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Chapter Twenty-One: Double-Edged Sword Or Is It?

Naruto's face contorted from the in pain. He stood about fifty meters away from where Hinata was tied up at the post. 'Damn… that kunai hit one of my vital organs… and… my chakra… something about it… it seems different…'

'I can't heal myself,' Naruto concluded. The warmth of his blood was felt through his skin. Naruto winced, taking the pain as best as he could. 'I've got to end this fast! I don't care if it takes my life! I have to do it!'

Hinata opened one eye. Then another. Slowly, she looked down to where the kunai was lodged in her. Her eyes widened. She had expected pain. She had expected the cold feel of metal slicing into her flesh. She expected coldness to enter her body, and then death.

She did not expect to see a kunai lodged in a piece of black cloth and the skin underneath it.

It was a part of Naruto's jacket, and underneath Naruto's jacket, she concluded, was a piece of Naruto's flesh. It was the strangest sight she had ever seen. Instead of her white shirt, there was a circle of black leather. She looked up to see Naruto with a circle of white cloth on his jacket.

'He switched body parts with me… I never knew that was possible…' Hinata looked down again at her body to see that a poof of smoke had appeared over the black cloth. When the smoke dissipated, she saw that her shirt was once again whole. She looked back at Naruto. The dark cloth and a kunai sticking out of it replaced where the patch of white once resided. 'It's an incomplete Kawarimi.'

Naruto could not have used a full Kawarimi to save Hinata. Had he done so, he would have compromised his position, putting himself at the mercy of his uncle. Though she would have been freed, Keisuke could have simply killed her without a second thought. Then, it would be a loss for Konoha, losing to of its most valued shinobis in a hostage situation.

Naruto viciously pulled out the kunai. Blood spurted out, scaring Hinata a great deal. "This kunai…" Naruto started, "it's been dipped with some kind of poison. What kind of poison is it, and where did it come from?" Keisuke frowned at his failed attempt to kill Hinata.

"The poison was purposely made by me to keep you from being able to heal yourself with chakra. You can still use jutsus, however," Keisuke shot Naruto a look of sadness. "I didn't mean to hit you at one of your vital spots…" Keisuke sighed. "But, that is a rather interesting concept, using an incomplete Kawarimi to save your girlfriend here."

"Shut up! I don't want any of your damn pity! You want to know why I don't want it? Because you're a mass murder and because I'm still going to kill you, whether I have the strength in me or not!" Naruto then threw the kunai at Keisuke, who dodged to the side. Naruto charged, though slower than how he was before. 'Damn it! I'm slowly getting weaker… It's all or nothing now! I just wish I didn't have to use it, but it's my only option left… Jiraiya-sensei… thank you for teaching me that technique a month ago… and about telling me a bit more about my father.'

"Give up, Naruto. You're going to die, whether you like it or not." Keisuke said to his nephew. He gave a light punch to Naruto's stomach. He fell to his knees in pain. The Uzumaki avenger clutched his stomach where his uncle had hit him. Slowly, his hands moved. "You'll never take your place as one of the Hokage, because you're going to die here. No one is going to know about the story of how you died or how poor little Hinata-chan died. It will all remain a mystery as to how all of the shinobis here died today."

"Shut up! I cannot and will not give up! I already accepted the fact that I will not become Hokage. I threw away that dream when I came here to bring back Hinata-chan and got hit by that poisoned kunai!" Naruto yelled. Hinata's head drooped down in sadness. He even gave up his dream for her. Naruto loved her that much.

"But I am glad that I came here. I am happy to know that Hinata-chan will live another day. I am happy to know that I will die to keep her safe." Naruto slowly stood up. "And I am glad to know that you're going to die here with me!" Naruto quickly grabbed the shoulders of his uncle. 'I have to do it. Any later and I may not be able to pull it off… I have to do it now for Hinata-chan…'

'Here goes nothing,' "Shiki Fuujin!"

Hinata's face had shape shifted into one of shock. 'No… Naruto-kun's not going to do that… Oh God, he is!' Tears started to trickle down her eyes. "No! Don't do it, Naruto-kun! Please, whatever you do, don't do that one! I'm not worth it!" She struggled against the ropes that bound her to the spot. She tried to push the ropes away with chakra, but she failed.

"Sorry, Hinata-chan, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure that you're safe and no harm falls unto you," Naruto said. "One is truly strong when he finds someone to protect." He turned to face Hinata, who was still fifty meters away from him. "And to me, you are that someone, and I will do everything in my ability to protect my precious person! You are worth everything to me!"

Keisuke simply watched a man who had nothing to lose smile back at him. The mass murderer was at a loss. "W-What is this?" Naruto smiled a smile. No, it was not a just any smile. It was a smile that only a man who had nothing to lose would smile. It was dark. It was scary. It was psychotic. "What are you planning to do?" he tried to push Naruto away with his arms, but for some reason, he could not.

The smile Naruto wore… It was the smile of a madman.


It was a smile of a demon. A very angry, vengeful demon.

But it was a demon in love.

