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Chapter 6: Exploited Desires

Kagome watched the change in Sesshomaru's eyes. The irises darkened to a richer hue that took her breath away, as golden as the molten sun. Her heart picked up a beat. Anticipation or fear, she wasn't sure which. Something hot and risky drifted through her body, pooling in the aching area between her legs.

He stopped in front of her, and for one long moment everything caught and held — words, breaths, gazes suspended as the charged air pulsed between them, saturated with anticipation. His mouth moved closer as the air thickened and smoldered hotter, shutting out everything like night shut out day.

And the eagerness expanded inside of her with a sudden obsession to run her hands all over this man.

Kagome stared up at him, her gaze still caught on his. She stretched up toward him and grazed his lower lip with the edge of her teeth. Heat flared in his eyes. He brought his mouth down on hers, harder, hungrier than before. He entered her mouth, thrusting his tongue inside with an eager moan.

Kagome welcomed him, sucking at him, drawing him deeper, tangling her tongue with his, rubbing, stroking, enticing.

He took her hand and brought it against him, molding her fingers along his erection as he dipped his tongue into the heat of her mouth again and again.

A moan caught at the back of Kagome's throat. Through his jeans she could feel him pulsing with need. His hand grasped hers, leading her to her feminine mound, sliding in between her legs, cupping her, rubbing the fabric of her robe against the heat of her desire.

With his free hand, he opened the robe, his big hand cupping her breast. His mouth left hers, and Kagome bowed back against the counter as his mouth closed over her nipple, sucking at her with hard pulls of his mouth. Tremors of excitement rippled along Kagome's nerves. The sense of doing something forbidden only added fuel to the fire inside her. She gave herself over to the sensation of his wet, hot mouth closing over her other erect nipple. His teeth grazed the tender bud, and pleasure sparkled through her like stardust.

He moved lower, kissing her stomach, his tongue flicking over the point of her hip to the crease of her thigh.

He parted the soft, swollen flesh between her legs. Settling his mouth against her, he kissed her deeply, and she gasped and bucked against him. Arching into the intimate kiss, she shamelessly gave herself over to the pleasure he was giving her. He pushed her bottom onto the counter, lifting her hips with his hands, pressing her legs apart to more fully stroke, dragging her deeper into the tide of passion.

He took her over the brink, and Kagome thought she might die of ecstasy as wave after wave swamped her, stealing her breath, stealing her sanity.

Kagome reared up against him, sliding off the counter, reaching for the waistband of his briefs and tugging them down. She wrapped her hands around his erection, and Sesshomaru lost it. He pushed her back, slipped on protection, and thrust into her, dying a sweet little death as her woman's sheath closed around him, tighter than a glove.

He gave himself over completely to pleasuring her with deep, smooth strokes of his body. Drinking in her wild, fevered kisses that took his breath away. When the end came in an explosion of sensation and desperation, the intensity of it scared him down to his toes.

Sesshomaru eased away from her. He didn't want to leave the warmth of her body, but what he hated doing more was losing the deeper connection between them — the one he had to admit was so strong for the short period of time that he'd known her.

With a soft murmur he took her into his arms and headed toward the bedroom. Gently laying her down, he followed her to the mattress. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close.

Kagome wasn't only dangerous to his job. She was a danger to his heart. He couldn't stop the feelings that threatened to engulf him as he held her sated body.

Kagome clung to him, breathing in the heady smell of him, realizing that he'd branded her for life with his scent.

Sesshomaru shifted, and Kagome met his eyes. She traced his lower lip with her thumb. "You were very right."

"About what?" he asked, his eyes half-closed in pleasure.

"You are good."

He smiled his full killer smile and said, "You're pretty damn good yourself, lady." His grin faded, and he looked away. "I have a dilemma now, thanks to you."

"What's that?" she asked, running her hand up his hard, muscular torso.

"I hate admitting that I made a mistake, but in your case, I think I missed something."

"Are you saying you think that I'm innocent?" She pressed her lips against his neck and nuzzled. Warmth blossomed inside her.

Sesshomaru sighed deeply, his arms tightening around her. "Yes, dammit, and it's very inconvenient."

At his vehement tone, she raised her head and asked, "Why?"

"Because I want you on the outside." Sesshomaru was feeling rattled. He hadn't intended to get involved with his very delectable suspect, but his body had other ideas. Ideas he hadn't been able to control.

"You do?"

"Yes and that's even more of a problem." Wanting like that wasn't smart. He'd been content with the way his life was — emotionally unfettered, basically uncomplicated, neat and simple. There wasn't anything neat and simple that was drawing him to Kagome.

"Why is that?"

"My job takes up long hours. Climbing the ladder to success takes away from anyone else in my life." And he'd been diligent in climbing it. Eighteen-hour days, times when he didn't even have time to shave, let alone change his clothes.

She stiffened at his put out tone. "You're not the only one with a busy life. I run a business, and it takes up all my time, too," she huffed. "What makes you think I have time for you?"

She sat there looking up at him, eyes wide, lips moist and slightly parted. She wasn't doing a damn thing and still she managed to exude sexuality. "I didn't say that you don't work hard. I'm just saying that...hell...you'd be a big distraction."

Mollified by his tortured tone, she took a deep breath. "Oh. Well, that's different."

"I'd say this was chemistry, animal attraction or just plain sex if it wasn't for the fact that I care what happens to you, Kagome," he said, nuzzling her ear.

"Even better," she said sighing.

He captured her mouth, tipping her head back and kissing her deeply, erotically. Desire twisted through him as his hand found her warm breast. He bent her back over his arm and dragged his mouth down her throat to her collarbone, then to the sweet fruit of her nipple. He closed his lips over that warm, erect bud, and his cell phone rang like some kind of wake-up alarm.

"Whoever thought it was a good idea to be accessible twenty-four hours a damn day...?" he snarled, pulling away.

"Not me," Kagome grumbled.

He looked down at the display and swore. This couldn't be good. Not good at all.

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