By: Thought

Disclaimer: not mine.

A/N: Hehe. I had fun with this one. I was trying to write Sammy's birthday fic, but I couldn't think of anything but this idea. So, um, happy B-Day, Sammy!


She's known he watches her from the first moment when he looked down at her, and smiled that warm, charming smile. She's tried to ignore it, and when that didn't work, she started avoiding him. Yet, he still seems to find reasons to trail after her wherever she goes, tossing out a smart quip, or a teasing comment, that somehow seems to always stay just at the edge of being inappropriate. And once he's caught her in a casual conversation or argument, there seems no way for her to walk away.

He invades her personal space too often to be coincidence, but somehow manages never to do anything that she can really fault him for. At first, she thought he believed that because she was a machine, his machine, to add insult to injury that he could play with her as he would any of his toys. The mercenary has suggested it on more than one occasion, and she has always brushed him off, denying anything and everything. And, after a while, she understands that she had been right to deny. He has the utmost respect for her, and she understands now, as she could not have then, that he would never do anything to harm her.

She has seen the others watching her once or twice. Dylan with a desperate longing, always averting his gaze shamefully if she catches him looking. Tyr, who will study her with a hungry, calculating intensity that scares her. When she catches him looking, he catches her eyes, pinning her with his gaze until such time as he chooses to release her. Beka watches her with amusement. It is the playful; tempting glances that Beka has tossed her way that scare her the most. She is not used to anything being out of order. Everything should be planned and normal, a perfect routine.

It is normal for Harper to watch her with those big, innocent, adoring eyes. It is normal, so she has started watching him back. And she doesn't care that Dylan has started to avoid her, or that Tyr now makes verbal advances on her, as well as psychological. Trance, Rev and Beka seem to be entertained by the whole thing.

Normalcy is something she desperately craves on a daily basis. While she knows it will never be achieved, she finds pleasure in the normalcy of the game she and Harper play.

He's known she watches him since the day they kissed in Command. And she doesn't care.