This is something that I wrote off of the top of my head at Gateworld forums. I've decided to post it here!

It's came into my mind when someone mentioned that they'd heard a rumour about Janet Frasier.

Hope you enjoy the radominity!

Sam and Jack are walking through the streets of Colorado Springs on a lovely January morning.

Jack: How's things?

Sam: Sir?

Jack: Ah ah. I'm retired Cart...Sam. Lose the Sir.

Sam: Right...Things are good.

Jack: I heard about Pete. What went wrong?

Sam ponders this thinking of how to word her response

Sam: Lets just say a friend showed me where my heart really lies.

Jack stops walking, his eyes are wide as he realises there is a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Jack: And where does you heart lie Samantha?

Jack turns round to face her

Sam: I thought I'd moved on..I was on a bit of a rebound...Pete seemed like a great guy and he truly loved me...Everything was perfect...Or so I thought...I nearly lost you to the Ancient's repository and then the replicator version of me showed me what I wanted in my life...then...a friend told me the same thing...I heard that you were retiring. I left Pete because I love you.

Jack's face softens, the love evident in his eyes


The envelop each other in a big hug, but Sam feels Jack tense up. They pull apart.

Sam: What's wrong?

Jack: Not that I'm not happy with what's just happened here and not that I don't want to have HWMS with you right now, look at that newpaper stand.

Sam turns to read the newpaper headline which reads - GLOWING WOMAN 5'1" SEEN NEAR CHEYENNE BASE BRANDISHING BIG NEEDLE!

Jack: I think I know who your friend was Sam!

The pair turn to walk towards Jack's SUV.

Sam: Daniel's gonna be happy!

Jack: Yeah

As the car starts up, Sam realises Something

Sam: Jack?

Jack: yeah?

Sam: What's HWMS?

Completely random, but I've always wanted to write a sporadic ficlet!

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BTW - HWMS was not my idea!