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"Got the Gig" --Chapter One

"I'm iiinnnn! To ever thang that you doooo! Cause you knooow, That I'll always be lovin' yooooouuu! Oh whoa, yeah!"

"Argh! Stop!" Sakski begged, "Please, Doujima, I can't take it anymore!"

"Yes, Doujima, please!" Michael cried, "The volume on my headphones doesn't go any higher!"

Karasuma stared determindly down at her work, gritting her teeth in order to block out her comrades annoying "singing." "Why?" Doujima chanted, starting to dance around the room in a demented version of Brittney Spears. "I'm just getting my groove on! Dance with me Haruto!"




"What's going on?" In a swirl of black trenchcoat, Amon was there. Sakaki rushed over, relief written all over his face. "Amon, please! Make her stop!"

"Doujima, stop that. Go sit down and actually work."

Doujima pouted, "Aww, C'mon Amon. I'm just having a little fun, it's so boring here!"

Amon glared at her.

"Hmph! You guys are no fun!" Doujima flounced into her seat adn pouted some more. Karasuma and Sakaki sighed in audible. Michael turned down the volume to his earphones. Amon and Sakaki settled into their seats. Everyone worked on their own projects, and for several minutes, peace time, Karasuma looked up from her work. "Where's Robin?" As if on cue, Robin burst inot the office in a flurry of black cotton. She bowed low, her breath coming out in quick gasps and her chest heaving. "Forgive me, please." She said, addressing her co-workers, "I was delayed at Harry's." She rose and gazed apolegetically at the others. Everyone stared at her.

"How come?" Karasuma asked curiously.

"Well, I was having a conversation with Master about Italy. Singing came up somehow and I mentioned that I used to sing alot at the monastary, and he invited me to sing one evening at hte restaurant. He's even paying me a little, so...It's like a gig. My first gig." A slow smile spread across her face and a happy blush blossomed on her cheeks.

"Wow! No way! Robin, thats great!" Karasuma leaned back in her chair and congratulated Robin warmly.

"Awesome, Robin!" Sakaki agreed.

"Congrats, Robin!" Michael smiled at her.

"Hey, hey! Wait a minute!" Doujima exclaimed indigrantly, "How come you all are all excited about her singing, but you beg me to stop?" Doujima stood up, fist planted on her hips.

"Because you can't sing," Sakaki told her, "Robin probably can."

Doujima smacked him upside the head playfully.

"Sorry, but you can't." Sakaki shrugged.

"When?" Karasuma asked Robin.

"Next Monday."

"What? So soon?" Michael asked,"It's Friday, how're you gonna pull that off?"

Robin shrugged cheerfully, "Practice alot over the weekend, I'm only on for an hour, at the middle. There was a big gap between singers. I'm going over today adn Saturday to discuss everything with Master. I'll manage."

"We are so going! Nothing's gonna stop me from attending our Little Robin's first gig." Doujima declared, "You guy's coming?"

"Definatley." Karasuma grinned.

"Duh!" Sakaki smirked.
"See what I can do with the boss!" Michael smiled.

"Wow, thanks for your support guys!" Robin cried happily.

"What about you, Amon?" Sakaki turned to Amon who was still sitting moodily at his desk. An odd look crossed Amon's face for a split second before he stood up.

"I don't have time for such trivial things." He stated coldly before sweeping out the door. Robin's face crumpled, and unspilled tears filled her eyes.

"Well, eh!" Doujima said angrily.

Michael kept his eyes downcast.

"Don't mind him." Karasuma said hastily.

"Yeah, we're here for you, Robin. "Sakaki assured her.

"Oh, don't worry, "Robin said, sniffing and wiping her eyes, "He's not worth it. Uh, can I have the day off to go to Harry's. Y'know, to practice for Monday?"

"Sure thng." Karasuma said.

"Thank you." Robin said softly as she turned and walked out the door