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Chapter 5: Genin

Naruto hung upside down on a nearby tree outside the academy. "How is this village so weak?" he asked himself as he observed the entire village. "This is pitiful…"

He sensed a normal amount of chakra heading his way and quickly shrouded himself in shadow. "Hmm, eyes like Hinata-chan. Who is he, a Hyuuga?"

Hyuuga Neji was walking toward the training spot behind the academy, when he noticed a slight movement on a tree. Confused, the Hyuuga activated the Byukagan and looked directly at Naruto.

Naruto noticed this and remembered that the Byukagan can see through almost anything and quickly teleported away.

Neji was even more surprised now as he saw the boy that was covered in shadows, simply melted into shadow and disappeared.


"Damn," Naruto cursed himself at his carelessness with the Hyuuga boy. "I just hope I left before he got a good look at my face."

Naruto glanced around him and saw that he was inside the academy now. He quickly shrouded himself in shadows and leaned against the wall to have a quick conversation with Kyuubi.

"Kyuubi, you said you'll teach me some techniques, but I want to know what they are and when you're going to teach me."

"You are a greedy kid aren't you? All you care about are new jutsu…"

Naruto laughed silently, "I prefer to call it as being curious…"

"I'll teach you when I feel you need to, in the meantime, start by mastering Kyuubi's Eyes. Even with your bloodline, it won't be an easy thing to do."

Naruto smiled closed his eyes for a while. "Shouldn't be that hard to do, right Kyuubi?" said Naruto as he opened his eyes slowly. Naruto's eyes were no longer bright blue, but now a deep crimson red with a black slit for pupils.

"Class starts in a few minutes, get ready."


Naruto sat bored while he listened to Iruka talk about their new teams and them being Genin. He looked around him and saw most of his fellow classmates had fallen asleep. Even the class brain, Sakura, was seen as she struggled to stay awake.

"Now, after you would be so kind as to wake up your fellow classmates, I will announce the teams," said Iruka.

The class immediately went and woke up all the ones who had fallen asleep, as they were anxious to hear their team.

"Thank you. Now Team One will be…"

Naruto closed his eyes a while as he waited for his name to be called.

"Team 7 will be Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke."

After hearing his name being called, Naruto smiled happily as his only friend was on his team. Hinata on the other hand started blushing and Sasuke remained expressionless as usual.

"Team 8 will be Shino, Sakura, and Kiba. Team 9 will be Chouji, Ino, and Shikamaru. Your Jounin-sensei will arrive momentarily."


A few hours afterward, all the people from the classroom had left with their sensei's except for three. Naruto paced back and forth angry that their sensei was so late.

"N-naruto-kun?" said a soft and timid voice.

Naruto looked at Hinata and asked what the problem was.

"Could y-you p-please stop walking back and forth? It's very distracting…" Hinata blushed deeply after she said that.

Naruto thought about her request and finally decided on something. "Hmm... ok, Hinata-chan. I'll stop if you do something too!"

"W-what is i-it…" asked Hinata nervously.

"Stop stuttering. That is very distracting too, and you would be a lot cuter if you stop. So do me that favor."

Hinata blushed a deeper shade of red and started playing with her fingers. "Y-yes, N-naruto-kun…"

A silver haired man appeared at the door with a sheepish expression on his masked face. "Sorry I'm late, everyone, but I was delayed by a herd of buffalos."

Naruto immediately called him a liar and then realized who he was talking to. "Kakashi-sensei? Is that you?" Naruto asked as he remembered one of the only two people who took care of him when he was still little.


Team 7 sat on the rooftop of a random building as the 3 academy graduates were asked to introduce themselves.

"Just tell me your likes, dislikes, dreams, and what you expect to do as a ninja."

"Shouldn't we start with you, Kakashi-sensei? We have to at least know a bit about our teacher for the next few years we are Genin. Also, it's been a long time since I've heard you speak," announced Naruto.

