Chapter Seven

In Which Akira prepares

I waited patiently at the spot that Shindou's cousin (I sill refused to refer to him as 'Sensei' in my thoughts) directed to. My anticipation was mounting as the minutes dragged on and he still wasn't arriving. Did I make a mistake? Was he just playing a big joke on me? Were he and Shindou laughing at me somewhere? Was -

"Akira-kun!" A happy voice called out. I turned my head and saw Shindou's cousin running towards me. I grimaced. His clothes were as appalling as they were yesterday. "Shindou-sensei."

He waved his hand flippantly. "Shuichi-sensei is fine." He gave me a long glance from head to toe. It made me nervous. "Ok. So the first thing we have to deal with is your clothes."

"My clothes?" I blinked, and looked down at what I was wearing. "What's wrong with my clothes?"

Shuichi sputtered. "What's wrong? What's wrong? You look like your mother dresses you. You're wearing a turtleneck and khakis. Who wears khakis for God's sake? And I know this is a reoccurring feature. I saw pictures of you in some of your tournaments with Hikaru. You don't actually think you look good in lavender do you? That suit is horrendous."

My anger was mounting, because really, he was certainly not one to be criticizing my clothes. But I refrained from saying anything. For one, I still wanted his help. And for another, my mother did pick out my clothes. I play go. I do not shop.

"Alright," I said calmly. "So what would you prefer that I wear."

That evil gleam in his eyes appeared again, and I began to fear that look. "Come with me!" He literally pulled me along the street until we finally entered a store that he liked. I looked around. Then I promptly turned around and tried walking out the door.

Shuichi caught my arm. "Nuh uh. I'm helping you remember? This will help."

"I really, really don't think I'm going to find anything here that will help me." I said through clenched teeth.

"Don't be ridiculous! Of course you will." For the next half hour I stood stiffly in the corner of the store as Shuichi happily flounced across the room. I eyed some of the clothes. Clothing should not come with feathers. Or sequence. I wasn't even sure some of these things should be classified as clothes.

"Ok Akira-kun! I have some things you can try on now!" Shuichi said happily, returning with his arms filled with clothes.

I was beginning to think I should have ran when I had the chance.

He dragged me into a stall and shoved the first outfit in my hands. I looked down at it and promptly said "no."

"Come on, Akira-kun. You want to be with my cousin right? Do it for him."

I suppressed a long suffering sigh. Motioned for him to leave and a few minutes later after composing myself, set out to start the arduous task of demeaning myself by putting on these….clothes.

It could have been worse, I suppose. Granted, the shorts were so high up my finger tips went far past their edge, but they were decent enough I suppose. The shirt wasn't so bad either… it was just really… shiny. And tight.

Almost as if he had psychic abilities Shuichi threw open the door just as I was about to remove the clothes. "Well that's better!" He said happily.

"What part of this is better?" I muttered.

"Hmmm. You're right. Orange really isn't your color. No good. Try these." He shoved something else in my hands. "For Hikaru."

He closed the door and I wondered just how long that was going to work on me. The pants were longer this time, albeit furry. However, I was absolutely positive that anything made from clear plastic did not constitute as a shirt.

Shuichi pronounced this outfit "no good" as well. And after dressing me up in fishnets, leather, sequins, shirts made from nothing but buckles, pants with holes in inappropriate places, and one outfit made entirely of spandex, I finally threw a fit at the plaid school girl skirt and shirt that didn't go past my chest.

"I refuse! Absolutely refuse! I'm NOT going to be your dress up doll anymore. I'm leaving."

"Don't be like that Akira-kun." Shuichi said in a pleading tone of voice. "We have to buy something. Here, try this last one."

He shoved something into my arms and closed the door before I could leave. I looked down at it and blinked in surprise. I put it on and looked at myself.

The pants were simply jeans. Granted, I'd never worn jeans in my life, but they were rather comfy. Tighter then I was used to in pants, but an improvement over what I'd been trying on. And a simple black tank top completed the outfit. I wanted to cry over the normalcy of it. It definitely wasn't something I'd wear if I had a choice, but I acknowledged the fact that Shindou might prefer something more "casual." Yes. I could buy this. I didn't even think this store carried things like this…

I stopped.

