Third attempt! ,Numbuh Four's Secret

One day, Numbuh Three was having a tea party with her stuffed animals, and while she played, something grabbed her from behind. "Ahhh!", she screamed. "Help! Stop!" "What are you doing!"
She couldn't do anything about it. The tentacle grabbed her really tight. She almost ran out of breath. Until she heard a voice giggling. "Huh?" "Who's there?" "Why are you giggling?"
The tentacle let her loose. Out popped Numbuh four. "Hahhahha!" "You should see your face!"
"Ahh! Help!" he mimicked. "Wally!" "That wasn't funny!" "You really scared me and my Rainbow Monkeys!" "You're so mean!" "Get out!", she screamed. "But Numbuh Three it was only a..."
"GET OUT!", her eyes had flames. The Australian headed out. He only wanted to make her laugh. Why did she get so mad? He felt really uneasy.

At night, he dreamed about the Japanese girl. He dreamed he and her were on a date to Rainbow Monkey island, and that they lived there hapily forever. Until an uninvited guest to their island arrived; King Sandy and his three knights (cousins). He kidnapped Numbuh Three and atempted to marry her for the third time. Numbuh Four went to go get her, but someone got in his way; Katie!

"Hi Wally..." she said blushing. "Welcome to Rainbow Monkey Island!" "Who are you..." Numbuh Four said blushing. "I'm Katie..." she said blushing again. This was a beginning of a everlasting frienship. "I'll help you find Kuki!" "Don't worry!" The both went to go get, Numbuh Three.
Katie had a phone. It rang she went behind a palm tree and answered it. " According to plan,
King Sandy." She laughed an evil laugh.