Their sensei laughed and agreed with Naruto. "Ok, everyone, my name is Hatake Kakashi. I have many things I like, and few that I dislike. My dreams, I don't care to tell you about, and I don't have to tell you what I expect as a ninja, since I already am one."

Naruto whispered to Hinata stating that all they learned from him was his name, which he had already known.

Kakashi cleared his throat and pointed to Hinata. "Now, your turn, miss."

Hinata blushed and said in a timid voice, "M-my name is H-Hyuuga Hinata. I d-don't know w-what I like, other than one thing." Hinata blushed a deep shade after she had said that. "I d-dislike fighting and my dream is that my f-father would a-accept me one day. I also don't k-know what to e-expect as a ninja later o-on…"

Naruto smiled as he noticed that Hinata had stopped her stuttering to a minimum. "Good start" he thought as he realized that in a few more days, Hinata should be able to stop and speak normally soon.

Kakashi next pointed to Naruto. "Go on Naruto, what about you? What have you been doing these past few years?"

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto! I like ramen, any kind of ramen is good! I think it's the best food in the whole world! What I dislike is how long it takes for the water to boil when cooking ramen…"

Kakashi was speechless as he wondered did all his student from all those years back cared for nothing other than ramen.

"My dream, is to one day be the Hokage of this village, so everyone will acknowledge me for who I truly am!"

Kakashi smiled at hearing that and so did a chuunin who hid nearby listening to the conversation.

Naruto thought for a while before he carefully said his next words, "I expect to be a ninja who follows only one code… my code! I will be a ninja who will never take back his words, because that is my Way of the Shinobi!"

Kakashi and Iruka felt a strong feeling come up from within at hearing Naruto's last few words. "Naruto, you have truly grown up," thought both ninjas.

Kakashi stared into Naruto's eyes and saw glimpses of a person who had seen much and experienced much among the face of the one called 'Dead Last'.

"Now you, the one with the black hair," said Kakashi.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I don't like anything, but dislike lots of things. I have no dreams, but I have one ambition… to kill a certain man! My future as a ninja…? I guess I will be… an Avenger!"

A strange silence was left over after Sasuke finished speaking. "Anyway, tomorrow we will have a test to decide either or not you or worthy to become Genins. Meet me at Team Seven Training Grounds at 7. If you're late, you will regret it."

Hinata looked confused, "K-Kakashi-s-sensei, w-we already t-took the graduation exam. W-why do w-we have t-to take this n-new t-test?"

Naruto looked at Hinata and decided to explain. "I'll answer this, sensei. Hinata-chan, what sensei means is that what we took in the academy was just a graduation exam. Either or not we become Genins will depend on tomorrows test."

Kakashi nodded and told his team to meet him there tomorrow before he vanished out of sight.


The next day, all three members of Team 7 met at Training Grounds 7, with empty stomachs. The three of them patiently waited for first an hour, then another, and finally after 3 hours the three felt a bit frustrated. Sasuke remained motionless and silent but he emitted a sense of anger to all who took notice. Hinata continued to sit silently on the ground blushing slightly as she constantly glanced towards Naruto. Naruto on the other hand, was getting frustrated for a whole other reason.

"Kyuubi no Baka! Just when am I going to learn a new Jutsu?" thought Naruto angrily. "Every time I ask you, you either change the subject or tell me it'll be soon."

"Patience brat! Call that your first lesson! That promise of a new Jutsu will have to come later, I'm busy right now!" replied Kyuubi in the same tone as Naruto.

"Busy? What do you mean busy? How busy could you get inside of me?"

"I'm only doing this because of you! Haven't you ever wondered why sometimes you act like the annoying brat you are now, the person who can never become the Hokage! And at other times, you act like a completely opposite person."

Naruto looked confused as he asked Kyuubi what he means. "You've never noticed that sometimes you become much more powerful than you are now, and act like a true ninja?" Naruto shook his head slightly ask he said no.

"That's the problem with you; apparently you have a split personality of some sort. You may not notice it happening but that doesn't mean I haven't. It seems that that other side of you first started when I first spoke to you."

