draco quickly recovered, grasping my shoulders and kissing me with bruising force. He gyrated his hips haltingly, until he was positive he was accustomed to my size, then rode me in earnest, forcefully digging his perfectly manicured nails into my shoulders.


Once I got started my rhythm was flawless, and Harry couldn't do anything that might disrupt me, so he just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I could hardly believe that I was so obscenely talented at this, and had been so frightened just moments before. I wasn't about to argue as I felt the familiar pressure building in my abdomen. Clenching his eyes shut, Harry bit his bottom lip, utilizing the pain to hold off his orgasm as long as possible.

I felt like I was on fire. Never had I felt so complete and comfortable in my own body. I didn't feel dirty anymore, nor was I afraid. Liquid passion pumped furiously through my veins like mellifluous fire and ice, threatening to overwhelm my very soul and make me loose my sense of self in it's depths. I rode the waves of ecstasy until I felt I would burst from the force of it pulsing inside me.

But, something wasn't right. I knew exactly what my orgasm felt like when it was upon me… I'd tried to suppress it often enough after all. I could feel it scratching desperately just beneath the surface of my skin like a beast trying to escape it bonds… and yet, it wasn't happening.

I looked down at Harry, confused for a moment. Why wasn't it working? When Harry opened those impossibly deep emerald orbs and they met my sapphire ones, it hit me full force.

that's it…

"H-Harry! I w-want… you…" I gasped weakly, furious that my voice refused to obey me. I didn't have to finish though. Harry understood.

He growled, turned us over without pulling out of my body and thrust with enough force to propel me into a fit of screams that at any other time would have signified a slow and excruciating death. It didn't take long for me to reach his peak under such punishing thrusts, and Harry watched with no small degree of interest in exactly how my face would look as I came. My entire body became extremely pliant, quite at odds with the usual stiffening I displayed at any other time during sex. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth in the barest of tiny gasps and shuddered.

I literally saw stars.


I was so absorbed in watching such an impossibly beautiful display that I nearly missed feeling my own orgasm. I winced and hissed with the sensation, then leaned down to capture the trembling lips of my lover in a slow, sensual kiss that made the descent from lovemaking just as enjoyable as the act itself.

Draco panted and lay totally limp but for the motion of his head and neck as he returned the kiss with just as much passion and care as I was giving it. When I pulled away I saw tears glistening on his cheeks in the flickering candlelight, and I kissed them away.

"Did I hurt you, Draco?"

He laughed at me and smiled, flicking his tongue out to tease my bottom lip.

"You're heavy, Harry." he informed me with a smirk.

"So sorry." I rolled my eyes and rolled off of him, laying beside him and pulling him into a hug. He nuzzled into my chest and yawned cutely, humming his satisfaction. "Tired, Draco?" He nodded. I waved my hand and the candles and fireplace snuffed out. Draco lifted his head and looked around lazily, then pulled the blanket over us and settled down to sleep. As he drifted off I could swear I heard him mutter something akin to...

"Bloody sorcerer..."

( I have reached a decision! Harry Potter is no longer a wizard, he's too strong for that designation anymore. Just before this chapter the Ministry declared him a Sorcerer, which is kind of the legal wizarding term for a walking magical power generator. )