Once Magic Was Real

By: Vana

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Rodney/Liz fic done in the third person! YAY! Long-ish one-shot unless reviews want otherwise. Not actually in reply to the HP challenge(Sorry!). I was contemplating that, then decided against it.


Chapter 1- The Problem With Levers and 28 hours


Rodney winced as John's voice echoed down the hall and he quickly bolted for the conference room. Hey, how was he supposed to know what that switch did without testing it first? Was it his fault that John had been in the room at the time?

Dr. Weir stuck her head into the hallway and looked around, yanking back as Rodney came tearing into her office instead.

"Rodney? What's going on?"

Panting, Rodney quickly dropped into the chair. "How was I supposed to know it changed things colors?"

Liz looked confused till John stormed in, then she fought to keep her laughter from bubbling out and embarassing the infuriated major even more.

John's entire body had changed colors; his skin was green, his eyes purple and his hair a vibrant electric blue. It was all Liz could do to keep her amusement off her face.

I'm a negotiator. I can do this. She smiled politely. "What happened here, Major?"

"He happened, that's what!" John shouted, pointing at Rodney who was doing his best to look as arrogant as he always did. "He started some... thing with me in the room and look at what happened! How the hell am I supposed to get rid of this!" He glared at Rodney. "Make him undo it."

"I can't." Rodney said shortly, all arrogant dignity. "I don't even know how I did it; it was an untested lever that no one warned me about."

"Aren't you the one who's supposed to know about the technology here?" Liz asked, raising an eyebrow, an amused smile on her face as she looked at him. "You are the resident genius, after all."

Rodney gave her a half-hearted glare; he couldn't seem to muster a full one to direct at her.

"Yeah, McKay. Fix your mistake."

Oh, but he could muster a full one for that. "I don't know how that happened so I can't undo it." Then he muttered rebelliously, "I don't think I would if I could."


"What? Elizabeth, you can't expect me to just wave my hand in the air, say a few magic words and have everything go "POOF!"."

"I'm not expecting you to. Just try to figure this thing out?" Seeing his stubborn look, she pouted ever so slightly, turning so that John couldn't see. The things people would say if it got out that she was pouting at Rodney McKay.... "Please, Rodney? Just do it for me?"

He watched her not even for a second before the stubbornness melted away and he sighed. "Fine. I'll give it a shot after I've had something to eat."

John glared. "Thank you. Now I'm going to go take a shower and hope that this might just wash away." And with that, the angry major stormed off, seriously pissed off and drawing odd looks along the way.

Rodney stood and stretched his arms above his head. "Well, I'm going to go get a snack before heading to work. I'm curious as to what the switch was really made for and how it works. If it can actually alter body chemistry so that it would disguise someone-"

Liz held up a hand, stopping him and grinning. "I get the picture. Go on with you, then."

He nodded good-bye and left, eyes already distant in thought, yet somehow retaining the snarky look they always held.

Liz sighed and dropped into her comfortable desk chair. Things on this base were always lively, she had to say that.


.... Later On That Day/Night....


With a disgusted sigh, Liz sat up in bed. She had been trying for a straight hour to get some sleep but nothing seemed to work. Even after having been on the planet for 5 months the 28 hour days still got to her; not to mention that she had a lot on her mind.

She threw back her covers in annoyance and stood, sliding into her fuzzy slippers that looked like white-and-brown puppies.

Maybe a walk will do me good, she thought, leaving the room to calm herself enough that sleep would come.

Just wandering the halls, she came upon a balcony at the end of the corridor, the door wide open. Curious, she ventured out upon it, leaning on the railing and closing her eyes to the beautiful ocean view as she drew a deep breath of salty air through her nose. Slowly opening her eyes, a lazy smile stayed on her lips as she looked out at the sparkling water.

"Can't sleep?"

She nearly fell over the railing in startlement as the deep voice spoke behind her. A warm pair of hands quickly grasped her upper left arm and her right hip.

"Careful. Didn't mean to scare you so bad."

Liz turned and smiled at the apologetic Rodney. "No problem."

They stood awkwardly that way for a moment, then Rodney seemed to realize he still had his hands on her. That didn't last long as he yanked his hands back so fast they were practically a blur in the moonlight. He then cleared his throat, but it was Liz who spoke.

"No, I couldn't sleep. I thought a walk might do me some good." She looked over and smiled.

Other people on the base found him entirely too arrogant and annoying, but most of the time she didn't mind his snarky and sarcastic comments. And it was times like these- and the calm, comfortable walking chat they had shared before the Genii had attacked- that made her reevaluate his character and see him differently than the others did.

"So, what's your excuse?"

Rodney jumped, not having expected the conversation to turn towards him. Apparently it wasn't a topic brought up often. Not willingly, anyway.

"Oh, I didn't feel tired. I mean, I did, but then I decided that since being a genius meant responsibility I should do some work and got hungry." Liz smiled at that. "But on my way to the kitchens I noticed the open door and decided to investigate."

Liz nodded and looked back at the ocean, reveling somewhat in the easy way that they could stand together, just talking, her leaning her forearms against the rail and gazing at the glittering water while he apodpted a side-leaning stance on the rail, focused a bit more on her.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

"What? Oh, yes," he looked back at her again and said in an odd voice, "Beautiful."

She turned her head and met his gaze, something unspoken passing between them that in all it's seriousness seemed to make the very air around them hot and heavy.

"Suddenly I think I can sleep."

Rodney nodded, eyes still locked on hers. "Me too," he replied to her soft voice. "Good night, Elizabeth."

"Good night, Rodney."

They left the balcony, Rodney letting Liz go first, and headed in opposite directions, both silently puzzling over what had just occured and why they suddenly felt so peaceful.

Upon reaching their rooms, both suddenly found that not sleeping was impossible, and instantly dropped into bed, falling into dreams that made them smile, though neither would remember what they consisted of in the morning.


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