"So it's all your fault…"

"You could say that, but I wouldn't call it a bad thing. According to what I've noticed, that other you appeared late at night or early in the morning. Both times, is when you are not conscious enough to hold him back. According to a guess of mine, I say that that other side of you is created due to the Seal that houses me. The seal forces me to remain trapped here inside of you and not be able to do anything else. But you humans know too little and already you start messing around with a force that is beyond even us demons. From what I know, the seal was created to hold me inside of you, but that does not mean that a body can hold two spirits. It is impossible for any human to house two spirits for long. That is why the other you was created. He is a mixture of both you and me and I guess he will take over both of us once the time comes."

"But, then that means that you and I will both disappear right?" Naruto asked fearfully.

"Yes, but not exactly, we would both still be alive only as one being with the same thoughts."

"You sound so sure of yourself, but you said this was a guess. Maybe what you've predicted won't happen."

"I may have said that this was just a hypothesis of mine, but it is based on facts that I have knowledge of."

"So what do we do now? I don't want to be stuck merged with you for the rest of my life."

"You don't have to if I can do what I'm attempting to do. I'm going to try something very risky and has a very low percent of succeeding. But if it works, then we would remain as two separate beings and still be able to live inside you."

"Your contradicting yourself, Kyuubi no Baka. You just told me that two spirits can't survive in the same body."

"Listen to me finish before you talk. It is true that two spirits cannot exist but there are ways. For example, in Konoha there is a clan that has the ability to send their spirit into another person and control them from there. They are able to do that because they leave their own body behind. Basically their body acts as a medium which allows them to actually be inside another. I'm going to do a similar thing with us. I'm going to attempt to bind that other you and turn him into a medium so we can both survive inside of you. But to do that, I'll have to use chakra from both you and me to bind that other you."

"I guess it's ok… except that when Kakashi comes, we might have to do a field test that requires me to use chakra. Just leave me with enough to use Jutsu's and that'll be fine."

"As you wish, brat, but be warned, you're going to be fighting with 10 percent of your chakra only. So be careful on how you use it. One more thing, while I'm going to conduct the binding, you will find some changes in yourself. You'll be acting a bit like the other you for a while. So if you find yourself doing something which you may never have thought about, just know that your just expressing your own feelings in a way you normally don't."

Naruto nodded and felt himself weaken. Naruto fell to the ground from the sudden lack of strength.

Sasuke and Hinata looked at Naruto in surprise as he fell to the ground. They both looked confused as Naruto slowly got back up with his face white and breathing heavily.

"What is wrong with that Dobe?" asked Sasuke silently to himself.

Hinata ran towards Naruto to help him up. "N-naruto-kun are you o-okay?"

Naruto smiled kindly at Hinata, "Don't worry, it's nothing, just something I have to go through on my own. I'll be fine later."

"B-but N-naruto-kun a-are you s-sure you're okay? I'll be here to help you if you need me," Hinata told Naruto as she blushed and turned to walk away.

Naruto grabbed onto Hinata's arm as she turned and pulled her close to him in a hug. "Arigato, Hinata-chan. I was born an orphan and it is rare for people to show me kindness."

Hinata blushed an even deeper shade as she breathed in deeply. "This is my chance to tell him how I feel," thought Hinata.

"Naruto-kun… I f-feel the s-same way as y-you, for years my f-family has treated me h-harshly because I'm the w-weakest of the c-clan. B-but on t-the day I m-met you, I f-felt d-different, you t-treated me like a h-human."

"Hinata-chan, that was the first time you've ever said my name without stuttering. I'm proud of you, and would you do it for me to stop stuttering?"

Hinata nodded slowly as she attempted to try. "I'll t-try Naruto-kun. I'll try f-for y-you."

Naruto smiled and kissed Hinata. He smiled more as he saw her turn more red than she originally was. "Don't worry, Hinata-chan, no matter what happens we'll get through it together. For the first time in my life, I have found my true special person. I have found the one I am willing to protect."