"This jutsu will take your soul along with mine into the stomach of the Death God, where we shall face each other in eternal combat!" Naruto still wore the demonic smile. Slowly, the Death God's hand reached into Keisuke's stomach through Naruto's stomach and slowly dragged his uncle's soul out. It stopped halfway.

'Damn it! I can't take it all out of him yet… But… I have to do this!' Slowly, Keisuke's soul continued to leave his body.

"No! You can't do this!" Keisuke did his best to punch Naruto, but he found out that his arms still did not function properly. Instead, they only flailed around at his sides, remaining useless. He tried to kick Naruto, but he couldn't get enough force behind it to make Naruto let go. He could not lift it high enough to hit Naruto either. "You realize that if you kill me, then there will be no one to carry on the Uzumaki Bloodline, ne? What would it be like for the world to have one less bloodline?"

Naruto smiled a strange smile. Perhaps it was because his eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses that Keisuke could not see the raw hatred and anger flowing out of them. "I wish I did not have to end such a bloodline as ours. But if I must, then I will." Naruto took one last look at Hinata. 'For you, Hinata-chan.' Keisuke's soul had been pulled into Naruto's stomach.

"Seal!" the Kyuubi vessel cried out. Slowly, Keisuke fell to the ground, lifeless, heartless, and soulless. Naruto gave off his last foxy grin and closed his eyes. He felt calm, knowing that Hinata would be safe from harm. No one from this godforsaken association would ever hurt her again. His hand reached into his pocket for the box with the ring inside it and gave it one last squeeze. He wanted to burn the feeling of the box in his hands, making sure that the memory would never leave him.

And then he held onto the box like his life depended on it.

Slowly, the ropes unbound themselves from around Hinata. Tears were meandering down her cheeks. She vigorously shook off the rest of the ropes and ran to Naruto.

'Hinata-chan… I never got to say this to you…' His body was beginning to feel cold. He could feel his neck droop down.

Hinata tripped and fell over a rock. Staggering, she quickly got up and continued to run towards him.

'I was a fool to not say this earlier…' He was starting to go numb in his limbs.

The tears became a river on her cheeks. Falling like silver raindrops from the sky, the gracefully landed on the ground, splashing and seeping into the ground, disappearing forever.

'But Hinata-chan… I will never forget you because…' The numbing feeling came ever closer to his chest.

She was at the halfway point. The salty tears caused the wounds on her delicate face to sear in pain. But she continued to run, ignoring the pain and only focusing on the goal at hand.


The distance gap was slowly closing. Hinata pushed herself to move every bit faster.


Hinata was only ten meters away now.


Naruto's body slowly began to tilt and fall. Hinata had managed to catch his body in time. She slowly set him on the ground and put her ear to his chest. He was still warm. His heartbeat began to be weaker and farther in between until 'No…' it stopped.

'Like father… like son…' These were the last thoughts of Uzumaki Naruto as his soul left his body to join his mother and father. 'I'll… see you soon… Otou-san… Okaa-san…' Naruto's smile froze in place.

She activated a healing jutsu and began to heal the wound that Naruto had earned for putting her safety above his, effectively healing and closing the wound and purging the poison from his body.

She listened to his heart once more. There was still no sound. "No…" the tears started to well up in her eyes. "No!!!" she screamed, the tears fell from her white eyes, dampening the leather jacket. "Don't leave me, Naruto-kun!" she clenched her eyes shut. She opened them again. She looked at the arm in Naruto's pocket.

She took his arm out of his pocket. She noticed that he was clenching something. She pried the box from Naruto's dead hands and opened it. "No…" it was a diamond engagement ring. On the inside of the ring band, it said 'Hinata And Naruto Forever.' She let the tears flow from her eyes, now letting them soak the leather jacket. She closed the box and put it back into his hands, unable to look at it. It reminded her too much about Naruto.

"Why? Why is it that as soon as the man I love returns, he is taken away?" Hinata cried out in anguish. "Why?" She buried her face in his chest, groping for that tiny bit of warmth escaping from his body.

Hinata gently looked up at Naruto and stroked his cheek. 'Naruto-kun… he would say that there was another way around it… He would not give up, not even against all odds. And with that willpower, no, that Spirit of Fire, he would somehow live through and prevail.' And now, Hinata had become Naruto, continually saying, in her head, that there was another way around it. There was another way around this barrier of death. There had to be a way to defy all odds like Naruto had done.

And indeed there was.

Thinking back to when she had read the scroll her father had given to her, she quickly did her best to recall what she read. 'Okay… the seals… Ox… Monkey… Crane… Boar… Angel!' "Revive no jutsu!" Hinata cried, hoping, wishing, praying that whatever god was out there would hear her cries and grant her request.

Nothing happened.

Hinata tried again, pouring her heart and soul into the jutsu that she believed would bring Naruto back.

Still, nothing happened.

'Damn it! I'm doing something wrong here!' Hinata thought back to the scroll once more. What else was on it? Had she missed something? What key ingredient had she forgotten to put in? Where was the key to unlocking the door that separated her from Naruto?

Yes, she forgot something.

She found the key. Quickly, Hinata bit her thumb and restarted the seal sequence, ending once more in angel. "Revive no jutsu!" the blood disappeared from her thumb.

