"Whispered Confessions" --Chapter 4

When the last note had died down, all the people in the restaurant stood up and clapped as hard as they could. Robin smiled widely and bowed low. As she rose, she saw Amon slip out of the restaurant. Robin quickly called the next singer on stage and, shooting an explanitory glance at karasuma, who nodded in understanding, stepped out after Amon. Keeping her distance, she silently followed him to the park. Up ahead, Amon stopped beneath a tall, spreading oak tree. Without turning around, he said, "I don't know why you're following me, but I suggest you stop." Robin stepped up close behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder.Softly, she whispered, "I saw you. I thought you weren't coming." Gruffly, he yanked his shoulder out of her tender grasp, and said, "I had nothing better to do." Robin sighed and walked in front of him, so that they were face-to-face. She took a deep breath, the time was now or never, even if he didn't want her. Looking at the ground, she hesitantly whispered, "I was singing for you." Silence fell around them like a cloak and Robin began to worry that she had made a huge mistake. Then, almost inaudibly, Amon said, "I know." Robin breath caught in her throat adn she looked up at him. Amon was not looking at her, but at the ground. Robin reached up and gentely touched his cheek. "Amon...I-" she began.

"I love you." he whispered unexpectedly.

Robin stared up at hm disbelieving. He slowly brought his eyes to meet hers. She brought up her other hand to rest on his other cheek.

"Really?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Why?" she asked, unshed tears making her eyes sparkle. "Why didn't you tell me before? God, Amon, I love you so much." She took her hands away from his face and covered her own.

"I can't be with you." Amon said.

"Why?" demanded Robin, "I love you, adn you love me. Why do we have to go through more pain?"

"I can't love you, Robin." Amon whispered painfully, "I'm a cold man. I don't know how to love. I don't know how to be with you. And I don't deserve you, "He wiped a tear off her cheek tenderly, "My Angel."

"I don't care!" Robin cried, leaning against him and pounding his chest with her fist. "I don't care what you do or don't know how to do. I love you. Do you hear me?" I love you. Amon, just being with you is enough."

Amon lightly capped one hand against her cheek adn the other at her waist. Robin leaned her head into his hand adn looked up into his eyes. "Please Amon," She begged, "Amon, I love you so much and I'll wait for you, as lond as you need. Please, just be with me."

Amon was silent for a long while, and Robin thought he wwas going to refuse. But finally, he nodded. Robin sighed and closed her eyes. She raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck, pressing herself close to him. Amon wound his arms tightly around her waist. Robin lifted her head and Amon bent down. Slowly, their lips met and they kissed longingly.

"I love you," Amon whispered against her lips, "You sang beautifully. Just watching you on stage and seeing all the other couples dancing, I wanted to dance with you so badly."

Robin pulled away and smiled at him, her emerald eyes shining in the moonlight, full of hope and happiness. "We can now." Robin murmured.

"Now?" Amon said quizically, cocking his head to one side, "We have no music." Robin laughed softly, "Silly man," she said quietly, "We have music."

"We do?" asked Amon, smiling slightly.

"Yes." Robin smiled back, "It's in our hearts. Your heart, my heart. We can dance to that."

"Okay," he said, "In that case, may I have this dance, my angel?"

"Yes." Robin said happily. She leaned her head on his chest and slowly, they danced under the moonlight, to the music of their hearts.

o The end o


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