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"Come on Leo, it's time to go." Hermione said as she walked into his room at the cottage. "Come on get dressed the car's here."

"I'm not going." He whispered.

"You have to go, if you don't you'll regret it." She said as she did his tie for him. "I cleaned your shoes for you, they're downstairs. I know you're scared but we're all here for you. If you don't go you will hate yourself for it." She wiped away a tear and walked from the room.

Leo joined them all downstairs a few minutes later. Hermione stood up and smoothed down her black skirt before checking that all three of the boys' ties were fixed straight before ushering them from the room and into the car that was waiting for them outside.

As the car pulled to a stop Hermione got out and held onto Leo's hand on one side and put her arm through Michael's on the other. They approached the building with a feeling of sad anticipation. Ron held open the door for them and they walked inside.

They all stood at the end of the room looking inside. No one spoke and no one moved.

"Come on you guys look like you're at a funeral!" Came the croaky voice from inside.

Hermione let out a chocked laugh and walked over to Draco's bedside, closely followed by the others.

"Dad!" Leo smiled as he hugged him.

"How are you my boy? Are they feeding you? Do you hate it? Having to see Potter that often must be terrible!" Draco joked.

"So, how are you?" Hermione asked.

"Surviving." Draco replied.

"No really, how are you?" She insisted.

"Doctors say that my ribs are almost healed, they've given me something to get rid of the bruises and most of the scars. Head injuries are better and the stitches are being taken out next week. Should be out in a month or so hopefully." Draco answered.

"So, lucky you! You'll be back to teach next year!" Ron laughed.


Hermione followed Ron as he led her along the driveway up to the school. It was empty save for a few teachers, as the summer holidays had just begun.

"Ron what are we doing here? Where are we going?" She laughed as he took her hand and pulled her onto the Quidditch pitch.

"You'll see. Just wait." He replied.

They stopped in the middle of the pitch and Ron turned towards the changing rooms and whistled. Hermione watched as three out of the four school Quidditch teams walked onto the pitch. They were all dressed in white.

Wordlessly they got onto their brooms and pushed off into the air.

"What are you doing?" Hermione asked as she turned towards Ron.

"Just watch." He laughed.

She watched as they all did a loop before they all flew together and formed a sentence.

"Oh my god!" Hermione squealed as she read what it said: WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Wordlessly she watched as the dot of the question mark flew towards them and passed Ron something before flying back into place.

Ron turned to face her before getting down on one knee and taking her hand.

"What do you say? Hermione Granger, I love you. Will you give me the greatest honour by allowing me to call you my wife?"

"Oh Ron, yes! Of course I will!" Hermione laughed he opened the box and slipped the diamond ring onto her left ring finger.

"I told you I was going to find something constructive to do with my time, now didn't I?" He laughed as he pulled his wife-to-be into a tight hug.

One hour later they were sat in Dumbledore's office.

"Well, first I suppose congratulations are in order. You are a very lucky man

Mr Weasly." Dumbledore said as he raised his glass to them both. "But let me get to the point. Hermione the post of Transfiguration teacher is open and I would love if you would come back and teach."

"Professor Dumbledore I would love to accept your very kind offer but I wonder if I would be able to start next year instead."

"Hermione I don't understand." Ron said looking confused.

"You see, the thing is, it would be quite hard to teach being pregnant and all." Hermione laughed.

"WHAT?" Ron asked rising from where he was sat. "Y-you-you're pregnant?"

"Yes Ron I am. Headmaster if the post is still open I would love to come back in a year or so once I have had mine and Ron's child."

"Miss Granger, I can think of no better plan." Dumbledore smiled warmly as the couple before him embraced.