Nothing happened. Hinata wailed in defeat. 'There is no way I can bring him back… Naruto-kun… Goodbye…' Hinata sobbed and sobbed.

"Child…" A voice called out, "what are you crying over?" Hinata looked up. The strange man wore a white cloak and had long teeth. He had a string of beads in one of his hands and his skin was purple. He had white hair that flowed everywhere and he was about seven feet tall.

Hinata found out that she was face to face with the God of Death. She had recognized him from drawings in the library of the Hyuuga household. "Naruto-kun… he's dead… and I want to bring him back so that I may love him. He has never truly known his mother or father, and he has never been in an intimate relationship with someone. I was hoping… that I could have been that someone that would have that kind of relationship with him. I want to share my life with him…" Tears ambled down her cheeks.

"Very well," the God of Death replied, "But in order for me to give life back to the man that you love, you must first give me something in return. Now I want you to think: how much is this Naruto worth to you? Who is he that you would use this technique, a highly forbidden one, to ask for his life back?"

"He is the only thing I live for! Without him, I feel like I cannot live on! I love him so much that… that it hurts!" Hinata answered, tears overrunning her eyelids.

The God of Death smiled. "Then what are you willing to give in return for this man's life?"

"I am willing to give up my eyes, my money, my earthly things… my life… I will offer my life to you if you return Naruto-kun to me!"

"Very well. However, you may only use this jutsu once. Are you sure that you want to use it to save Naruto?" the God of Death questioned her again.

"Of course! I want to hold him in my arms and hold him! I want him to be happy…" Hinata trailed off. These questions were starting to push her to her limits.

"All right then, take this knife," the God of Death said, "and slash your wrist." The deity hurled a knife at Hinata's feet. She quickly grabbed it and, without a second thought, slashed her wrist.

The blood sprayed everywhere. 'This is it… I'm going to die so that you may have life, Naruto-kun…' The blood seemed to slow down to Hinata. The first droplet of blood was about to splatter onto Naruto's leather jacket. The blood slowed down even more until it was only millimeters away from his jacket.

Hinata now knew that she had not been seeing things slow down. All of the blood that was spilled from her wrist began to work its way back to her wrist, leaving no sign of there being any blood coming from her. It reentered her bloodstream and then the wound healed itself; there was no scar.

"Very good… You are of a pure heart…" Hinata heard a chuckle from the God of Death. She looked around only to see that the knife in her hand was gone and so was the deity who gave it to her. "Many do not know this… but I am also the God of Mercy. You have my blessings, child…" The voice faded away.

Somewhere in the Spiritual Realm, the God of Mercy was smiling.

Five Years Later

He was at the graves. Looking over at two headstones with familiar pictures, he heaved a sigh. The one on the left read as follows.

'Here lies Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha. He died of old age.'

The man looked at the one on the right.

'Here lies Tsunade, one of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha and the Gondaime Hokage. She died of old age.'

The man sighed. Both of the Legendary Sannins of Konoha died within the last two years. Of course, Orochimaru was also one of the Sannins, but he was hated by Konoha and was cast aside like a broken kunai. He would have continued his silent mourning had a shinobi not appeared out of thin air.

"Sir, it's time. Her contractions has begun," the shinobi said.

The man was surprised, and then nodded. "Let's go." They took off at full speed to the Konoha Hospital.

"Ah, you're here!" the nurse said.

"Miss," he began, "How long do you think it will take?"

"I do not know, sir."

Twelve Hours Later

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.


It was the waiting room. A man dressed in robes was pacing around. Droplets of sweat were beginning to form on his forehead. The nurse looked at him.

"Rokudaime-sama, please do not destroy our clocks. They are rather expensive and difficult to replace. Do you know how hard it is to find clocks like these? And to think that you destroy your alarm clocks at a daily basis." That was not a rumor, but a fact. The Hokage didn't seem to mind, though.

The Rokudaime gave her a weak smile. "Sorry, I'll pay for it later." Apparently, the Sixth Hokage had thrown a kunai at the taunting clock. Every second that passed was another moment of worry for the current Hokage and his wife.

"How much longer do you think it would take?" the Rokudaime asked.

"She should be done soon." As soon as the nurse said that, a doctor came in with a large smile.

"Hokage-sama," the doctor began, "she is in perfect health. You may see your wife." With that, the Hokage sped off.

Then he sped back. "Eh… what room is she in?" he was scratching the back of his head.

"Room 316, Hokage-sama."

"Arigato." He sped off and entered his lover's room. He wore a gigantic smile on his face as he walked into see his wife. She smiled back at him. "How are the babies?" the Hokage saw the three little babies wrapped in blankets, two in blue, one in pink. They were asleep.

"They're angels…" his wife said. "They've got your eyes, Naruto-kun, you're lovely eyes. They've got your glove too. But they have only a red, blue, and yellow one. Oh, and they've got that seal on them, too." Naruto's wife said. The Rokudaime gave off a smile.

"Triplets, eh?" Naruto said, smiling. "Well," the Rokudaime looked at the girl in the pink blanket, "that one has your hair, Hinata-chan." Naruto bent down and gave Hinata a kiss on the cheek.

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