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Hermione Granger was sitting in Dumbledore's office. It was her seventh year and she was head girl. Dumbledore had asked her and the head boy to come to Hogwarts early. Hermione was happy to be there, except for one thing. The head boy was Draco Malfoy. Dumbledore had just asked her something, and she desperately hoped she heard wrong.

"What!?" She said.

"I must ask this of you. I'm sorry."

"But sir, its my life. What about another couple? Parvati and Crabbe?

"I appreciate your suggestion Miss. Granger, but it has to be you and Mr. Malfoy."

"But sir, I HATE him. He feels the same about me."

"It is up to you Miss. Granger, but this would be a great help in defeating the war. You can always decline to-"

"No, I'll do it. I'll marry Malfoy."

"Wonderful." He said with a smile.

"Not, really my thoughts." Said Hermione under her breath.

Later that night Hermione was sitting in the common room she shared with Draco. She hadn't seen him yet, which in her opinion was a good thing. Although she did wonder where he was, considering it was almost midnight. But before she could finish her thought, in walked Draco.

"Ah, there's my future wife." He said with a smug expression.

"Do not call me that." She said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, so you turned him down then?"

Hermione just looked at him. Draco smiled.

"I knew you always had a thing for me." He said.

"Oh no. You have discovered my secret, what ever will I do." She said sarcastically.

"You should be so lucky to get to marry me." He said as he sat down next to her. She quickly got up and moved to another couch. And re-opened the book she had been reading. She chose to ignore his last comment. He smiled at her. "Oh I can't wait to see the expressions on Potty and Weasel's faces when you tell them that you're married to me."

She looked up at him. Harry and Ron. She hadn't thought about their reactions yet. What was she going to tell them? That she had fallen madly in love with Malfoy? They're not that stupid.

"Hit a nerve did I?" Draco had gotten up and walked over to the door to him room. "I'm going to bed, goodnight, Mrs. Malfoy." She shivered when he said that name. After she finished reading the chapter she had been reading of her book, she went to bed. She lay there and stared up at the ceiling. What was she going to do? In 24 hours, she will be married to her worst enemy. Deep in her thoughts, she slowly fell asleep.

Draco slowly opened his eyes. He looked at his clock, 7:43. He groaned, in less than 3 hours he would be married to that mud blood Granger. Why was his life so complicated? Just then something popped into his mind, Pansy. What the hell was he going to tell her? And everyone else in Slythrin for that matter. All the girls will be crushed, all the guys will be confused. He was, after all, the prince of Slythrin. He shakes his head and get up and walks out into the common room to find Hermione sitting and reading a book.

"Do you ever do anything else?" He spat at her. She looked up at him.

"Someone sent a basket of muffins, I put them over there if you want some." She pointed to the desk. Before she fell asleep the night before, she had decided that she was going to make the best of this. She decided that she was just going to try to be nice to him.

Draco couldn't believe what he was hearing. No "eat dung, Malfoy."? No witty Granger comeback? Nothing at all?! What was going on? "Oh, okay." He walked over, took a muffin, and down on the couch opposite Hermione. She didn't look up from her book. God, she's got amazing concentration. He thought. You know, she isn't all that bad looking. He realized what he was thinking. Get a hold of yourself, Malfoy, she's a mud blood. Hermione looked up at him.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.


"Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, no. Nothing."

"Okay." And she went back to her book. Draco shook his head and got up.

"I'm gonna go take a shower."

"Okay, we have to be in Dumbledore's office at ten." She said.

"I know." He said this as he walked out of the room.

Hermione finished up reading her book and began to get ready for her wedding. God that sounds weird. She thought. She wore a simple white dress and her hair down. She met Draco in the common room. He wore a dark green robe, and his hair wasn't slicked back. Wow, he looks really nice. She thought to herself.

"Are you ready?" he asked her.

"Lets just get this thing over with" She took his arm, and they walked into Dumbledore's office.

The ceremony was nice, well, as nice as it can be when neither the bride or the groom wanted to be there. They said their vows as quickly as possible.

