Summary: Kagome and InuYasha have yet another fight(yeah.. yeah ... yeah I know what ur thinkin... oh no not another one! Yeah it is... but it's only at the beginning! ) when she is home she is unaware of two crimson eyes that are watching her... who's are they?What chaos will the InuYasha gang face with the arrival of a new enemy? You will have to read to find out! Oh and for the story the well is backwards in relation to how they are able to travel through it, you need a jewel shard to pass back instead of to get to the feudal era. Those of you who are like me don't worry there will be no... I repeat no lemon, maybe a little kissing but nothing serious. Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own InuYasha. Kag/Inu Sng/Mirk

Chapter One: The Argument

As nightfall began to consume the small village, displaying a wondrous array of yellow, orange, gold, red and pink swirls through out the sky. A young woman about fifteen years of age walked on a dirt trail through a forest which lead to a small clearing, in the very center of that clearing was an old well. She had midnight black hair and dark brown eyes. Her school uniform swayed slightly as a gust of wind and a flash of red past by her. She stopped; a look of extreme frustration dawned her face. In front of her stood a young man, about sixteen, dressed in a red haori. He stood between her and the well, his long silver hair swaying slightly from his fast movements. His dog-like ears twitched as he narrowed his golden eyes at the girl before him.

"And where do you think you're going all of a sudden?" The young man asked.

"I told you I had to go home to take a test." The young girl said, trying to keep her temper under control.

" Well you can't go. I don't care how important these tests of yours are you can't go now." The young man responded.

" Yes I am InuYasha and if you try and stop me, well I think you know what I'll do." She said, her voice full of warning.

"You wouldn't dare, Kagome." InuYasha threatened.

" Want to bet." Kagome asked.

" No you're not going." InuYasha said simply.

He had done it this time, Kagome was so sick of putting up with him never allowing her to return to her own time when she needed and yet return when he needed to see Kikyo or saw a perfect opportunity to send her home and take the jewel. She pushed past him and had one leg over the well when he grabbed her arm, then Kagome did what she hated to do, "InuYasha, Sit." Kagome screamed that command a couple of times before she swung the other leg over the edge and jumped in.

After a few minutes, InuYasha began to lift himself up from the hole, which he had made from the command. He got to his feet and began to walk back to the village. "She has every right to be angry, why can't I just show her how I feel instead of always being mean and stopping her from going through the well. I mean, that is the time she belongs in after all." InuYasha thought as he entered the small village. As he neared a small hut almost in the center of the village, which sat right next to a large tori, a young man came out from behind the bamboo door. His short black hair in a small pony tail and he wore black and purple robes.

" Where's Kagome?" The young man said as he eyed his comrade suspiciously.

" She went home you stupid monk." InuYasha spat.

" What did you do this time?" A small boy said as he came out just behind the monk. His fire orange hair in a mess, and his tail swaying side to side.

"She went home to take a test. I didn't do anything." InuYasha said as he picked the little boy up by his tail and hurled him at a near by tree.

"InuYasha!" A young woman called as she approached the small boy who was sitting on the ground holding his head. "What did you go and do that for?"

"Shut up Sango," InuYasha retorted, "He had it coming."

"I doubt that." She said, "Are you okay Shippo?" Shippo responded her by nodding then got up and ran back inside the hut.

" You know you shouldn't pick on Shippo like that. You know he's going to tell Kagome when she gets back and you're going to be in a lot of trouble." The monk said.

"Shut up Miroku." Then InuYasha went inside the hut. The other two sighed and went to go in when a scream ripped though the approaching night, followed by a loud smack. Then Sango walked in, holding her boomerang over her shoulder. Miroku stepped in, sporting a large red mark on his cheek. When he entered everyone started to laugh.

Miroku looked at the group and could only manage a, "What?"

"Stupid monk." InuYasha mumbled under his breath.

Kagome hoisted herself out from the well and made her way toward her house. "InuYasha...sigh I really hate doing that but you know sometimes you just leave me with no choice." Kagome said to herself. She was little over half way to her house when she had the sneaking suspicion that she was being watched. She looked around but didn't see anything and brushed it off thinking it was just InuYasha come to yell at her. Little did she know that her suspicions were correct and that she was being watch from the treetop of the sacred tree by two crimson eyes.