Aftermath Enter Tea

Tea was staring at the ceiling. 'I would be at work but a few days ago, Yami Bakura told the manager that I wasn't wasn't old enough to work there, and got me fired. I'm still mad at him, but I didn't once blame Bakura...after all, that wouldn't be fair to him.' She was depressed. Not only did she loose her job, but she lost a close friend.


Tea was waiting for Yami. Yugi had asked her to help him. She wasn't sure what to do or what she should say. 'I should just wing it. What else can I do? Yami's unpredictable. He might already have a plan and know what he wants to do.'

"Hey! Yugi! I'm not...You can't...This isn't a duel!" Tea turned her head and saw Yami. He was yelling at the Millennium Puzzle. Then Yami looked up and saw her staring at him. "Hello."

"I take it, Yugi didn't tell you?" Yami didn't answer. "Well, what do you want to do?"

"I haven't thought about it...Why don't you decide?"

"Well...there's a cafe not too far from here...It just opened...Do you want to check it out?"


Tea and Yami walked here in silence. She wanted to talk to him, but couldn't find a good way to start a conversation. When they got there, they took a seat on a couch. She sat there for a minute before turning to him and saying, "Have you read any good books lately?"

"No, I haven't...I spend most of my time in my soul room, looking for answers."

'Way to go, genus...You probably upset him. You're supposed to be HELPING, not making things worse...Am I yellling at myself? Get a grip, Tea.'

"Tea is something wrong?"

'Just be honest!' "No." 'Oh, crap, I just lied...Way to tell the truth!'

"You seem uncomfortable."

"It's just that...I feel silly...Yugi and I are really close friends...Yugi tells me you and him are close friends...almost like twins...And I want to be your friend too..So I thought I should ask you somethings, but I was afraid that you might not remember and feel worse. I thought you'd say something like 'Not much to tell' or 'There's not much about me you don't know already'...and now I'm just rambling...I'm sorry."

Yami looked at Tea for a moment. "It's amazing....You were able to know exactly what I'd say and probably feel...Maybe you know me better than you think."

Tea smiled. 'Now I really want to tell him about that dream I had last night...Where we're in Ancient Egypt and he's walking up stairs. I ask him where he's going and he says to face my destiny...good-bye..Then he leaves though double doors as I stand there yelling after him...But he has enough to worry about.'

End Flashback

'As I look back on it now...I should've told him. At the time, I was able to think of so many different reasons for me not to...and now they seem less important than the resons why I should have told him.' She sighed. 'I remember telling him my dream to become a dancer...He never told me what his dream to think of it...I told him a lot...My hopes, fears, dreams...but he never once told my anything like that about himslef...maybe he didn't want to be my friend...Maybe deep down, he knew that he'd have to leave one day and didn't want to get close to many people...people he'd have to say good-bye to and leave behind.' Tea got up and walked over to a bookself that had a photo album. She picked it up and sat down on a rocking chair wanting to flip through it. There first pictures she saw had to be at least 10 years old...when she and Yugi had been 6. That's when they met. The entire album was dedicated to her friends, and until she met Joey and Tristan, Yugi was the only one she had. As she flipped through the book, she watched her and Yugi grow up, then all of a sudden, her other two knuckle-headed friends appeared, and there were even a few with Bakura..although most of the time it was just a hand or a foor or maybe half of his face. 'He never liked getting his picture taken.' Then, as she flipped the page, Yami appeared. Tea frouned looking at the pictures, as she quickly flipped though the book...Most of the pictures were of Yami. 'Have I been ignoring Yugi and my other friends? All these pictures are nothing but Yami.' A few flipps later, she came across a group shot, with Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Bakura. They were standing in front of the window and in the reflection of the glass, Yami Bakura and Yami could be seen. Then she flipped the page again and saw a picture of Kaiba. It was a relitivly nice shot. He was sitting at his desk and was actually looking at the camera, not looking annoyed. 'What the...I didn't take that one...Oh, wait...that's the picture Joey took on the last day of school.'


"Hey, Tea, can I borrow your camera?" Joey asked.

"What for?" Tea asked.

"Rich boy's been buggin' me all's time for payback."

"Just be careful." Tea said, handing over her camera.

Kaiba was sitting at his desk reading. Joey walked over to him. "Hey, Kaiba."

"Go away, mutt."

"Got a question for ya."

"I'm busy."

"I need help on a crossword puzzle."

"Ask Yugi."

"What's a six letter word for a dairy product from a cow?"

By this point, Kaiba looked up. "Cheese."

As he said that, Joey lifted the camera and took the shot. "Thanks." He turned to walk away.

Kaiba sat there, confused and blinded for a minute. "COME BACK HERE!" he yelled, leaping across his desk in an attempt to catch Joey.

"Why?" Joey asked as he ran.

"So I can break that camera."

"It's not mine...It's Tea's."

"I don't care."

End Flashback

'They had the whole class in an uproar...Tristan wanted to make a bet with Yugi...He said Joey would get the pulp beat out of him...Yami was for the bet, but Yugi turned it down.' Tea flipped the page and found a picture of Marik, Isis, and Odion. 'I gotta admit...I didn't like Marik and Odion at first, but once Battle City was over, they didn't turn out to be the bad guys I thought them to be...They're actually nice guys.'
Before Tea got the chance to turn the page, the phone rang. She leaned over and picked it up. "Hello."

"Hi Tea, it's me, Joey."

"Hi Joey...What's up."

"Meet me at Burger World ok?"


"For Operation Cheer Up."

"For what?"

"I think Yugi and Bakrua are depressed...We should cheer 'em up, don't ya think?"

"Sure...That's what friends are for, right?"

"Exactily. See ya there." "Ok?"

Tea hung up the phone. 'I don't think Yugi and Bakura are the only ones that are depressed...I think we're all taking this kinda hard...And why shouldn't we? Yami's our friend...And I think to cope with this, we'll all need support." Tea got up, put the photo album back, and walked out the door.

-To be continued