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Chapter 1: Going out With a Bang

Two boys and a girl were seen flying through the trees. Jumping from limb to limb, they approached their target. The one in the front had onyx eyes with hair to match. He wore a black shirt with white pants and had bandaged legs. Behind him followed by a pink haired girl. She had emerald eyes, an unusually large forehead, and wore a red dress. Holding up the rear was a boy with spiky blonde hair. His eyes were of an enchanting sapphire and he wore a bright orange jacket with matching pants. But his clothing wasn't the feature that stood out. No, it was the whisker-like marks on his face. And his blue eyes, his piercing blue eyes.

"Naruto, can you see anyone behind us?" The leader asked.

"Nope, no one's behind us Sasuke."

"Alright, I think we can stop for now." Sasuke said as he stopped at a tree branch. They all stopped next to him and the girl took out a walkie-talkie.

"We have left the building. You guys ready to leave?" She spoke into it. She heard a voice on the other end.

"We hear you, Sakura. We got our part of the job done. Neji's team and Kiba's team are also ready to leave." Sakura smiled at the voice on the other end. It was her friend and ex-rival for Sasuke, Ino.

"Then let's go." Sakura looked at the target they were about to hit. It was a Sound complex. Naruto, on the other hand, had thought back to the mission briefing.


The four teams were sitting in Tsunade's office. It was about eight a.m. in the morning. Naruto was in a corner nodding off. Thoughts were running through his head. 'Man, this better be worth it. If this is another lazy D-rank mission, I am out of here.' He looked up and saw the people there. He saw the rest of the Rookie Nine and Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee.

Neji had black hair with a white jacket with black shorts. Naruto took a look into his eyes. They were pale and had no iris. He was a possessor of the Byakuugan, an advanced bloodline ability that allowed the user to see the Tenketsu points of your opponent. If you hit your opponent with their style of Taijutsu, Jyuuken, you could kill your enemy easily. He stopped thinking about and turned to the girl.

Tenten had her hair in her usual Chinese Buns and wore a pink Chinese shirt with brown pants. Rock Lee however, wore a one-piece spandex suit with long orange-yellow socks that hid extremely heavy weights. His hands were heavily bandaged. But his face, oh his face was a sight to behold. He looked normal, but his eyebrows were thick and his hair was fashioned into a bowl cut. 'Fuzzy eyebrows.' He thought again.

He took his eyes off of Lee when he started to hit on Haruno Sakura, who kindly refused. He scanned his eyes over to her. She had begun to mature. She was in the transition stage from girl to woman. 'Man, she is a beauty,' He managed to pry his eyes off of her and turned to Uchiha Sasuke. He smirked. Naruto and Sasuke had begun to grow taller in the past two years. Sasuke was still taller than him, but he was slowly catching up. It probably wouldn't be long until Naruto overtakes him in height. Their facial features had also begun to change. It was slowly becoming that of a man.

His friend and eternal rival had everything he wanted. Attention, strength, girls fawning over him, whatever you could think of, he had. 'Plus, he's got the Sharingan,' In a way, Naruto was jealous of him. 'But no one could love me, because I'm everyone's favorite loser, dead last.' Even though they had a bumpy start, they had become good friends over time. After Naruto had brought him back after he left to join Orochimaru, Sasuke began to open up. He had long lost his expressionless face and his eyes looked more alive. He actually had a social life.

It had been two years since the incident with Orochimaru killing the Third Hokage. Everyone was now around fifteen or sixteen. They had grown together over time and become close friends and comrades in arms. However, Orochimaru attacked Konoha every so often, causing the village to lose valuable shinobi in each attack. Even after the two years, he still attacked. So often, the twelve found themselves doing B and C rank missions. Thinking back to that time was painful for Naruto. So he cut it out of his mind.

Naruto's sapphire blue eyes locked onto a blonde girl arguing with Sakura over Sasuke. He knew that she was using Sasuke to get Shikamaru jealous, and Sakura knew that too, since they always shared their secrets. She was very developed. Her name was Yamanaka Ino. She had a ponytail with a tuft of her hair hanging over the side of her face while the rest was combed back. She wore a purple shirt and shorts and had bandaged legs. It's not that she was injured, but she liked to where them. He looked over to her two teammates: Akimichi Chouji and Nara Shikamaru.

Chouji was seen, eating. He always ate. It was his hobby, and he had the size to prove it. Shikamaru, on the other hand, had no hobby at all. He simply stared into space, looking at the clouds through the windows. He was the laziest of the lazy. But he had the highest IQ of the twelve, so he could afford to be lazy. He was already a chuunin, but he was with his old team.

Finally, he turned to the last team. Kiba and his white dog, Akamaru were sitting in the far corner. 'The second loudest person in Konoha, the first being me.' Kiba wore a grey hoodie sweater and had black pants. Akamaru was hanging out inside the sweater, with his head poking through the opening in the hood, right under Kiba's chin. Next to Kiba was Shino. He had black sunglasses, which no one could see through, and wore a gray jacket that managed to cover up the lower part of his face. Shino never really said anything unless he had to. He just stayed there, listening to his little destruction bugs.

A girl, almost outside of Naruto's sight was standing and contemplating her thoughts. 'Oh man, oh man, what should I do, WHAT SHOULD I DO?' She nervously began to play with her index fingers while blushing. It was a habit of hers. Whenever she was near him, she would blush and play with her index fingers. 'Do I sit by him? Do I try to talk to him? What should I do?' A voice snapped her out of her thought.

"Oi, Hinata! What are you doing back there? Why don't you take a seat?" It was him, the boy she respected and loved. Naruto was calling her to take a seat. She blushed deeply and slowly walked over and sat down next to him. He took a good look at her. Her eyes were like Neji's. She wore an oversized beige jacket and had loose-fitting blue jeans that ended a little above her ankles. Her body had also begun to develop. Perhaps she wore those clothes to hide them. She was about to talk to him when Tsunade walked in.

"Alright teams, listen up. We have information that the Village of Sound has set up a complex within our territories. I want you four teams to find as much information as possible and destroy the place. You can do this any way you want. I know that you guys are all still genin, but you guys are the best of them, so don't screw up on this, okay? This is an A-rank mission, so don't get yourselves killed. However, your senseis will be unable to be with you on this. They're busy on their own missions." She said.

"YOSH!!! Finally, something that's not D-rank!" Naruto yelled out. Hinata just looked at him, blushing and smiling at the boy she loved.

End Flashback

"Kiba, they're ready to leave." Ino spoke into the walkie-talkie

"Alright, lets blow this joint!" His loud voice rumbled through.

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