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Chapter 1: The Kid with Vengeance

Uzumaki Naruto, a young boy of around 6 years of age, was highly unusual for a child his age. He was a blonde kid with one very unusual facial feature different from any normal person... his whisker marks. It was obvious that those whisker marks was the cause of his nightly runs from the villagers.

Every night that Naruto is out his house, he somehow always ended up having the villagers chase him. The villagers would join together to run after Naruto, and attack him if he was caught. That had happened a lot when Naruto was younger, but the near nightly runs had built up his stamina and speed to an impressive amount for his age. That along with his ability of a photographic memory to memorize the village alleys and shortcuts allowed Naruto to escape the beatings he would receive.

Naruto was a very lonely child with only 2 people to ever visit him. The Hokage Sandaime and Kakashi Hatake were the only people who would take care of the child. Naruto would always look forward to these visits from his only 2 'guardians'. Sarutobi, the Hokage, would come and teach Naruto anything necessary for a young child including reading and writing. Kakashi, on the other hand, would explain about Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. Kakashi also taught Naruto about Chakra and other beginner level Jutsu's.


One night, Naruto was seen running away from the villagers again. It was clear that Naruto had the advantage, as he skillfully navigated through the alleys, until strangely he ran into a dead end.

Naruto turned around quickly and faced his pursuers in both fear and anger. "Why do you keep chasing me?" questioned Naruto. "I've never done anything to you."

The villagers were surprised because for the years that they have chased Naruto, he had never spoken to them.

One of the Villagers came up and punched Naruto hard in the stomach. "Shut up!" screamed the person who punched Naruto. "You know what you've done, you monster!"

"I'm no monster... I'm just Naruto," said Naruto slowly as he stood up painfully. "But since you keep calling me a monster, one day I'll have my revenge against you people. I'll return the pain you gave me more painfully to you."

A long gray haired ninja, who had listened to the entire conversation, jumped down from the rooftop and landed in between the angry Villagers and Naruto. "Stop the fighting. You know what the Hokage had commanded. No one is to harm this child."

The Villagers after hearing the ninja's words angrily left leaving Naruto alone with his savior.

"You're Naruto-kun aren't you? My name is Mizuki," announced the ninja. "Are you truly going to harm the people who attacked you before?"

"I'll get my revenge." Naruto replied with a dark look on his young face.

"In that case, I might be able to help you..."

"How?" asked Naruto.

"There's a scroll in the Hokage's Tower that teaches you Jutsu's that can help you. You'll recognize it right away. It's a really big scroll called the Scroll of Seals. Make sure no one notices you. Come back home after you're done. I'll meet with you back here."

Naruto ran to the Hokage Tower leaving Mizuki standing alone in the alley. A smile is shown on Mizuki as he dispelled the Genjutsu of the 'Dead End' he had cast.


Naruto sneaked around inside the Hokage's Tower until he found a room with a lot of scrolls in it. After he had quickly scanned the room, he noticed a scroll around his height. "How am I supposed to carry that?" asked Naruto to no one in particular. A solution to his current problem appeared as he searched his pockets.

Naruto took out a pen and paper and opened the Scroll. He started copying down the first Jutsu... Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Right after he had finished copying the first Jutsu and was about to copy the second, he heard someone ask him what he was doing.

Naruto put the piece of paper and the pen in his pockets and turned around. The 3rd Hokage, dressed in his sleeping gown, stared at Naruto in the doorway to the room.

From the Hokage's angle, it appeared that all Naruto had done was read the scroll. "I'm going to leave Konoha and become more powerful. I thought I could find something here that I could bring along with me," answered Naruto honestly.

"Naruto, it's not safe outside the village. Besides you're so young and inexperienced," the Hokage said as he attempted to change Naruto's mind.

"I don't care! I hate this village!" yelled Naruto stubbornly.

The Sandaime sighed as he realized that he couldn't change Naruto's mind no matter how much he tried. "You're as stubborn as your father, Naruto. You may leave, but just remember, incase you ever change your mind, they're some people here that will always welcome you."

Naruto smiled as he heard that and thanked the Hokage. He walked out of the room and was about to exit the tower, when the Hokage called him again.

The Hokage handed Naruto a scroll. "This is a scroll your mother told me to give to you when you grow up more. But tonight might be the last time I ever see you again, so take it with you."

"What is it?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Remember what Kakashi told you about Bloodlines? Well this scroll explains about the Uzumaki Family Bloodline. You are the only heir left in your family, so you must take care to learn what's in this scroll."

Naruto attempted to open the scroll and saw that it was impossible. The Hokage saw what Naruto tried to do and said that the scroll could only be opened by an Uzumaki when their Bloodline ability has shown signs of being activated.

Naruto once again, thanked the 3rd Hokage and walked toward his house with the Kage Bunshin Jutsu in his pockets.


Mizuki appeared to be walking impatiently outside of Naruto's home. He paced back and forth on the street with 2 Giant Shurikens tied to his back. His frantic actions caught the attention of Naruto when he walked near to his house. Naruto stood still from a block away and watched Mizuki silently, as he wondered why Mizuki would be carrying weapons for a simple thing as getting a scroll.

"Where is that kid?" yelled Mizuki. He was lucky that no one lived close enough to Naruto to hear him say his next few words... no one, but Naruto himself. "How long does it take to steal a Forbidden Scroll? And I had to go through the trouble of placing Genjutsu in the alleyway to stop the kid."

Naruto stared in shock as he listened to Mizuki's ranting. He had finally realized that Mizuki was the one who created the illusion which caused the pain he received a few hours earlier. The purpose was to have Mizuki appear as the hero and convince Naruto to help him steal the Forbidden Scroll.

Naruto ran to the village exit when Mizuki happened to turn around and see him.


Mizuki chased Naruto out of the village and into the surrounding forest. Deep in the forest, Mizuki caught up to Naruto and attacked him demanding for the Scroll of Seals.

Mizuki took one of his Giant Shurikens and threw it at Naruto. That one attack would have ended the child's life if he hadn't tripped on a protruding tree root. The Shuriken missed Naruto and sliced the branches off the top of nearby trees.

Wild animals appeared from other parts of the forest, angry at the 2 people for waking them up. The animals split into 2 groups and attacked the 2 separately. That was until Mizuki escaped and went back to Konoha.

Once Mizuki ran away, every animal's attention was directed at the young boy who lay helplessly on the ground.

Naruto's last thoughts before sinking into unconsciousness were revenge. Revenge against the Villagers, against Mizuki, against Konoha!

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