Sasuke stared at his two teammates in shock. "Are they acting like I don't exist?" thought Sasuke. "We're right in the middle of a bridge and these two are expressing their love in the open? Also, they forgot I'm even here."

"Wow, Naruto, you're quite the ladies man. I never thought you had it in you," a voice spoke loudly from behind the three teammates.

Naruto and Hinata immediately separated and with their red faces they turned to face the voice that spoke.

"Kakashi-sensei, you're late," announced Sasuke with his back still faced away from his sensei.

"Sorry kids, I was lost on the road of life," responded Kakashi. He looked around at the unbelieving faces of Naruto and Hinata.

"Hey, kit! Your sensei got here at around the time you first fell. He was hiding after he came to watch his students," whispered Kyuubi silently to Naruto.

Naruto looked surprised and confused at Kyuubi telling him this and more at Kyuubi calling him kit. "You lie, Kakashi-sensei! You were hiding behind us about 20 minutes ago!"

Kakashi eyes lit up as he heard Naruto's outburst. "Ah, it seems you alone have detected me. Now let's see if you can explain why I did that."

Naruto looked dumbfounded as he closed his mouth.

"It is to test how strong our senses and our ability to look beneath the underneath. Those are two major aspects of a ninja and how we progress may result from it," said a smirking Sasuke.

"Correct Sasuke. Exactly as I would have said so myself," said Kakashi. "A ninja must be alert at all times even when they are involved like you two were." Kakashi said as he looked at a blushing Naruto and Hinata. "To look beneath the underneath is a ninja's responsibility. You have figured out the first part of my exam. But that was the easy part, now for the next." Kakashi said as he summoned three Kage Bunshins. "Part two of your test is to fight and have every member of your team take out at least one of my clones before noon. Remember there are three clones and only those who take out the clones become Genin."

The real Kakashi vanished as he yelled the start of the exam. Quick as a flash, Naruto and Hinata hid together in the bushes as Sasuke jumped up high on a tree.

"At least they are good at hiding out of sight," thought the real Kakashi as he stood atop the highest tree in the area.

Naruto was discussing his plans with Hinata and they decided on Hinata using her Byukagan to find a hidden Kakashi clone and Naruto use Kage Bunshin to lure him out. Next Naruto would distract him while Hinata goes to destroy the clone.

The pair put their plan into action and it went well until the bunshin appeared. Naruto wasn't able to keep up with the speed of the clone and ended up getting in the way of Hinata when she tried to attack. "Retreat!" yelled Naruto as he saw that this wasn't going to work. His eyes went wide as the Kakashi clone started to attack Hinata.

Naruto immediately vanished and appeared beside Hinata before Kakashi reached her. He swung his arm around her and a wave of shadow enveloped them. The Kakashi clone punch through the Shadow but felt nothing.

The real Kakashi looked in shock as he saw what had happened. "What was that?" he thought. "I'm positive what I saw was pure shadow manipulation and a teleportation technique combined into one. But does Naruto know Shadow Manipulation? Only the Nara clan knows it in Konoha. It is impossible for an outsider to have Shadow Manipulation unless he has the blood of a shadow manipulator."

"This isn't good," thought Naruto as he wrapped him and Hinata in shadow. "I revealed this ability to Hinata-chan and Kakashi-sensei. I should be happy that Hotame-sensei infused me with some of his blood in that weird shadow ritual thing, but to reveal my ability so early already… Itachi-niisan is not going to be happy."

"A-arigato, Naruto-kun," said Hinata still breathing hard. "What was that thing you used?"

"I'll tell you another time, for now, we have to find Sasuke. Now that Kakashi knows I can use shadow, I can use it against him. But we will need Sasuke's help.

The pair walked silently as they searched for Sasuke using Hinata's Byukagan.


Sasuke at the moment was fighting with his own Kakashi clone. He had the upper hand as he caught Kakashi by surprise with his traps. Surprisingly Kakashi used Kawarimi no Jutsu and escaped. Now, he was fighting hand to hand against his sensei and he hadn't managed to land a hit.

