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Chapter 1: Approached

"Are you Kagome Higurashi?" The deep, provocative voice sent chills down her spine.

"Yes," Kagome said turning away from her fire- and water damages warehouse. Just when she thought she was going to relax. Maybe go on a vacation for the first time in six years. This should teach her not to count her chickens before they hatch.

A man moved toward her. As he stepped into the sphere of light by the street lamp, her heart went dead still...and then started to hammer in her chest.

Wide shouldered and slim-hipped, he moved with unearthly grace and had an innate sense of his very male body. His face was enough to make every female salivate from coast to coast. His entrancing amber eyes, a straight nose, and his long silver hair, that looked like nothing she had seen before. His looks were startling, but his aura around him started up feelings in the pit of her stomach. He exuded a sensuality that drew every female eye. She had no doubt that he knew his way around a bedroom.

When he saw the full view of her, his eyes widened and an appreciative gleam replaced the hard-nosed look in his eyes. His stride faltered, and he stopped a few feet from her.

For a moment they stared at each other. Although he stood at ease, his eyes were watchful and intelligent, seeing everything, missing nothing. Cop's eyes. His coat was open, revealing a gray T-shirt and the butt of a weapon stowed against his ribs. Dark blue jeans covered his hips and hugged the muscular power of his long legs.

"Kagome Higurashi, FBI," he said, flipping open an official looking badge. "Are you the owner of this warehouse?"

"What's left of it." She turned and gave the smoking ruins a melancholy look. Then she turned to him with a puzzled look on her face. "Does the FBI investigate arson now?"

"No, but we do get irritated about fraud," he said.

She turned to him to look at him, unable to comprehend what he said.

"Fraud? What does that have to do with arson?"

"Not one damn thing."

"Look, Agent Taoshi, I've had a really bad day. Could you get to the point, I'm kind of slow right now." She ran both her hands through her hair.

"You committed a federal offense," he said matter-of-factly, pulling out a set of handcuffs. ( I wouldn't mind Sesshomaru handcuffing me, as long as he took me to his house.. .)

Her hand flew to her throat. Her mouth opened and he caught a glimpse of white teeth. "What are you talking about?" she said. She kept looking at him in bewilderment, as if she'd momentarily lost her bearing.

Sesshomaru had seen some surprised look, some shocked expressions, and some guilty smirks, but the true bafflement in Kagome Higurashi's dreamy soft blue-gray eyes made him hesitate. Not exactly what Sesshomaru was used to- he cuffed and left all explanations to the judge.

Maybe it was the look of confusion in those huge innocent eyes peering out from that arresting face, he didn't know, but something pulled him closer.

The air was thick around him and he was having trouble catching his breath as she stared at him. He could hear her shallow breathing, the beating of her heart, and heard water hissing from the coupling of a nearby high-pressure hose. He knew he should speak, but he couldn't seem to put a coherent thought together. He wasn't a man of many words, but the oddness of the moment sent a thrill down his spine.

Pulled back chaotically, unruly strands of her hair framed her heart-shaped face with such a rich black color that it was all he could do not to touch the glossy tendrils.

Despite the well-heeled clothes and her shocked stance, she gave him a sense of motion, of being driven by an inner spirit so compelling that it glittered around her like a halo. And from the deep, dark place where he'd stuffed all his needs, a vital and primal desire lust inside him, growling in its wildness.

She had long legs and lush, eye-catching curves. Her flushed skin gleamed. A shining drop of water from the hoses glided down her slender, delicate throat. Pulsing over the erratic beat of her heart, it trembled and beckoned him closer.

Sesshomaru's eyes followed the promise of that glittering drop as the beast snarled loose. It took everything he had to keep his hands at his sides. The beast urged to reach out and drag her against him and lick that drop from her soft-scented skin, using his tongue to finish its delectable path downward.

"We traced the IP address to this location. Can you explain that?" Now why had he said that? He wasn't supposed to be allowing her to weasel out of a federal charge. But, he couldn't help but feel that she was innocent.

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