"Where is he?!" Enrico Maxwell raged, tightening his grip on the files he was holding. Father Renaldo stared calmly, unperturbed by his superior's agitation.

"Father Anderson is currently inside his room. He confessed to me an hour ago, Father Maxwell. I think he's honest about his report."

Enrico glared at the old man then sighed, struggling to regain his control. "Father Anderson's mind becomes deluded when he goes berserker. Perhaps he killed the Nosferatus and then had some sort of mirage afterwards."

"But the stakes he claimed were used by that hunter… were found beside the remains of the Midians."

Enrico's face went red for a while. "You don't believe it's really him, do you?! It's ridiculous! There were no trumpets announcing his coming. I refuse to believe that this fellow was more than a kung fu fighter dressed as hippie who happened to get lucky in slaying those vampires!"

"Well I-"

"Not a word. This will remain apocryphal. No one should know of this appearance; not even the Pope. The credibility of our religion depends of it. Tell Anderson to remove that glove before one of the bishops spots it," Enrico ordered, tossing Renaldo the files and storming off towards his office. "Get out of the way, idiots!" he sneered to Heinkel and Yumiko who were walking on the opposite direction.

They blinked and moved out of his way. When their chief was out of sight, the nuns turned to face Renaldo.

"Vhat's vith the chief? He seems more angry than normal…"

"And we didn't mess up in our last assignment," Yumiko added uncertain, "Did we?"

Renaldo shook his head, "It was Anderson… He apparently met someone… peculiar in his last quest and Father Maxwell doesn't believe his word. Anderson replaced one of his gloves with another upon such encounter." He recognized the puzzlement written on their faces. "Have you seen what is written over his new glove?"

"Not yet."

"No. Vhat?"

Renaldo glanced around to make sure no one was listening before whispering to them:

"'Jesus Christ is on Earth and hunting vampires.' "

The beginning of the end.

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