Sasuke grinned as he thought up a plan. It may be risky, but if it works, then he'll be advanced to Genin. Sasuke dropped low and pulled out something from his pouch. Next he rolled over to a clearing nearby. He got up and watched the Kakashi clone chase after him, but immediately jump back.

Sasuke smiled as the clone touched the trap he had planted. While he rolled to where he currently was, he had laid down explosive notes and also tied a net that will be triggered by a wire when touched. And just as Sasuke had predicted, the clone had jumped back and triggered the net to land onto him.

Sasuke faced the trapped clone and formed a series of seals. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" yelled Sasuke as he breathed in a deep breath. He breathed out quickly and flames shot toward the Kakashi clone.

"Mission Accomplished," thought Sasuke proudly.

Sasuke hears laughter above him and hears his sensei tells him to look beneath the underneath. Sasuke's eyes opened wide as he realized that he hadn't destroyed the clone, it had just disappeared. "Where did it go?" he wondered frantically. "Not above! To the side? No! Where is he?"

"Below." Sasuke hears as a hand erupted from the ground and held onto his leg. "Doton! Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu!" The hand pulls Sasuke into the ground leaving only his head to be seen. Sasuke struggled to escape from his imprisonment.

The Kakashi clone laughed out loud, "Ahh… Sasuke-kun, that is useless. You better hope your teammates comes to help you otherwise back to the academy you three go." The clone leaves the buried Sasuke and goes back into hiding.

Naruto and Hinata walked back and happened to notice Sasuke's head on the ground. Naruto saw him and started laughing loudly. Hinata waited patiently as Naruto dug out Sasuke still with a big smile on his face.

Sasuke glared at Naruto and attempted to leave. "W-wait!" said Hinata. "Naruto-kun has a p-plan."

Sasuke turned to Naruto and with a superior attitude said, "What makes you think I'll need to work together with you, Dobe?"

Naruto glared back at Sasuke, and was about to attack when he remembered they only had a few minutes left. "We don't have time for this, my plan is our last chance."

Sasuke nodded after realizing that they had already used up more than an hour of the original two hours they had they had.

"Okay," said Naruto. "The plan is this, we use Hinata's Byukagan to find the closest clone. Then you surprise and distract him. And I'll jump in and use Kagemane no Jutsu on the clone. Next we destroy them."

Sasuke stared at Naruto in shock. "Did you say Kagemane no Jutsu?" he asked.


"Impossible! That's a technique only the Nara clan can use."

"Wrong, that's a technique only the ShadowNara clan can use. I'll explain to you later, we're wasting precious time talking already."

Hinata activated the Byukagan and located a clone near them. "Perfect…" they all thought.

Sasuke rushed out and threw a kunai straight at the clone. Hinata got into her family's Taijutsu style and waited for her chance to attack. The Kakashi clone jumped up high to dodge the kunai and landed in between Sasuke and Hinata. Sasuke rushed in and engaged Kakashi once again in Taijutsu. Hinata hesitated for a few moments until she remembered her promise to Naruto. She ran towards Kakashi also and attacked him. Sasuke was in the air kicking and throwing punches on the clone's upper torso, while Hinata stayed on the ground trying to land a hit on the clone.

The clone dodged them both for a while until it caught Sasuke's leg and swung him into Hinata knocking them both away and Hinata unconscious. The clone went to go after the fallen girl when it realized it couldn't move.

"Kagemane no Jutsu… Success," it hears from behind. "Sasuke! How's Hinata?" asks Naruto.

Sasuke checked the unconscious girl and replied, "No major injuries, just knocked out from having me crash into her."

Naruto smiled, "Good, then finish the job. We have about 2 minutes left."

Sasuke looked at his comrade curiously.

"Just do it! Hinata is knocked out and I'm running out of chakra. I can only use 10 percent of my chakra right now, and I'm nearing the end. Quickly attack so what we did wouldn't end in vain!"

Sasuke briefly smiled as he landed a hit upon the immobile clone. He felt happy for once, not because he was about to become a Genin, but because he had smiled from his heart for the first time in too long.


