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Robin walked up to the roof, needing some time by himself. He loved going out and staring at the stars. No matter how many troubles he had on his shoulders, the pure vastness of the night sky was a sight that never failed to leave him in awe. It tended to shift things into perspective, because in the grand scheme of things, his troubles weren't that many and he could handle them.

He sat down on the edge with his legs handing over the side and leaned back on his hands while looking up. Robin named all the constellations he could remember, which quite frankly, were almost all of them. The air was cool with just enough bite to make him feel rejuvenated. He closed his eyes and let the breeze wash over him, helping to cleanse away the day.

He didn't move when he heard the door open and close, nor did he move when he heard a small 'oh' sound. However he did look up when he heard the door open again. He turned to see that it was Starfire, and she was going to go back inside.

"Starfire." It was quietly said, but a command to stay nonetheless.

She paused and turned to look at him. Starfire let go of the door, folded her hands in front of her and looked down.

"I am sorry, I did not know you were up here. I shall come back at a later time, since you wish to be alone."

"It's alright Star. I don't mind some company right now." Honestly, she really did want to be alone, but somehow him being alone didn't exclude Starfire.

She approached his perch on the ledge and sat down next to Robin. Neither one said a word, each lost in his or her own little world. After a while Starfire spoke up.

"Show me the constellations again, please Robin."

He nodded and then lie down, waiting for Starfire to do the same. When she did, Robin shifted himself a little, making himself even with Starfire, touching shoulder-to-shoulder, hip-to-hip.

"That one is Orion, the Hunter, and that one next to him is Taurus the bull. That one, right there is Ursa Major, the big dipper, and that bright star at the end is the North Star."

He pointed out each of the constellations as he named them for Starfire. Robin looked over and saw Starfire avidly following his hand, searching for the constellations.

Starfire sat up abruptly and pulled her knees to her chest and put her arms around them; eyes still on the stars. Robin sat up with her, but leaned back on his hands, crossing his ankles.

"Why are they up there? Do they have a story?"

Robin racked through his memory for the myths that went with the stars, wishing he'd paid more attention when he was learning them.

"Well, from what I recall, Orion was a hunter who was blinded as a punishment for-" How was he going to explain that to Starfire? "-as a punishment. He was a favorite of the Huntress Goddess Diana, who was even planning on marrying him. Her twin brother, Apollo, wasn't happy with the arrangement, and tricked Diana into killing Orion. When she realized what she had done, Diana was saddened to tears and placed him forever in the heavens."

He heard Starfire sigh dreamily. "How sweet; to mean so much to someone that they immortalize you in the sky for all to see." Starfire rested her head on her knees and looked towards Robin.

Once again Robin was reminded how much he loved being alone on nights like these, with the sky clear and the stars shining brightly. He revised it to loving being with Starfire on nights like this one. He was snapped back to reality when Starfire started speaking once again.

"We do not have such views on my home of Tamaran. Sometimes, I wonder if you realize how lucky you are to see such visions of beauty."

Robin smirked slightly. The stars were reflecting in Starfire's emerald-colored eyes, making them sparkle even more than normal. The light from the moon cast a silvery glow on her skin; making her seem ethereal, dream like. He reached over and brushed some hair back behind Starfire's ear. He watched her close her eyes and lean into the touch. Robin pulled his hand back, and then mirrored Starfire's position. He pulled his knees up to his chest, and then rested his head on them, facing Star.

"I think I am beginning to realize just how lucky I am."

He was please to see Starfire's cheeks pinked when she saw that Robin was looking at her. Robin turned back to the sky and pointed out another constellation. "That one is Taurus the Bull. The king of the Gods, Jupiter turned himself into a bull to meet with the woman Europa…"

Later, the two just lie on the roof, not saying anything. Starfire had moved a little closer and now lay curled against Robin's side, her head lying on his shoulder. Robin looked down, and when he saw that her eyes were closed in sleep, he smiled.

"I'd put you in the stars for eternity so everyone could see."

He leaned back and closed his eyes, missing the smile that graced Starfire's lips at his words. She snuggled closer, and then fell asleep for real.

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