"I know pronounce you man and wife." Dumbledore's voice boomed through both of their heads. As they made their way back to their room, neither of them spoke. They both knew what the other was thinking. As they opened the door they saw a bottle of champagne and a gift on the table. They both walked over to the table, Draco looked at Hermione.

"You might as well open it." she said to him. He carefully opened the Scarlet and Silver package. Inside were two keys. There was also a note. Draco read it out loud.

"Draco and Hermione, I am eternally grateful for what you have given up for help me. You are two of the most clever, brave, and intelligent people of your age. Inside this package are two keys, they both open the same room. It is a hidden room inside Hogwarts. Only the people who posses a key to the room may enter. It cannot be opened with magic, it cannot be opened with any other key, except for these two keys. I trust you both will use this well. I wish you both the best, Dumbledore."

Draco handed Hermione her key. "This is amazing." She said.

"Yeah, it really is." Draco noticed the bottle of champagne. "Do you want a glass?"

"Sure." Draco poured them both a glass, and they went to sit on the couch. They both sat on opposite couches.

"You know, this whole situation could be a whole lot worse." Hermione said.

"Really? How?" As Draco said this, he took a sip.

"Well, for instance, you could have been set up with someone else, like, Luna Lovegood."

Draco's drink nearly came up through his nose. "Oh god. Luna Malfoy? That does not sound good." They both smiled. "Well, at least you didn't get set up with Crabbe or Goyle."

Hermione laughed. "Yeah, Hermione Crabbe doesn't sound too good either." Draco chuckled. Hermione Malfoy... hmm... it does have a ring to it, now that I think about it. He thought to himself.

The room grew silent. Neither of them really knew what to say. They both weren't used to being civil to each other. Hermione stood up, "well, I think I'm going to go to bed. We have to get up early in the morning to greet everybody."

"Yeah. We do." It was all he could think to say. She went into her bedroom and lay down in her bed. She was so scared about tomorrow she could almost cry. What am I going to tell everyone? What am I going to tell Ron? I can't tell him the truth, but how am I supposed to tell him that I fell in love with Malfoy? Is that even possible? I mean, sure, he was nice to me today. But for the past six years, he's been a jerk to me. Hermione soon fell asleep with her thoughts wandering around her head

Hermione had woken up early. Wonderful, the beginning of possibly the worst day of my life and I can't get back to sleep. She thought. She crawled out of bed and opened her door. As she walked out into the common room she saw that Draco had fallen asleep on the couch. She noticed that he didn't have a blanket on. She went back into her bedroom and grabbed one of her blankets from her bed and walked back out into the common room. She threw the blanket over top of him. Once Hermione's back was turned, he opened his eyes to see who was being so nice to him. He was shocked when he saw that it was her. Why is Granger being so nice to me? He thought, before he went back into a deep sleep.

After she had taken a shower, she walked into the common room to find that Draco had already gotten up and was ready to go.

"Oh, hi." Said Hermione "are you ready to do this?"

"Yeah, they should be arriving any minute."

They walked out to find that the train had already come. Hermione saw Harry, Ginny and Ron. She walked over to them. Draco walked over to Crabbe and Goyle.

Hermione hadn't seen anyone all summer. She had really missed them, especially when she found out that she had to spend the last of her summer with Draco. She walked up to her friends. "Hey guys." She said.

Harry turned around so he could see her. "Hey 'Mione!" he said as he gave her a huge hug. "How was your summer?"

"Oh, well you know. Pretty boring being here all alone." She looked at Ron, who hadn't said anything yet.

"Did Malfoy bug you at all? Because if he did..." Ron stopped talking when Ginny grabbed Hermione hand.

"Are you engaged?!" Ginny stared at the ring on Hermione's hand.

"Oh, well..." She began talking, but Draco heard the word engaged and he walked over to them.

"Not telling them our big news without me are you?"

Draco put his arm around Hermione's waist. All of their mouths dropped open.

"What is he talking about 'Mione?" Ginny was the only one who could say anything. "You two aren't engaged are you?"

God this is even better than I imagined. Draco had the biggest smile on his face. Look at Potter and Weaselby's expression, Ha!

"Well, actually... um..." Hermione tried to get the words out. She could even form the right words in her mind.

"We're married." But Draco could surely say it.

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