Kakashi jumped down from atop the tree and landed gracefully in front of the three children. Naruto had woken up Hinata and all three was now staring at their sensei with emotionless expressions.

"Apparently, only Sasuke managed to defeat one of my clones." Kakashi sighed sadly. "Sorry Naruto-kun, but I have to say…" Naruto and Hinata looked saddened at what they knew would be said. "…that, YOU ALL PASS! Congratulations."

Kakashi chuckled through his face mask at the confused and shocked faces of his pupils. "This test is not to test how good you are in combat. Unless you are extremely powerful and surpass that Jounin in power, there is no way you can hope to defeat them. The only other way you will even stand a chance is if you have been in battle and have learned the hard way."

"The first part of the test was to teach you to look beneath the underneath. You were to use that skill in the second part of the test. The second part of the test was meant to look like a test of strength and strategy. But in truth it is actually a test to test your teamwork. Why do you think all of you are put into a three man team? In the past, I've received many academy graduates, but I have never passed a single team. That was because they all acted on their own. Let me teach you an old ninja saying, 'A rope of one strand is easily broken, but a rope of more strands is a force to be reckoned with'. True strength comes from others and not from yourself," finished Kakashi with a distant and sad look on his face.

"Anyway, get yourself rested up, Missions begins tomorrow," said Kakashi as he vanished into air.

Naruto smiled once more as he realized that he was now officially a Genin. "Yes! Hinata, you heard that? We're Genin!" Naruto hugged Hinata again to the delight of the young girl.

Sasuke too, smiled, "Nice plan Dobe, maybe your not the dead last I thought you were. Good job, you two." He turned and started walking before he stopped and turned back to his two teammates. "One more thing…" Naruto and Hinata looked at Sasuke in confusion. They were wondering what else Sasuke was going to see, after all he had done what no one has though possible... he had complimented them. "…next time, get a room." Sasuke left the Training Grounds leaving behind two very red Genins.


Later on in the day, after Naruto walked Hinata home, he felt strength and a new form of power return to him. "All done kit!" announced Kyuubi.

"I realized. I feel stronger now, but other than that, I don't know any other differences. Also, what will happen to us now?" asked Naruto.

"Haven't you realized that you're not acting like that annoying brat right now? Your personality has changed a bit. From humans, I guess they will call this as maturing. Also, that other you is now a portal between us. You can now freely use my chakra separately when yours runs out or you can still just ask me. Due to that fact your chakra control is now fixed. You should be able to mold chakra much easier now."

"That's it? I was expecting more."

"Of course there is, you think I would go through all that work for something little like that? I can now, freely possess your body!"

"What?" exclaimed Naruto in shock.

"Not to worry, kit, I can only possess you when you are either unconscious or very low on chakra. Don't worry about me destroying Konoha now, I told you before that I was just attacking the village because I was angry and it was the closest. I'm all right now as long as you keep your end of the bargain."

"Deal. One more thing, why the change of titles? From Brat to Kit, I'm not one of your children."

"Never said you were, just that you're developing fox like qualities. Or did you not notice your improved senses. We are kin now, and I would never call family members no matter how distant or abnormal they are a brat. Since you have fox qualities you are now able to access level 2 of the Kyuubi Eyes."

"Level 2?" wondered Naruto curiously.

"Level 1 allowed you to see time in a slower speed, cancel simple Genjutsu, and find out if a person is lying or not. Level 2 will allow you to perform Jutsu's without the aid of seals."

Naruto gasped in surprise. "Is that even possible? I thought the seals are the guides to directing the chakra in Ninjutsu."

"This is what I meant when I said humans meddle in a force that they have little knowledge over. Jutsu's aren't only used seals. You were correct when you said that they were guides. You were only wrong about one thing. They are guides to the user not to the chakra. We demons have knowledge of a whole new level of Ninjutsu and we know that Ninjutsu doesn't only have to be used by seals. What you need is something that can bypass the need of seals and use Ninjutsu directly. That is what the Kyuubi Eyes can do, as long as you have used the Jutsu once, you can use it again without physically doing seals. Just do the seals in your mind and include a fox seal in the beginning and the end."

