Title: This Isn't Right Either

by: LilyPWriter at yahoo dot com

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Chapter 2: Professor Randal Bradford

Harry had offically got on the bad side of a female Weasley. Ginny had been so upset with Harry that she went to sleep before Harry got out of the shower, and woke up so early that all Harry heard was the door shut at 4 AM.

Ginny didn't return to their room until Hermione and Ron went to pick them up. Harry and Ginny walked two paces behind the other couple, who were holding hands, so not to bother their playful gaze. Harry tried to catch Ginny's eye but she was glaring daggers at her brother's baseball cap.

Harry reached out and touched her arm softly. Ginny's eyes darted and her lips softened and she smiled at him. All is forgiven, she thought...She knew it was a stupid idea to get involved in any "interesting activites" with her brother on the same floor as them but she couldn't help it.

Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny made it to Furman Hall, their study building. Here they would take classes and practice their skills for a year then they would move on to "real life senerios" or internships at England's Ministry or an exchange program at another countries' Ministry.

Furman Hall looked big but unused. They did remember Tonks telling them that they don't allow many people in the program since...Voldemort.

Harry walked past the collumns and didn't see anyone. The halls were long and dark, it was depressing. Ron led the way to the large lecture hall where they would be taking classes.

When they entered the room about 45 or so people had already arrived. Half they recognized as Hogwarts students from several years before. Most of the people were in their mid twenties. The students were in desks that were positioned upward, and the professor's area seemed to be in a sort of pit.

Harry and Ginny made their way up a few tables, most of the front had been taken but the room was meant for about 200 or so students so there was pleanty of room in the back. Ron and Hermione sat at a table in front of Harry and Ginny and set out their things to begin their first lesson.

Harry leaned back in his chair when the professor apparated into the room with a loud SNAP! "Hello Furture Aurors!" He said with a very loud voice, annoucer-like.

"Oh my goodness." Ginny sputtered leaning forward on her elbows.

"What?" Hermione and Harry asked together.

"I am Professor Randal Bradford," The man bellowed. He walked to the center of his half pit. He wasn't very tall, wasn't very handsom, wasn't very interesting looking but his voice was amazing.

"Randal Bradford?" Ron whispered to Ginny, "Is that Loud and Brandy Randy?"

"Who?" Harry asked.

"A radio personality." Ginny explained, "We grew up listening to his wild adventures as an Auror." Ginny was looking long and hard at the five foot three inch man. "I did think he was a bit shorter than that, though." She tilted her head sidways as he stood up on a chair to pull down a white screen.

"He isn't that old, is he?" Harry scaned the man for grey hairs and he search was complete when the man removed his bowler hat to revealed the top of his shiny, round, bald head.

"Okey-dokey, kiddies," Professor Bradford exclaimed. "Let me give you an overview of this course."

He didn't turn out to be that loud, randy, or brady...five minutes into his lecture his voice did not help with the boring course load. Soon Harry felt his head drooping, his mind numbing, and his eyes unfocusing.

"Get up, Harry!" Hermione growled. "You don't fall asleep on the frist day!"

Ron was sniggering carrying Harry's bag. "That's funny, mate."

"Ron!" Ginny spat. "It was disrespectful." Ginny winked at Harry.

"Very, very, very disrespectful," said a blue-haired lady.

"TONKS!" Hermione yelled, getting a half hug from the women.

"Nice hair," Harry lied. Tonks always had a way to scare the willys out of Harry with her outragious hair-do's. Although Ginny would never be caught dead with an odd hair color, she always loved it on Tonks, maybe because it just fit her persona.

Tonk wrinked her long Russian nose and shrugged. "I dunno about it." She fingered it and then looked at Harry. "You wanna come over to Number 12 later?"

"I can't. I still have a lot of unpacking to do." Harry admitted. It made him sad because he really wanted to go to Number 12 but all of his memories of the place involved either Sirius or Voldemort. Not very happy memories, he didn't want to be thinking of his arch enemy or his godfather's death. Both which would call for years and years of thearapy.

Tonks shruged, "It's ok. I guess I'll ask Kingsley Shacklebolt to stay with me. I'm all alone in that creepy house...and to top it off Kreacher won't die." Tonks sighed deeply and left to the main building to Floo back to the Ministry.

"Hello, hello, Harry Potter!" Professor Bradford's voice sounded from behind them.

Harry turned around quickly to find a man just above his elbow. "Sir."

Meeting Mr. Bradford, wasn't excatly a pleasent expirence. He seemed to be too empressed with Harry to pay attention to the other people who played major roles in each triumph that he was talking about.

"You know Ron, I don't like it that you made Harry room with Ginny." Hermione said after dinner that night.

Ron looked around and saw Harry and Ginny at the same table reading. "They're fine. Look, I trust Harry to treat my sister like a boy."

"Ron, that makes no sense, Ginny doesn't have a pe"

"I KNOW THAT!" Ron interupted. Hermione gave a satisfied smirk. "It's just," Ron was turning very red in the face. "I trust Harry to just treat Ginny like he treats me."

Hermione, who was told about Harry and Ginny's relationship by Ginny last year, looked at Ron and said, "I doubt he treats her the same as he treats you."

Well, at least I hope not, Hermione thought.

"Why do you say that?" Ron raised an eyebrow.

"Well," Hermione said, sensing an argument, "I trust that Harry treats her like a lady and doesn't wresel with her after the night's quidditch scores come out!" Ron nodded.

"The Caerphilly Catapults are so going to whop the Holyhead Harpies this year!" Ginny spat as she pinned Harry down on the floor of their room.

"Hell no!" Harry yelled, pushing her off of him and flipping her over, "Puddlemere United is going to beat your sissy Catapults!"

"Mmm..." Ginny mumbled as Harry sat on her thorso, "Oliver Wood plays for Puddlemere!"

"Ginny!" Harry whinned.

Ginny started laughing and she tried to push Harry off of her.

Next Chapter: "Public Relations" A night of Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny find it harder and harder to be more than friends in their situation and people are starting to notice.

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