If you think that this will be a lighthearted story about two happy brothers and their happy childhood adventures, then you are sorely mistaken. Yes, it is true that their lives prior to that fateful dummer day were, in fact, fairly happy and fulfilled. However, neither of the brothers were quite prepared for the consequences that the day would bring.

The brothers often went to the woods. To them, every trip there was fresh, new, and exciting. Lemony, the oldest, sat on a mossy rock, reviewing his notes for stories and trying to imagine the lives of people who had come to these woods before them.

Jaques was twelve years old and only two years younger than his brother. He was watching an interesting green beetle with orange spots crawl into a small opening between a nearby tree and a piece of bark. Then he noticed how much cover it granted and wrote some notes in his small black notebook as he turned towards his brother.

"I can't believe summer is nearly over," Jaques said. "I feel as if I haven't had enough time to do everything that I had planned for the summer."

"Yes, I know," said Lemony. "I had wanted so badly to finish that volume of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. They are so well written and scary."

Jaques replied, "I had been planning to explore the woods some more to find some good hiding places but now that the leaves are falling, I won't be able to find any good ones." Suddenly he paused, cocking his head to one side.

Strange noises are unusual things. For one thing, such noises can be relative. The sound of something as common as a car starting its engine doesn't seem at all unusual to many people, but to a man living as a hermit for many years, such a sound is quite unusual. However, the sound of undercover agents searching for clues leading to my capture while riding Shetland ponies may be unusual to you, but my ears have been trained to detect it, since I hear it nearly every night. But I must tell you, the noise that Jaques heard might or might not be unusual, but the result certainly was.

"What was that noise?"

"What noise?" replied Lemony.

"Just now. Didn't you hear it?"

"It was probably nothing, Jaques," Lemony said, puzzled. "However, I'm sure you could write it down in your notebook, then you could ask mom or dad about it. They're so well-read that I'm sure they could tell us."

"But if that was nothing, what was that noise?" Jaques asked, confused.

Suddenly the rock that lemony was sitting on moved quickly to one side, uncovering a deep hole. As Jaques leaned forward to examine the hole, a strong current of air that still has meteorologists baffled pushed Jaques into the hole. Hearing his brother's screams and noticing that the rock was returning to its normal place, Lemony quickly grabbed his notebook and jumped into the hole, not knowing what lay ahead.

None of them noticed that both the mossy rock and the deep pit were shaped like an eye.