Hikaru: Hi again, everyone! This is the alternate ending to The Guilty, so you all can stop nagging me about it! Heh, truth be told, I liked being nagged. Yeah, alternate ending, not so sad-like, but something with sadness along that line! So, yeah, alternate ending!

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Kratos stood at the side of Dirk's house, staring, transfixed, at the newly added tombstone. Dirk had temporarily removed the fence so that there would be room to bury Lloyd's body next to that of his mother's. Kratos was sure Lloyd would have wanted that, although he probably expected to do the exact same thing to him, had the father and son switched places in life and death. Kratos gazed at the epitaph carved into the gravestone. It read, "Lloyd Aurion Irving, a boy so courageous, it saved the two worlds from absolute ruin." The Seraphim smiled weakly. It had been a month since he wrote that . . .since his only child died, no, the only word for it was murder. The small smile quickly faded at the thought of that. Lloyd was so young . . .he had a bright future ahead of him; deserved to have a family to call his own . . .he wasn't even an adult yet. Well . . .then there was no point in staying here . . .at all.

Kratos pulled his long sword out of its sheath, staring up at the starry night sky. He longed to look at the stars . . .with Lloyd by his side. What he wouldn't give to be able to tell Lloyd a bedtime story . . .just one more time . . . Heaving a heavy sigh, Kratos raised his weapon, aligning it sidelong to his neck. There was nothing left in this world for him . . .He had lived for four thousand years, and did nothing good with himself save end the Ancient War. Living this past month without Lloyd was unbearable.

"Anna, Lloyd . . .I will rejoin you shortly. I'm coming, so please be patient."

Kratos was about to slit his throat, when a single ray of blue-white light struck his weapon, forcing it out of his hand and to the soft soil of Dirk's garden. The angel turned around quickly to see who had prevented him from taking his own life, and then he saw her—staff in hand, orange jacket, sliver hair, blue eyes . . .Raine. What was she doing here?

"Raine . . .What are you . . .?" The Professor cut him off.

"No, Kratos, the question here, what are you doing trying to commit suicide?" She asked, approaching Kratos from the end of the dirt path, staff held in both hands. Her cross appearance made Kratos feel very helpless, if not frightened.

"Why do you think? I've lived for a very long time, and did nothing worthwhile. My family is gone . . .they won't come back . . .I don't have anything else to live for!"

Raine narrowed her eyes by a great deal. She moved closer.

"Kratos, committing suicide is the most selfish act one can perform. Believe it or not, there are people who care . . ."

The next few moments were a blur to Kratos. Raine had forsaken her staff on the ground, and ran forward, engulfing the angel in a hug. The half-elven woman leaned her head against Kratos' chest.

"I am one of those people. I love you, Kratos . . .Lloyd wouldn't have wanted you to kill yourself . . .Not even Mithos. So please, stop this . . ."

Kratos cupped his hand under Raine's chin, forcing her to look at him. There were tears forming in her eyes.

"How can you love a traitor such as I?"

Kratos blinked in shock as Raine answered—not verbally, but instead, with a kiss. She pulled away a moment later.

"How I can love you is not important. The fact is, I love you . . ."

Kratos wrapped his arms around Raine, feeling quite awkward.

"So it would seem . . ."