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"Come on Harry, Ron, I refuse to be late our first day back!" Hermione Granger bellowed back at her sluggish friend.

"We're coming," Ron shouted back, though hardly increasing his lethargic pace. Harry hesitated, wanting to catch up to Hermione, but also not wanting to leave Ron when he seemed so desperate for a serious conversation. "And further more," Ron continued rambling on and so Harry stayed behind to hear him out. "Who says I couldn't get a girlfriend if I wanted to? I'm sure if I just asked someone out, then they'd agree!"

"Uh-huh," Harry was barely listening. Throughout the entire summer vacation, all Ron had been talking about was girls. It was fun for Harry to be able to stay the summer with his best friend, but this discussion was getting old and very dull.

Ron noticed that his friend wasn't paying him proper attention. "Well, it's easy for you to ignore the matter! Say the word and you could have any girl you wanted! Including Hermione!"

Now Harry snapped his focus back to his friend. "Why would I want Hermione?"

"I'm not saying you would," Ron sighed. "You're missing my point, Harry!"

"Right, sorry," Harry quieted letting Ron believe that he was listening, but really his head was tossing about the idea of going out with Hermione. Why would I want that? He wondered to himself. Does Ron know something about Hermione that I don't? Does she like me? What he wasn't realizing was that Rob had just used the poor girl as an example. He didn't mean anything by it, other than Harry was a very popular guy and it wouldn't be very hard for him to get himself a date.

"My point is," Ron lowered his voice slightly so that only Harry could hear his distresses. "I'm almost seventeen and I don't know the first thing about girls!"

Harry grinned, "Don't let it get you down, Ron, you've got plenty of time yet to get a girlfriend."

Hermione had slowed by the door to their first class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. She waited impatiently, her arms folded across her chest, her fingers drumming against her arm. "Hurry up!"

Now Harry ran ahead of Ron, disregarding the redheaded boy's desperate cry for assistance and advice, and met the young brunette at the door.

"Honestly, if the two of you moved any slower you'd be standing still!" She gave a pointedly exasperated sigh and with an unintentional toss of her hair, glided into the classroom.

Ron caught up to Harry at the door. "Do you think she realizes that we're the first ones here?"

"Would you like to inform her?" Harry whispered with a slight laugh.

"No thank you," Ron rolled his eyes and the boys followed their bossy, female friend to a table in the front row of the room.

"I wonder who our new teacher will be." Hermione thought aloud. She was obviously anxious to meet their new Professor. She always was a bit of a nerd in the way of always wanting to be on a good standing with her teachers and all that. She was pretty good at it too.

"I wonder how long the new teacher will last." Harry's thoughts were logical, considering every other Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher had either died, gone missing, or left after only a very short period of holding said position.

"Do let's be optimistic!" Hermione begged with a frown at the thought of all their previous teachers' tragedies.

The other students began filing into the room, obviously in no hurry for the new school year to begin, and chose their preferable seats at various tables about the large room.

"Hullo Potter," Blonde-haired Draco Malfoy slid into his seat at the table directly behind the three Gryffindors. "Hope you enjoyed your summer because I doubt you'll be enjoying much of the year now that you've returned."

"Oh shut it, Malfoy!" Hermione boldly spoke against the Slytherin troublemaker.

"You're looking unusually fine this year, Granger." Draco said with a slyly flirtatious grin. "Oh wait, nope, that was just the sun glaring in my eyes. Forget I said it!"

"Shut it!" Hermione rolled her eyes and turned away from the repulsive blonde boy.

"Leave her alone, Malfoy!" Harry immediately defended his friend. He was always very loyal when it came to matters of his friends.

"Don't get heated Potter!" Draco slouched back in his seat and folded his arms across his chest, fixing a smug grin on his youthful but sinister face.

"I can tell this year's going to be a blast," Ron exclaimed sarcastically, trying hard to ignore the rude boy sitting behind them.

Harry nodded in agreement, "Yeah, well, I suppose we'll just have to make the best of it then."

"Students," Professor Dumbledore appeared at the front of the room from a discreet door behind the teacher's desk, which led to the DADA teacher's office. "Please give me your attention as I would like to introduce you to your new Professor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts." The old man stepped aside revealing a surprisingly young man.

"He is not the new professor, is he?" Ron lifted his eyebrows in surprise at the man's rather young and attractive appearance. He was not at all the type of stuffy teacher the apprentice wizards were used to.

"This is Professor Spike." Dumbledore acknowledged the man beside him.