Summary: I know this chapter is kinda serious (not the comedy/romance I promised,) but it will get better!. Just keep on reading.

Rating: Rated PG-13 for uncensored swearing mostly, no smut or anything.

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Prolog/The Stan Chapter

It was really ironic how whenever you get something you don't want it anymore, thought Stan.
Or maybe it's that it was never good in the first place.

He had always believed that he wanted Wendy to kiss him, that after it happened, he would know that Wendy was the one, that everyone else would know he was straight to.
Sadly, nothing had changed.
He still got teased for being a pussy, still threw up whenever she got to near, still didn't really know if Wendy was, was.... he didn't really know what he wanted Wendy to be, just that he wanted her to be the same, but different, and that he wasn't really happy.

Most people would be worried if there girlfriend stopped thinking about them, not if they stopped thinking about there girlfriend, Stan guessed, but that seemed to be what worried him most, that he was only fooling himself in to thinking he liked Wendy, that he should be thinking about her more.
He sighed, and resolved to stop thinking about the matter just for a moment, as he reached for his CD player.
His parents didn't really approve of his taste in music, but it helped him get through the tougher times in his life.

Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucka!
You're a boner biting bastard, Uncle Fucka!

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