"I thought you said you didn't have to do seals. But with your way, you still do the seals, only in your mind."

"We demon's don't have to, you on the other hand, is just a human. You haven't reached that level yet. One more thing, to do the seals in your mind, you need to have the Kyuubi Eyes activated and have a good concentration. If you mess up, you'll have to start over. Also, the Jutsu will require more chakra to use. So I suggest you stick with hand seals unless you are in trouble and can't use your hands to form seals."

Naruto smiled at that, and ended the conversation with Kyuubi seeing that it was finished. He walked towards his house when he heard someone following him due to his improved hearing. He activated his Kyuubi Eyes and looked towards where his shadower was.

"Kakashi-sensei why are you following me?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi surprised that his student noticed him was in even more shock at his eyes. "Well, I was off to bed but I heard a herd of cows come rampaging down here."

Naruto face faulted as he heard his teacher's lame excuse. "That's weird, he just flashed red," thought Naruto.

"Kyuubi Eyes lets you see either or not someone is lying. If they are they flash a color. The more outrageous the lies the darker the flash will be. While the more truth there is, the lighter the flash will be."

"Thank you," thought back Naruto. "You're lying Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi laughed at the obvious reply. "Fine fine, Naruto-kun. I wanted to find out how you have Shadow Manipulation. Only the Nara clan has it in Konoha. But I remember that there was one more clan that had it. They left Konoha a long time ago so their name is lost to us, but I find it curious that you will have Shadow Manipulation when there is no chance you come from either clan. What happened and where have you been all those years you were away from us?"

Naruto looked saddened as he knew he wouldn't be able to tell Kakashi the truth. "Sorry Kakashi-sensei, I can't tell you the truth right about now. I promise once my secret is out, I'll explain. Before that, I just want you to know that I mean Konoha no harm. I love this village, and no longer bear much vengeance to the occupants of the village. I'm willing to forgive and forget the villagers and all others who have hated me. All I want now is to follow my dream. And that is to become the Hokage and have everyone acknowledge me. I can also, tell you that the Clan leader of the Shadow Clan infused me with his family blood allowing me to use their Jutsu. So I'm basically a Shadow Manipulator by blood now if not by name or heritage."

Naruto shrouded himself in darkness and vanished into the shadows. Kakashi stood in the middle of the streets as he deciphered all he could from his talk with Naruto. "Oh well," thought Kakashi. "It's going to be a busy day tomorrow, I'll save this till next time." Kakashi took out his book and started reading as he walked on.

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Anyway, now for the Chapter's…

JUMS (Jutsu's Used/Mentioned Section)

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)-A technique that allows the ninja to create physical clones of themselves. Each clone's strength is directly related to how many other clones the ninja using this technique creates. A Shadow Clone is destroyed by getting hit in anyway, itself attacking something is not included.

Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)-A technique used to replace the ninja's body with something nearby, like a log, or even another person.

Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Element! Powerful Fireball Technique)-a Fire Element technique where the ninja inhales deeply and breathes out a powerful stream of fire from their mouth. This burst of flames is powerful enough to burn away solid ground.

Doton! Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Element! Inner Decapitation Technique)-A Earth Element technique where the user hides underground to sneak below their opponent. Able to move underground freely, the ninja then grabs their opponent's legs and pulls them underground, burying them up to the neck.

Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Copy Technique)-A technique that allows the user to extend their shadow and connect it with another. The technique can be used on multiple targets. Once the connection is made, the user has complete control of the victim's body. Every move they make, the victim will copy and vice-versa. No harm is done to the user if the victim is hit, unless from any quick movements. For example, if the victims neck is broken, then the user's neck will be broken also. The user is able manipulate their shadow into any shape. The user may use other shadows that his own is touching to extend the reach of the shadow. The reach of the shadow is determined by the total surface area of the shadow. How long the user can control the victim is determined by the chakra the user has and the number of targets.