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Everytime ((One Shot))

Stars lit up the black sky. Beauty took precedence over the cool breeze and chilling rainfall that had formed around the city. The nightlife seemed to be dead tonight, as the streets laid quiet, almost admiring the sweet rhythms of the falling water.

My hair was matted against my neck and my back. I was numb all over, neither hot nor cold. I was breathing in the sweet scent of cool rain, as the aroma of cigarettes and alcohol slid off my bruised body.

Bruised, but never broken.

I had been wandering for hours or mere minutes. It was hard to tell on nights like these. Nights where alcohol took precedence over everything. When alone wasn't so alone anymore.

The sting of a headache began forming in the back of my head. I needed to get out of the rain and into a sanctuary of some sort. I could catch my death out in weather like this. Not that it makes much of a difference then catching my death by polluting my blood and liver with alcohol.

It sucks being your own worst enemy.

The rain slid down my semi-bare arms. I could tell it was getting harder by the way it hit the ground. I sighed as I looked around trying to figure out where I was.

A familiar building, not ten feet away, made the corner of my lips twitch towards a smile. I walked to the side of the building and slowly made my way up the fire escape. The headache and slight blurred vision only made me react faster; I had climbed this fire escape too many times not know what I was doing.

I reached the rooftop and walked over to the large skylight. I traced my reflection in the window. Rain cascaded down my body on to the roof and the window. Rhythmic songs began forming in my head as I gently hummed a lullaby from a lifetime ago.

I watched as his chest moved up and down, rhythmic with the rain. His hair was pushed off his face as he laid in a peaceful abyss of sweet dreams. My hand gently pushed on the skylight, opening it slightly, just enough for me to slide into the warm room.

Like so many times before, I was stealth, like a cat, padding silently through his room. I made it to his bed, not a sound in my wake. His eyes were closed, moving slowly within. He smelt of fresh soap, clean and untouched.

My fingers grazed his forehead as they found themselves lost in the soft depths of golden hair. He was on his side, the blanket barely covering his exposed chest. His lips pressed together in sound sleep. My hand slid down his face and neck. I paused as my hand graced the warmth of his chest.

Suddenly, I was extremely cold. The numb feeling had finally left and in its place was the cold weight of the rain and alcohol binge. I looked at him. His bed screamed at me, demanding I warm up at once, inviting me to sleep in the sweet abyss of dreams and nightmares alike.

I felt a hand on my semi-bare arm. His touch ran through my body leaving a tingling and warm feeling. I looked down at his sweet face, his sea green eyes questioning my presence.

My hand found itself against his cheek; his smooth skin like velvet. I inhaled his scent as my mind became intoxicated by his voice. I knew he was speaking, but his words were lost in the fog that is my mind. My eyes watched his lips move. He was asking what he always asked, and saying the same speech, he always spoke.

Just like always, my lips found his in a hunger for salvation.

It didn't take long for his reaction. He would never turn me away, as I would never deny him.

This wasn't the first time I found myself in his arms as rain poured on the roof above us, and it would not be the last. There were countless times where I found myself at his window, and he found himself at my doorstep.

His lips began moving again, asking me if I was sure, if I was ready. I couldn't hear my voice, but knew the answer that was being spoken. It didn't matter if he heard what I was saying, it never mattered. The answer was always the same, everytime.

I live for the nights that mean everything and nothing at the same time. Nights that caused affliction in the morning, but made our minds and bodies reel during the passion of it all.

When all was said and done, I stayed in his arms. Safe from the outside world, as well as the inside one.

I stayed up listening to him breathe, rhythmic hot breaths against my neck. I could feel his chest moving up and down against my back as I held unto his arms that wrapped around my body.

I was never tired after seeing him, because I always felt the most alive when I was with him.

Come tomorrow it'll be the same routine; I'll give up on being the bad girl, the rebel, no drinking and no smoking. He'd go back to being the star point guard, the American jock, fan girls and victory games. Then a week or two from then, I'll be back in his arms after another binge and another stormy night. Most alive when I was so close to dead.

That's just how it always is, everytime.