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Chapter 9- Revelations

Liz made her way down to the Infirmary, stopping for nothing and no one, eyes set straight ahead on her destination. She entered the room filled with medical personnel and made her way straight for the curtain enclosed area near the back.

"Dr. Weir..." Carson began, reaching out as if to stop her. She slapped his hand away and pulled the curtains back.

Stopping, she merely gazed at the unconcious, shallowly-breathing Rodney for a long moment of dead silence, the beeping heart monitor the only thing breaking that.

"How is he?" She asked softly, eyes never leaving the pale man.

"Not good. I'm waiting on the results of his tests, but as of the moment I don't know what exactly is wrong with him."

"Are you sure? It's not just some quick thing he can get over with a bit of rest?"

"Honestly, Dr. Weir, it could be anything. We just don't know what's wrong-"

"Well you find out what's wrong with him!" She shouted, and everyone in the infirmary froze, throwing it into silence.

She placed a hand to her forehead and looked down, trying to calm her raging emotions. Cautiously, Carson approached and rested a hand on her arm, turning her away from Rodney's bed. He removed his hand, instead dropping his arm around her shoulders as he steered her away.

"Dr. Weir, I think you should come lay down for a bit. You've been stressed recently and this isn't good for you."

"I have to make sure Rodney's okay..." She said plantively, but her voice was weary and she easily allowed herself to be moved.

"I'll let you know if there's any change. For right now, let's just make sure you're okay or I'll have a lot of very angry people after me, McKay included. Come on," Carson encouraged, leading her to a bed down the row and blocked from the sight of Rodney, lest that upset her more.


Carson was quiet as Liz slept, watching her for long moments before turning and heading back down the aisle towards Rodney, shaking his head as he looked over the chart.

Apparently Rodney had a combination of low blood sugar- from the lack of food- and a mix of some strange disease that multiplied at obscene rates. Thanks to a sudden insight, however, he had managed to slow the virus down with an altered form of a flu vaccine.

"Now it's up to you, Dr. McKay," Carson murmured, looking at the silent, coma-ridden man.

Liz slowly stirred further up the aisle, frowning although she kept her eyes closed. She was struggling through the darkness that sleep brought with it, though whether to stay asleep or wake up, she wasn't sure. She did want more rest since she was tired, but there was something in the waking world that she had to take care of. But what was it...

A name floated into her sleepy mind and her eyes snapped open. She quickly sat up and tossed the covers back.

Rodney. She had to see Rodney.

She pulled the curtain back slightly, then quickly ducked back into her enclosed space as she saw Carson by Rodney's bed. She would have to play this carefully. Waiting until she heard his footsteps, she slowly peeked out, just seeing Carson leave the infirmary to a nurse, who promtply turned her back on the patients and began doing paperwork.

Letting out a long, sighing breath, Liz slipped into the corridor between beds and crept down to Rodney's bed, closing the curtains around the area before taking a deep breath and turning to face him.

He looked as pale as death and her breath caught in her throat for a moment, until the beep of the heart monitor sounded again.

Oh Rodney...

Pulling the chair closer to the bed, she lowered herself into it, still tired but needing so badly to make sure he was okay. She couldn't remember ever feeling worry like this, except maybe when John had died, and that had been a different kind of worry. Then it was like losing a friend and someone who depended on her as a leader. This... this was like what she would have felt months ago if Simon had gotten hurt.

Would have? She looked a tad confused at that. Deciding to try something, she thought of kissing Simon and blinked when it had no warm effect on her at all. She let out a breath that was part relief and part hurt.

I don't love him anymore.

She closed her eyes and was instantly assaulted with images of her and Rodney and all their little moments together. His smile, his concerns for her, her calming him during arguments, the kiss they had shared... Her mind had dwelled a long moment on that before moving on, replaying it in her head a few times for good measure. It had finally ended with one moment they had had recently.

He had stopped her in the hallway to talk excitedly to her about some find or other; she found that she couldn't remember what it had been. What she could remember was the look of pure excitement on his face and how he had caught her arms, almost shaking her in his exuberance. He had stopped himself, however, and the smile had fallen, his face adopting an expression she hardly dared to think about up until this point. They had just stood there, staring at each other until Major Sheppard's voice came through the radio, trying to contact them. The moment had been broken, but now Liz had time to analyze what had happened, and she was absolutely stunned with the amount of thoughts that rushed in at that, as well as the tingling sensation she still got at the thought of being so close to him.

Liz sat in silence for long moments next to his bed, just listening to the beeping of the monitors and hearing him breathe as she watched his bloodless-seeming form, her mind still rushing a mile a minute.

I should say something...

She opened her mouth, closed it, then opened it again and words simply poured forth, against her wishes.

"Oh God, Rodney, you have to pull through. For me. Please... I know this is hard to understand but I need you here with me. I.. I can't even begin to express how much I've come to depend on all the times we share, how close we've become. I... I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't love Simon anymore Rodney. I've just come to realize that there is one person I can't live without, one person I love far more than anyone else. You, Rodney. That someone else is you. I love you, Dr. Rodney McKay. I love your snarky attitude, your sarcastic comments, the way you set your jaw when you know you're about to get into a fight with John." She laughed shortly, sounding a bit choked as tears continued to well in her eyes. "The way you frown when you're concentrating really hard, or how you always have to be right. But you don't always have to be right for us, Rodney. It won't kill you to be wrong about some things. ... Like us. Like what we could have.

"I can't help but notice little things you do that make it seem as if you may feel the same. Can't help but seek out your company and love spending time with you. Underneath that hard exterior I know there's a sweet, gentle man. I've seen him with my own eyes and love him as much as I love the Rodney McKay we've all grown to know.

"I love you."

She sniffed, hardly believing how long that confession had become. She had wanted to just get it over with, but when she had gone to do it, everything had come tumbling out. And he wasn't even awake to hear it.

She sighed and smiled, running a hand over his head and brushing her fingers down his jaw. Eyes gentle, she leaned down and placed the briefest of kisses on his forehead before standing with a smile.

"Get better soon, Rodney. I miss you already."

Suddenly the klaxon alarm sounded throughout the base and a voice followed.

"Unscheduled off-world activation. Dr. Weir to the control room, Dr. Weir to the control room."

Realizing what it must be, she quickly left for the control room as she had started to do a moment before, never noticing that the heart monitor had sped up in the time she had been talking, as if he had been awake to hear every word she had said.


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