Oh he was good.

Go player good. I wonder if it runs in the family? I took off the clothes and put my normal ones back on. I opened the door and glared at the other boy. "You never expected me to buy those other clothes, did you?"

Shuichi just smiled innocently at me. "Whatever do you mean, Akira-kun? I thought you looked good in leather."

"Whatever." I shoved the clothes at him. "You're paying." I grumped.

Shuichi just laughed.

"Alright!" Shuichi yelled out cheerfully as we left the store. "First task done. On to the next one! The Date!"

"Date?" I asked, still a little dazed over the horrors of that store. "What date?"

"The date you and my cousin are going to go on, silly."

"We're-" I gulped. "Going on a date?"

"Well, duh. How else did you expect this relationship to go? Unless you were just going to jump him without any preliminaries. Which, while fun, it has always been my opinion that the sex is much better after a date anyway."

"The what?" I yelped.

"Sex. You have condoms right? Hey, who's going to be on top?"

"WHAT!" At this point I didn't think my voice could get any higher. My face was burning, and I was positive that I must have been bright red. "There's not going to be, I mean we're not going to, I mean-"

"Oooh. I get it." Shuichi snickered. "Yeah, Ok, I probably should have counted on the fact that anyone who dresses like you is probably still a virgin. Hikaru just mentioned that you had a girlfriend before so I assumed that you had some experience."

"Stop talking. Stop talking right now. And what possible correlation do my clothes have on my," I blushed harder, "experience!" Kami-sama kill me now….

"You can't even say virginity? Man, we're going to have a harder time then I thought." Shuichi rubbed his chin. "And you're going to have to take the initiative, you get that right? Because Hikaru is really dense. I don't think he's even been kissed before. You know how to kiss right?"

"Yes I know how to kiss!" I snapped. I should run. Right now. As fast as I could.

"Good. That's a start. Anyway, you're going to ask him on a date."

"Oh, am I?"

Yes. For this Friday. You're going to take him to the Faire."

"I am."

"Yes. You're going to take him to the Faire and you're going to spend the entire day with him, just hanging out, getting to know him. You'll get your pictures taken together and he'll win you prizes, and in the evening when the fireworks start you're going to put your arm around him and slowly whisper 'I love you' and he'll say it back and then you'll start kissing and soon you'll be back at his apartment making sweet, tender -"

"He doesn't have an apartment." I interrupted, frowning. "And I really don't think it's going to work that way, Shuichi-sensei." I looked at him. "Sensei?" He was staring off all dreamy eyed into space. I sighed. This was the person I chose to help me solve the major crisis of my entire existence? That certainly spoke volumes of how desperate I was. "Sensei!"

"Eh?" He blinked and stared at me, as if trying to remember who I was. "Oh right. Maybe it's too early for those kinds of things. Anyway, you're definitely going to ask him to the Fair, and that will be when you confess your love for him."

"What? I can't do that!" Panic level, rising. "What if he rejects me? What if he wants nothing more to do with me? What if-"

"And what if a comet comes crashing down and kills him right as we speak and you never get the chance to tell him how you feel?" Shuichi asked, raising a brow. "Why waste your time with 'What ifs'? You should go out and assert yourself. Demand what you want."

I quieted. I could be assertive enough when I had stones between my fingers… why couldn't I take what I wanted now? Why was love more complicated then any joseki I ever learned for Go? Life wasn't fair…

Shuichi let out a breath of air. "Fine. I'll lay out the plan for you, OK? All you have to do is ask him out. And then show up. I'll tell you what to do after that."

"Ok." I said, starting to cheer up a little. He was obviously dating someone he was very much in love with, so he must know something about winning over the one you love. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all.

Authors Note: Heh heh. That's statement's funny for people who are familiar Gravitation and know about Shuichi and Yuki's relationship.

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